HAWRR Chapter 210

Chapter 210 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (7)

“Can’t you hear that I’m talking to you? Where is the Tang Family’s Eldest Young Master’s study room? Is it so difficult to take the time to tell me?” Yang Huiying said unpleasantly.

Gu Shengyin appeared to be frightened. She stared with fixed eyes at Yang Huiying. Seeing that her hand was still on her piano, her eyes flashed with a trace of disgust. She extended a hand, wanting to push her away.

Yang Huiying naturally saw the unconcealed disgust. She was unable to restrain the anger in her heart: What did she mean? This girl looked at her hand on the piano as if she was looking at something filthy.

The more Gu Shengyin wanted to push her away, the more she resisted her.

When Tang Zhongyi arrived, he happened to see Ning Zhao and an unfamiliar woman pushing at each other.

His heart stopped and he quickly ran over: “Zhaozhao!”

Yang Huiying felt a sudden large force pull her away and she almost fell to the ground.

She angrily turned her head to see who was so rude, but the moment she saw Tang Zhongyi, her voice became mute.

She had never seen such a handsome man! His five facial features were beautiful. His phoenix eyes were provoking, thin lips formed a faint smile, and his gaze appeared to be able to stir up people’s emotions.

However, Tang Zhongyi’s attention was entirely placed on Gu Shengyin. He asked somewhat worriedly: “Zhaozhao? Are you okay?”

Gu Shengyin lowered her head and ignored him. Tang Zhongyi discovered that when he tried to move closer, Ning Zhao would unconsciously dodge backwards.

This knowledge annoyed him. He didn’t want Ning Zhao to fear him and reject him.

It was all this culprit’s fault! He turned and looked at Yang Huiying coldly: “Who are you?”

Yang Huiying felt that the man’s gaze was freezing. She felt somewhat wronged. Obviously, it was the girl who was rude in the first place, but he pushed all the mistakes onto her.

However, the expression in Tang Zhongyi’s eyes was too forceful. She replied as calmly as she could: “I received Eldest Young Master Tang’s invitation for the interview to be the piano tutor for the Tang Family’s little Young Master.”

Tang Zhongyi shot her a glance: “Go back. Don’t come back to the Tang Family.”

Yang Huiying was stunned. What did this mean? He was driving her away?

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She refused to accept it: “Based on what? You don’t even know what my level is, but you’re driving me away?”

“Based on the fact that I am the Second Young Master of the Tang Family!” Tang Zhongyi looked at her indifferently, and then turned his head towards Gu Shengyin and cautiously asked: “Zhaozhao, let’s go back to your room, okay?”

Yang Huiying looked at this man in front of her, who was as cold as ice to her just a second ago. In the next moment, he was so gentle and careful towards that girl in a white dress. She could only feel like she had received a huge insult.

“So what if you’re the Second Young Master of the Tang Family? The Tang Family’s Second Young Master can’t distinguish between right and wrong and drives people out as he pleases? Do you really know clearly what had happened a moment ago? Based on what did you immediately determine that it was my fault?!” Yang Huiying shouted loudly, feeling unreconciled.

Tang Zhongyi stopped his footsteps. Yang Huiying thought her words had affected him and proudly said: “I was only asking for directions. That female companion by your side kept ignoring me. Is it so difficult to answer my question? I just placed my hand on top of the piano, and she came over to push me…”

“Enough!” Tang Zhongyi looked at Yang Huiying with endless disgust. “You disturbed Zhaozhao when she was playing the piano and went as far as touching her things. Uncle Yuan, call people to drive this woman out!”

The old housekeeper suddenly appeared at his side and answered with a low agreement. After Tang Zhongyi and Gu Shengyin left, two robust bodyguards came over and “invited” her out.

JMin’s Corner:

Round 1

MC vs Yang Huiying

MC won!

Ari’s Corner:

YHY acts rudely in someone else’s house and then blames them for being insulting when they chase her out? yikes the cannon fodder level of stupidity is always unreal…

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30 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 210”

      1. Yup. Given what she did to the previous Ning Zhao given that she knew about her condition and how she took advantage of it fully explains how disgusting a person she is.

        Liked by 7 people

  1. I totally agree with Ari’s corner. Besides, she arrived early and decided to roam around her potential employer’s house? Acting like it’s her right to do so, and getting upset when MC refuses to reply her? Sorry but if I find a random stranger wandering around my house like that, I would have called the cops. MC’s response was not that bad especially since FL is an uninvited pest.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Woah… FL overreacted big time. Wander around uninvited, pick a fight with a “unresponsive” stranger, then argue about being misunderstood to a pretty boy. Yup… dug her own grave.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. …But has she reflected on the fact that she was wandering around someone else’s house without permission? That’s already grounds for refusing her an interview. Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 4 people

  4. So there’s another battle going to happen in the future!

    I completely understand her when you get annoyed because someone isn’t listening (and you didn’t know that this person has som special condition or soemthing) but you don’t have to insist on bothering the person if they have a condition or they just want to be left alone. Like go find and ask another person.

    But this btch ain’t having none of that and instead is drink vinegar like there’s no tomorrow then goes on a cat fight with MC just because of a small thing.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Already not liking this vinegar btch…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about her. She didn’t know MC’s condition but I think even if she knew she still going to be a jealous btch and according to how she childishly reacted to being diss by ML (she also threw a tantrum on some else’s house, like is that how a professional teacher should act like?), she’s still a btch.

        Liked by 3 people

  5. Oh. So she just knows her craft well. She isn’t trained to deal with autistic kids. She must have assumed that this person must be someone high up in the family. Introduce herself as before meeting with her employer may give he the hoost she needs to get the job.

    Too bad she is an idiot. Kinda of annoying to see the author do this to the main villian. I hope the next arc’s villian is more robust.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ehh… If the person doesn’t react, don’t push it. She’s not wrong, but was rude… Couldn’t she just find someone else? But tbh, relatable as I’m very spoiled


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