HAWRR Chapter 207

Chapter 207 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (4)

After dinner, Tang Zhongyi took Ning Zhao out for a walk.

The Tang Family stayed in the house and watched them. Mother Tang sighed with sorrow: “How could such a good girl like her end up with this kind of condition.”

Father Tang said: “I think her situation is not that severe. Compared to some other people that I have seen before, she’s in a much better condition. Except, her parents…Alas, let’s keep her in the dark for now.”

“Ning Zhao, I am called Tang Zhongyi. You can call me by my name.”

Ning Zhao heard his words and raised her head to look at him. Tang Zhongyi’s heart filled with expectations as he watched her.

How would he have known that Ning Zhao would merely glance at him and lower her head.

Tang Zhongyi was somewhat disappointed, but he was also aware that being able to be close to her was already rare enough and did not insist.

“Zhao Zhao, is it okay if I call you by this?” Tang Zhongyi leaned towards the side of the girl’s face.

Gu Shengyin would certainly not answer him.

“Then I’ll take it that you agree, Zhao Zhao.” There was a smile in Tang Zhongyi’s eyes.

After completing the walk, Tang Zhongyi brought her back home. He took Gu Shengyin to the room that the Tang Family had prepared for her.

The room was exactly the same as Ning Zhao’s room in the Ning Family’s house. It had the same color, the same furniture, and even arranged in the same way.

Evidently, the Tang Family spent a lot of thought on Ning Zhao.

Tang Zhongyi actually did not like this kind of monotonous and dull color. When he attempted to  change the furniture color, he was met with Ning Zhao’s resistance.

She wouldn’t shout and scream, but would be especially obstinate and resist him. Her big peach blossom eyes would stare at Tang Zhongyi, and even open her mouth to express her wishes: “Do not change!”

Tang Zhongyi felt that this kind of Ning Zhao was particularly lively. Before, she was quiet and always seemed as if she was isolated in her own world. But now, she was like a real person with flesh and blood.

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He contacted the doctor who was responsible for Ning Zhao’s treatment and received a very good report.

That specialist said that Ning Zhao had actually recovered very well. She was now almost self-sufficient in her life. She just did not like to talk or communicate with strangers.

When Father Ning and Mother Ning were at home, she would laugh and act like a spoiled child — almost like a normal person.

At Tang Family, this situation should be because she was suddenly in an unfamiliar environment and instinctively withdrew.

He found out that Ning Zhao had feelings of dependence on Tang Zhongyi and felt very surprised. After all, people with autism generally only depended on people they were close to. They usually stayed with their family members. Ning Zhao, who had only seen one side of Tang Zhongyi and depended on him, was really baffling.

Thinking about what the specialist said in his mind, Tang Zhongyi looked at Ning Zhao, whose cheeks were somewhat red from being emotionally stirred. He looked forward to the day where Ning Zhao would smile at him, act spoiled with him, and call his name.

Gu Shengyin saw that the man still did not have the intention of leaving, sighed in her heart, and stood up.

She walked over to her closet, opened the door, took out some clothes and closed the door. 

She walked into the bathroom, turned on the water, stood and waited about 3 minutes, turned the water off, closed the bathroom door, and started undressing.

Tang Zhongyi stared at her series of movements with a dumbstruck expression. Eventually, he realized that the other person was going to bathe.

He coughed, got up, and left Ning Zhao’s room.

As she lay comfortably in the bathtub, she was finally the only one in the room. Ning Zhao’s expression finally became livelier, and her eyelids drooped in pleasure.

JiaMin’s Corner:

I think she’s very cute in a way _(3 」∠ )_

Ari’s Corner:

At least Zhongyi isn’t a complete pervert (ì _ í)

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