HAWRR Chapter 203

Chapter 203 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (End)

Zhang Yang didn’t have time to mull over the meaning of his smile before that beautiful woman already reached their table.

Then, he saw his friend stand up and call, “Xiao Xiao.”

Zhang Yang felt like his brain short-circuited for a moment.

Xiao Xiao? Could she be the Xiao Xiao that he knew?

Just a moment ago, he said something about himself. ‘Did this beautiful woman take a fancy to him…’

Zhang Yang did not dare to look at his friend’s face.

“Xiao Xiao, let me introduce you. This is…”

“Smile in the Wind?” Gu Shengyin answered suddenly.

Zhang Yang became filled with vigor in a flash: “Sister-in-law, you know me?”

Gu Shengyin said with a smile: “After all, people like you, who play in the game without changing their appearance at all, are rather rare.”

Zhang Yang took in what she said before glancing at the radiantly gorgeous woman before him, and silently said in his heart: It is quite rare to see people make themselves ugly to that level in the game.

Since everyone was well acquainted with each other in the game, there was no awkwardness in real life. Zhang Yang also had an extroverted personality so he and Gu Shengyin quickly began chatting easily.

After they finished their meal, Mo Tingyuan sent her home, and Zhang Yang lamented: “Young Master Mo, your luck is truly good. You can talk about love in the game as you please and easily gain it. And she’s also such a beautiful woman of the best quality. I truly envy and hate you!”

Mo Tingyuan did not answer but drove to a certain place.

Zhang Yang suddenly realized that the route was not right. He felt a bad premonition well up in his heart: “Young Master Mo, where are we going?”

Mo Tingyuan spoke calmly, but the words made his body tremble: “I haven’t exercised in quite a while. Accompany me to practice boxing.”

Zhang Yang was born unable to love1. He knew that because of his poor mouth, Mo Tingyuan, this narrow-minded man would definitely not let him go!

The next day, Gu Shengyin went on the game to see Smile in the Wind’s complaints almost breaking through her screen. Right away, she asked how he was.

Smile in the Wind’s wandering spirit floated to her side: “It’s nothing. Killing yourself and kowtowing is also vital in standing firm.”

Gu Shengyin: …

Mountain River One Sword went over to her side: “Don’t worry about him. Smile, this guy, would go crazy twice a month.”

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

The two got married in a low-profiled manner.

Of course, this low-profile was only in the game, and there was no publicity. The wedding in real life was still very grand.

After all, Mo Family was not a small family. If they were really low-key, others would look down on Gu Shengyin, this bride.

Finally, Mo Tingyuan could rightly and properly use the ring to tie his bride for a lifetime.

Gu Shengyin also tasted the consequences of her words.

On their wedding night, Mo Tingyuan used practical action to show his determination to “eat” her.

This frenzied man tossed her for almost a whole night, causing her entire body to feel weak and soft the next day. She had no doubt that if it wasn’t because the two were now living in the Mo Family’s house and needed to get up early in the morning to eat with their parents, he definitely would not let her go.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s life had been very blessed. When she was young, she suffered a huge tribulation. After that, the time came and fortune turned2. She met her fated husband.

From then on, their life together was blessed with good health, a harmonious family, and children.

Everyone who knew her would have no lack of praises for her good life.

One day, her granddaughter called for her grandparents to get up, but found that there was no response.

Pushing open the door to go in, she discovered that both her grandparents were quietly lying there, holding hands and no longer breathing.

JMin’s Corner:

This was another arc that I liked besides the modeling one with Ludwig. 😉

The next arc is also one of my favorite ones too! Look forward to it~

Ari’s Corner:

im dying

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1. Feeling that life has no meaning/Feeling very depressed or negative emotions/Seeking death
2. to have a lucky break/things change for the better

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  1. Imagine how traumatic that would be… being the one to find your dead grandparents…


    Thanks for the chappie~~!! 😊😆

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  2. …. Is it wrong if I REALLY like Zhang Yang? Not that I want to date someone like him, but he’s definitely a fun type of friend to have. He’s hillarious, usually people like him makes a great moodmaker in a gathering of friends. I hope we saw him (or other versions of him) in the other arcs =v =

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  3. Aww… The arc ended.. I wonder whether their children’s also have some kind of connections in every world..? Who knows huh…

    Thank you for the mass releases!!!! Love you love you love you!!!! XD

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  4. This was a very good dog food!

    Thank you for the chapter! This arc was short for me at least. I can’t even remember the Ludwig arc besides it’s a model arc or soemthing.

    Also what number is the enxt arc suppose to be? I haven’t been counting how many arcs there are.


  5. This is also one of my fav arc!! I’m not really into virtual reality world but this one is nicely written. And with characters and development as cool as this, how could I, this mere being, dislike such a beautiful story?


  6. I’ll miss this arc. 😦 it’s always fun to see my favorite characters game, as a gamer myself.
    I thought that regen ability would give her eternal life again but I guess not haha


  7. First time they said it instead of implying that they passed away.

    I know the title is for the MC and the antagonist, but I wish ML was the spoiled by master disciple. XD

    Thank you for third arc. Looking forward to the next one since you said it’s one of your faves!


  8. I read this arc to distract my mind of the fact that my grandfather died this morning. Then in the end of the chapter there’s a kid found that his grandparents died. What the hell is this, seriously?!


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