HAWRR Chapter 206

Chapter 206 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (3)

At this time, Lin-ma also came over. She saw Ning Zhao and smiled at her lovingly.

“Miss, this Young Master Tang was sent by Master to pick you up. Don’t worry, he is not a bad person.”

Lin-ma had taken care of Ning Zhao since childhood, so Ning Zhao trusted her from her heart.

“…Dad?” She hesitated and looked at Lin Ma. “Dad…Where?”

When Lin-ma heard this, her eyes reddened. She quickly lifted her hand to wipe her eyes. She said with a smile, “Mr. Ning and his wife are both on a business trip abroad. It would take them quite a while to return, so they arranged for you to go live with the Tang Family for a period of time.”

Ning Zhao stayed silent, obviously unwilling.

Lin-ma noticed and advised: “Miss, Lin-ma needs to return home and cannot take care of you in the future. Let the Tang Family take care of you. Don’t let Mr. Ning and Mrs. Ning worry, okay?”

Tang Zhongyi also knew that it was better to keep her in the dark for the time being. The two people persuaded Ning Zhao and finally brought the reluctant Ning Zhao back to the Tang Family.

Besides the Tang Family’s eldest son1, Father Tang, Mother Tang , and the Tang Family’s 5-year-old Young Master, Tang Qian, were all there.

“This is Ning Zhao, right?” Mother Tang didn’t have a daughter. She became fond of Ning Zhao, a girl with such a lovable appearance, at a glance.

Ning Zhao was scared by Mother Tang’s enthusiasm and hid behind Tang Zhongyi.

Out of everyone present here, she was only slightly familiar with Tang Zhongyi, so she unconsciously chose to trust this man.

Mother Tang was startled for a moment, and then realized — Ning Zhao had autism. She had seen her quietly following her son and had forgotten about this part.

Thinking of this, and then recalling her friends who had passed away a few days ago, Tang Mother’s eyes became more gentle as she looked at Ning Zhao.

“Come, I’ve already told the servants to prepare dinner. I presume you guys haven’t eaten yet.” She said with a smile.

The Tang Family found an interesting phenomenon. That was, wherever Tang Zhongyi went, Ning Zhao would also follow. Apparently, out of the entire Tang Family, she only trusted Tang Zhongyi. Furthermore, this huge house made her feel very insecure.

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Afraid that her son was feeling annoyed, Mother Tang specially told him privately to properly take care of Ning Zhao.

Tang Zhongyi did not know whether to laugh or cry: “Mom, you can feel assured. I will properly take care of her.” He couldn’t wait to love her dearly and spoil her, so how could he feel annoyed by her?

During their meal, Little Tang Qian’s black eyes stared at Ning Zhao, as if he had discovered something interesting.

“Eat your meal.” His father, Tang Zhongqing, warned in a low voice.

Little Tang Qian whispered: “The way this older sister is eating is very interesting. Dad, look. She only eats the dish in front of her, eats a mouthful of rice, and then takes a bite of that dish again. Nothing changes.”

Gu Shengyin silently complained: She also wanted to eat something else, but autistic people had habits that could not be broken. She was also trying her best.

The Tang Family evidently had already noticed this. Mother Tang felt distressed seeing this kind of Ning Zhao. She was about to reach out her chopsticks to give Ning Zhao some food, but didn’t expect someone to beat her to it first.

Looking at her second son in amazement. Mother Tang thought about her son. Did his character change? To actually be considerate to another person…

Tang Zhongyi shot a glance at his little nephew and said: “Eat properly. Also, she is not an older sister. You should call her Auntie.”

Little Tang Qian stuck out his tongue and obediently ate his meal.

Unfortunately, Second Young Master Tang’s great kindness was not understood by Ning Zhao. She still followed her previous routine: a bite of rice, a bite of the side dish, and did not give a glance at the other  food in her bowl. After her bowl of rice was eaten, her chopsticks stopped moving.

JiaMin’s Corner:

Another fun mom 😀

Ari’s Corner:

When the mom was like ‘(_😉 omg my son knows how to be considerate???!!?!!’…yikes Zhongyi…what type of horrible person are you normally?

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1. eldest brother was used in the raws, but I think ‘son’ would make more sense.

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21 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 206”

  1. This is an interesting beginning. So far we’re not quite sure if Shengyin is pretending to be autist or she really turned into one. At least from others perspective, she seemed to be genuinely so although she’s not actually one inside. It seem to me that Shengyin’s personality kind of merge with the original bodied instead of “taking over”, meaning that she would genuinely gain some of the original character’s qualities and habits.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I feel that exqalph03’s take makes more sense. I think she is acting. In the previous world, she was in a wheelchair, and she remedied that; however, in this world, she cannot remedy that because people would find it strange. I think she would act like she feels comfortable around the family later on to be herself, but will keep some mannerism of the previous autistic woman.

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  2. 「Little Tang Qian whispered: “The way this older sister is eating is very interesting. Dad, look. She only eats the dish in front of her, eats a mouthful of rice, and then takes a bite of that dish again. Nothing changes.”」

    My little brother is autistic and he actually has this habit. He hates it when the food he’s eating suddenly has a different texture or flavour. His meals typically consist of rather monotonous food (think mashed potatoes, chicken noodles, rice with some soup and meat). So I think that this part is quite accurate; props to the author!


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