HAWRR Chapter 205

Chapter 205 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (2)

She approached Ning Zhao, stole her work, participated in the world-wide competition, and successfully became the champion.

She successfully became the genius piano girl.

Because Ning Zhao never contacted the outside world, the Tang Family did not know about this matter at all. It was even more impossible for Ning Zhao expose Yang Huiying.

However, Yang Huiying was scared. She always felt that as long as Ning Zhao existed, the matter of her cheating could be discovered.

Therefore, she crazily devised a scheme to cripple both of Ning Zhao’s hands so that she would be unable to play the piano again in this life.

Ning Zhao went insane.

The only sustenance left in her world was the piano, but that last comfort was destroyed by someone.

In the end, when the Tang Family’s maid was not paying attention, Ning Zhao shattered the mirror in the bedroom and ended her life.

Yang Huiying, this main culprit, relied on Ning Zhao’s original work to become the hottest star in the music festival.

When Gu Shengyin came to this world, it was just before the Tang Family arrived to inform Ning Zhao of her parents death.

Barring any accidents, the Tang Family’s Young Master would come pick her up soon.

Tang Zhongyi drove to a quiet and secluded mountain villa. Today, he had come to receive his family friends’ daughter.

Originally, it should have been his older brother coming, but, in the end, his older brother suddenly had something to do and handed the task over to him.

That girl…Tang Zhongyi had a bit of a headache about what he should say.

It was said that the only daughter of Uncle Ning and his wife was autistic. When his parents asked him to come over, they warned him to explain the situation as gently as possible and that he must not stimulate her.

He parked the car skillfully and rang the doorbell.

The nanny, who was responsible for taking care of Ning Zhao, had already heard of the news. Her eyes were still red as she opened the door for Tang Zhongyi.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

“Young Master Tang, you came?” Nanny Lin’s eyes were still red.

Tang Zhongyi and Lin Ma1 had met several times. He nodded: “Does your family’s Young Lady know?”

Lin Ma shook her head and couldn’t help wiping her tears. How could she speak of this thing ah, with the Young Lady like that…

When Tang Zhongyi went to the garden, he was attracted to the girl sitting on the swing.

She wore a flowing white dress, and her long and black waist-length hair gently flowed behind her. As the swing swayed gently, he saw that she wasn’t wearing shoes, revealing two delicate, jade-like feet.

Her head gently rested on the side of the swing. Her brows and eyes were tranquil and at peace. Her entire person seemed like a beautiful and peaceful painting.

Suddenly, he understood why Uncle Ning and his wife pampered and worried about this daughter. Even during the final moments of their life, they strongly held onto their life to beg their best friend to take good care of their daughter.

This kind of girl simply does not resemble a person of this world, Tang Zhongyi thought. A person like her should be properly protected and placed in a crystal castle to prevent her from seeing a speck of the filthy secular world.

His feet uncontrollably walked forward.

However, this apparently disturbed her.

The girl abruptly raised her head. Seeing an unfamiliar guest, she immediately panicked, and her pair of dark eyes were full of wariness.

Seeing that she appeared to be trembling, Tang Zhongyi had no choice but to stop his footsteps and try to make himself show a good-natured smile.

“You’re called Ning Zhao, right? My name is Tang Zhongyi. It was your father, Uncle Ning, who asked me to pick you up.”

Hearing her father’s name, Ning Zhao finally had a little reaction. Her expression changed slightly, but she still warily looked at him.

JMin’s Corner:

Lol, Tang Zhongyi is acting like an uncle trying to abduct a cute little kid XD

Ari’s Note:

Can I just say that Chinese authors almost always have a scene with the female protagonist wearing a white dress and looking as beautiful as a painting…..

白连衣裙 – white full-length dress; with Chinese fashion it’s usually a long white A-line with a flowing lace over-layer

1. 妈 – ma – meaning: mother; in this case, it’s a title for older female servants, usually the nanny or housekeeper

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27 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 205”

  1. Yep!
    I recently read a novel where the FL is always described to have an aura of innocent and purity with a fragrance of flower following her and the MC always knows when FL comes because of the Flowery sceng lol!

    Thank you for the chapter!

    (And an Uncle trying to abduct a girl? Pfft-! I imagine ML wouldn’t even be offended with that and would just say, “Yes, I’m here to claim my wifey.”)

    ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

    Liked by 14 people

      1. “Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus”

        Summary (from novel updates):

        After being pitted by a ‘white lotus’, Lin Zisheng woke up and found himself bound to a System.

        [Hello Host, I am Bulingbuling, the glowing-in-brilliance System 001, a White Lotus Rescue System for ‘Leaving a Good name for White Lotus forever’. You will go down a journey with me to various worlds to save endangered White Lotuses. Let’s move forward for our great cause!]
        Lin Zisheng: …Hehe!


        System: Host-daren, that is the white lotus that we are going to save, you can’t push her on the road!

        Lin Zisheng: The earlier you die, the earlier you reincarnate, I am letting her leave this cruel world earlier.

        System:…. The Host’s words make sense, I can’t refute QAQ

        #Every world the host bends the male lead#

        #The mission target always ends up dead, waiting anxiously online…urgent#

        #Please let go of that little white lotus, she is still a child#

        #The system is only here to sell meng#

        (LINK: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/those-years-when-we-killed-the-white-lotus/)

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        1. Yessss!!! I’m reading that novel as well, the FL always has a scent of a ‘white lotus’and always wears white dresses. In the first chapter The MC suspected that she was actually a flower demon/goblin.

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          1. Yessssss! Fellow reader!!! The funny thing is her attempts of seducing the ML is so cringeworthy and useless.

            Also in the chapter where she goes to ML’s party, she also wears white dress didn’t she? Typical green tea btch signs.

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  2. That girl must be extremely low on the autism spectrum to be able to respond to a stranger like that. No wonder the world’s FL felt the need to cripple her hands. There was a genuine – and high – possiblity that she (Ning Zhao) would have told someone about her stolen work. Either that or our MC sucks at pretending to be autistic haha! ╮(╯▽╰)╭


  3. Deep confusion: how does one plagiarize another’s piano talent? Perhaps if it was a composition—but the actual performance? That would be quite…difficult, to say the least.


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