HAWRR Chapter 204

Chapter 204 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (1)

Within the expanse of chaotic space, a quietly meditating man opened his eyes.

There was clearly nothing blocking it at all, but his appearance was always covered by layers of mist, blurring others’ vision.

His eyes resembled the primal chaos that was everywhere around his body. At one glance, it was as if there were ten thousand worlds within it. If one looked at them again, one could discover that they actually held nothing inside.

“Shenyin…” He whispered in a low voice. There was a trace of a smile in his eyes. In a split second, the entire universe gave birth to spring winds and ten thousand flowers .

Shortly after, he closed his eyes and everything went silent.

Gu Shengyin opened her eyes in a pure white room.

If there wasn’t any furniture, she would think that this place was inside the system.

White ceiling, white curtains, white furniture, white bed.

Looking around, the entire room was frighteningly white.

She sorted through the memory in her mind, climbed out of bed, and looked at the mirror.

The girl in the mirror had an exceptionally beautiful face with skin whiter than snow and picturesque eyes and brows.

However, there was no trace of expressions on her face. Her pitch-black pair of eyes also did not have any fluctuations whatsoever.

This was not a cold temperament. Rather, the girl called Ning Zhao was born an autistic child. In her world, she would only see what she wanted.

The protagonist of this world was Ning Zhao1. Although she was an autistic patient, she was born in an affectionate family.

Her parents did not abandon her because of her congenital defect. Instead, they spent innumerable time and energy to patiently guide her, and strove to allow her to live life like a normal person.

Their efforts paid off. Under the guidance of well-known doctors and care from the family, Ning Zhao’s autism did not become worse or cause an irritable temper like many other patients. She was just particularly quiet and had no reactions towards her surroundings.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

When Ning Zhao was 5 years old, she was found to have an excellent talent in playing the piano and had a rare interest in it. Her parents were wild with joy. If she had interest in certain things, then the probability of recovering in the future would greatly increase.

If this kind of development continued, Ning Zhao could slowly be able to live like a normal person.

However, when she was 16 years old, something bad happened to her parents.

A family friend adopted her, but Ning Zhao was very uncooperative when she found out that her parents had died. She rejected everyone and her condition got even more serious.

She could only calm down when playing the piano.

This world’s female antagonist was a part-time piano tutor invited by the Tang Family, the foster family of Ning Zhao, to tutor their grandson. 

That girl, Yang Huiying, was a regular university student. She originally came to the Tang Family as a tutor, but fell in love with the Tang Family’s Second Young Master, Tang Zhongyi.

However, the disparity of their identities was too great and she did not have the ability to attract the other.

Until she saw Ning Zhao.

Ning Zhao’s piano talent was incomparable. Her world was too simple. She used to have her parents within her world, but now she only had the piano.

However, Yang Huiying’s plan had pinned her in its sights.

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1. 宁昭 – Ning (peaceful), Zhao (bright)

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    1. I think the author does make a good effort to but I don’t have much experience with autism so I’m not a good judge. Tho there definitely are unrealistic parts…


  1. *hands out hugs, chocolate, and a heating pad* Thanks for allowing us to benefit from your pain distraction techniques. I look forward to this arc. Piano Tutor sounds like a B already.

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  3. Just as I thought.. the MC is some kind of “transmigration good” huh..

    Don’t worry… I’m willing to experience dying with you as long as you didn’t die from this work completely.. lol XD

    Thank you for the chapters~


  4. The “next” button in Chapter 198 is not working and I was stuck there for days thinking that translator-sama must have been busy and was not updating. Fortunately, I don’t know what but something urges me to click “TOC” and huala! I found out that the online game arc is already finished and another arc has already started.

    Thanks for the chapter! (シ_ _)シ


  5. Oh shit, this arc sounds so familiar. I read it in the spoiler thread for one of the world hopping novels. Now I remember that it’s in this one. Ugh can’t wait for the future chapters. From what I remember this arc is so sweet


  6. Me: editor-sama is mean for that cliffie
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