HAWRR Chapter 212

Chapter 212 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (9)

Since she had saved his nephew, it was not good for Tang Zhongyi to drive away Xiao Qian’s benefactor.

Tag Zhongqing had the housekeeper bring Yang Huiying to Xiao Qian’s room. He received a call and hurriedly left.

Tang Zhongyi walked over to Yang Huiying: “You saved Xiao Qian, so I will not bother with you for the previous incident. Just remember to stay away from Zhaozhao.”

He left with Ning Zhao, leaving Yang Huiying standing there feeling indignant.

Yang Huiying was a sweet talker and had saved Tang Qian. Naturally, Tang Qian would easily have a good opinion of her.

After coming to the Tang residence every day, she discovered that the number of times she encountered the Tang Family members and Ning Zhao was decreasing.

In fact, this was very normal. Father Tang and the brothers went to the company every day. Mother Tang also sponsored charity events outside. Moreover, they also would not spend their free time talking with a private tutor.

Other than practicing the piano in the morning and her regular afternoon walk, Ning Zhao basically did not go out.

One day, Yang Huiying couldn’t help but secretly ask Tang Qian: “Xiao Qian, there is a girl living here who likes to wear white dresses, looks very beautiful, and doesn’t like speaking. Is she your family’s Young Lady?”

Tang Qian blinked: “You’re talking about Aunt Zhaozhao, right?” In fact, he preferred calling her ‘Zhaozhao jiejie’ more, but his youngest Uncle did not let him.

Yang Huiying had heard Tang Zhongyi call Gu Shengyin that and nodded.

Tang Qian said: “Aunt Zhaozhao is not a member of the Tang Family. Grandma said that Aunt Zhaozhao is very pitiful. Her papa and mama have passed away. Grandpa and Grandma took her to our house to live….”

He suddenly covered his mouth with his hands and whispered to Yang Huiying: “My papa told me not to tell anyone, especially not Aunt Zhaozhao. You must not let her know. Yang laoshi1, you have to help me keep it a secret.”

Yang Huiying nodded: “Of course, I will not tell anyone.”

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However, she disapproved in her heart. It turned out that girl was merely a guest under another family’s roof2 but she was still acting like a haughty young miss.

Recalling Ning Zhao’s appearance that day, her heart schemed. It seemed like she did not speak at all.

She glanced at the naive and innocent Tang Qian. She lowered her voice to patiently persuade him: “I had a small misunderstanding with your Aunt Zhaozhao and wanted to apologize to her, but your Aunt Zhaozhao did not pay attention to me. She also did not want to talk with me.”

Tang Qian was very fond of Gu Shengyin, this very beautiful aunt. Fearing that Yang Huiying held a misunderstanding towards her, he quickly said: “Yang laoshi, don’t blame Aunt Zhaozhao. Aunt Zhaozhao also never speaks with us. Papa said that when she was born, the Jade Emperor opened one less window for her3, so Zhaozhao jiejie does not like to talk to other people. She just likes to be alone.”

He thought for a moment and then added: “But Zhaozhao jiejie plays the piano very well. It’s a pity that she can’t teach me.”

Seeing that Yang Huiying did not speak, Little Tang Qian thought that Yang laoshi was unhappy because of his words and promptly said: “Yang laoshi also plays the piano very well. I like it very much.”

Yang Huiying snapped out of her daze, smiled, and said: “Yang laoshi did not blame Xiao Qian. Xiao Qian, our conversation today is a small secret between the two of us. Don’t tell anyone, okay?”

Little Tang Qian nodded his head furiously.

Yang Huiying already formed a conclusion in her heart. According to Tang Qian’s statement, this girl called Zhaozhao was clearly autistic.

It was said that autistic people had some quirks and a sharp temperament. It was no wonder that Tang Zhongyi was so nervous at that time.

When she thought of this, her grudge towards Tang Zhongyi disappeared.

JMin’s Corner:

Yang laoshi is teaching our Little Friend Tang Qian bad…

Ari’s Corner:

this bbbb-bad lady YHY is scamming kids now 😦

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1. teacher (Yang laoshi sounds better than Teacher Yang)
2. idiom: to live relying on somebody else’s charity
3. Jade Emperor is the Emperor of all the dieties in the worlds above; when he opened one less window, he caused Ning Zhao to be born with a bit less than normal people

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  1. This woman is a horrible person. After knowing that the girl is autistic she doesn’t feel sorry for how she behaved but instead forgives the “handsome” man just to explain his rude behaviour and the reason he doesn’t like her.
    ‘Woman, he just doesn’t like you, Do you understand?’

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