HAWRR Chapter 208

Chapter 208 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (5)

“System, Ning Zhao lived a really tiring life.” Gu Shengyin sighed.

System: “Host, mua mua1. This baby is together with you.”

Gu Shengyin: “…System, where did you learn these words?”

System seriously answered: “In the previous world, when host played the game, Baby invaded their network and found that humans like to talk like this. Does host not like it?”

Gu Shengyin: “…No, you can do as you wish.”

System: “En, okay. Host, love you, mua mua.”

Gu Shengyin: Using a dull, water-like voice to sell meng like this was truly weird.

When she came out of the bathroom, her face had already resumed to an expressionless face.

After Gu Shengyin had just come out, Tang Zhongyi came in.

He saw that her hair was still dripping wet, and Ning Zhao did not care about it, sitting in front of the mirror in a daze.

He revealed a helpless smile, stepped forward, and took out a dry towel to help her wipe it.

As soon as he approached close to her, the familiar lotus scent instantly enshrouded Gu Shengyin’s body.

Was he actually her lover? Gu Shengyin was somewhat surprised in her heart. She didn’t expect that the man Yang Huiying liked was her lover.

Should I say that she had good eyes or that she was not lucky? Gu Shengyin thought.

Tang Zhongyi merely saw an obedient, lovable girl sitting there and letting him wipe her long hair, occasionally blinking her eyes.

Her exposed skin was somewhat red after bathing, and her entire person appeared to be much more spiritual than during the day.

The two were both silent, but neither of them were self-conscious at all. When her long hair had quickly finished drying, Tang Zhongyi felt somewhat disappointed.

He put the towel away and thought about the information he received from Lin-ma. He knew that Ning Zhao should rest at this time.

Not needing him to speak, the person at his side automatically stood up and walked to the bedside. She took off her slippers, laid down, covered herself with the quilt, and closed her eyes. After one action after another, she appeared to be asleep within a moment.

He smiled a bit. He knew that this was the habit that Ning Zhao had developed after so many years. He walked to the bedside and stared at her for a while. He softly said ‘Good night’, turned off the light, and closed the door as he left.

The next day, when Tang Zhongyi knocked on the door, Ning Zhao had already tidied up and sat on the edge of the bed.

He glanced at it. The quilts were neatly folded without a single trace of creases.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

In his heart, he was aware that people like Ning Zhao could be said to have frighteningly severe OCD2 towards certain things. As long as they did not affect her normal life, he would not make her change.

After the meal, Gu Shengyin went to the piano room.

Every day after breakfast, Ning Zhao plays the piano for an hour.

Yang Huiying came to the Tang residence at this time.

Today, she came to apply for the job as the Tang Family’s little young master’s3 tutor. The Tang Family was a well-known rich and powerful family in the city. The salary for teaching their family’s little young master was several times higher than other jobs. For Yang Huiying, whose home circumstances were not very good, this was a rare opportunity.

“Miss Yang, the young master is in the first study room in the left wing of the second floor.” The Tang Family’s housekeeper gave directions to Yang Huiying.

“Thank you.” Yang Huiying looked at her surroundings feeling inevitably nervous in her heart.

She walked towards the path as directed by the housekeeper, but unexpectedly heard the sound of a piano.

Just listening to it briefly, Yang Huiying, who had come from a music institution, knew that the person playing the piano surpassed her by far in the aspects of the piano.

JiaMin’s Corner:

#Best system ever

Adding to Ari’s comment: He’s a creepy uncle abducting MC 😛

Ari’s Corner:

I take back everything I said about Zhongyi not being that much of a pervert…he’s a pervert that enjoys caressing Shengyin’s hair and watching her…

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1. kissing sounds
2. obsessive-compulsive disorder
2. 小少爷 – xiao shaoye – small young master; grandson of Father and Mother Tang (son of their son)

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    1. Much as I wished the same… from Shengyin’s narration of the “Original plot”… Yang seemed to be the most malicious rival we’ve seen to date in this series…. AKA she’s the only one so far who intentionally and methodically destroyed the original owner of the body.

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  1. And it will be hard for the host to respond because is seems like she has been severely limited in her interactions thanks to the original shell. So her usual methods won’t work.

    On another note, this system is getting cuter by the day!

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  2. thanks—
    aye, i really like how nice the male lead is! quite! and shengyin is quite interesting as well,wheee! now, gimme allll the love and romance scenes, muahaha!


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