HAWRR Chapter 201

Chapter 201 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (28)

Dog food alert.

Dreary Falling Tree kept her word. As long as she heard that Small Misty Rain was online, she would directly force PK.

Bloody Battle was already not as lofty as before. He did not have enough energy to care about Small Misty Rain’s matter.

Small Misty Rain thoroughly vanished from the game without a trace.

Of course, she may have merely changed her appearance, changed her identity, or even changed servers to continue playing this game.

Regardless, Small Misty Rain, this ID, this face, would never appear again in this game.

In truth, for Gu Shengyin and Mo Tingyuan, Small Misty Rain was a completely negligible existence. She was simply unworthy for them to waste their time and energy on.

During this time, they were preparing for the game company’s promotional film.

“Excellent!” The one responsible for their shoot was a well-known and famous photographer.

This time, for the sake of quality, [Spirit Sword Deity] executives used their hard-earned blood-sweat-and-tears savings to invite the industry’s most well-known photography team.

Although this photographer was accustomed to seeing all kinds of celebrities, when the photographer saw Mo Tingyuan and Gu Shengyin, he sighed in admiration of the two’s appearance and temperament.

When they began shooting, Mo Tingyuan was passable. Gu Shengyin, however, made him gasp in surprise. He even asked Gu Shengyin whether she had experience in modeling.

The answer he got was, of course, a negative. Before everything, Shen Xiao Xiao was in school. After the car accident, she became a hermit. There was definitely no experience in that aspect.

The photographer had no choice but to acknowledge that some skills were innate. Under his camera lens, Gu Shengyin’s every movement and expression were all perfect. There were many artists in the entertainment circle that couldn’t be compared to her.

Knowing the photographer’s thoughts, Gu Shengyin simply laughed. Shen Xiao Xiao did not have any experience, but she had experienced the life of Film Queen Ruan Keyi.

The game company was extremely satisfied with the quality of the finished product and released the latest promotional video on the same day as Valentine’s Day1.

The result was even more popular than expected.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

The official website was swarmed by enthused players. Man people were exclaiming that this video was extremely beautiful, and a screenshot could be used as perfectly as a desktop picture.

Of course, there were even more fans converted by the King and Queen purely from face value . 

There were still many people who claimed that since it was Valentine’s Day, this game’s wave of dog food3 being sent out was very good timing.

According to the statistics of the game’s support team4, after this promotional video was released on every major platform, the rate of players entering the game increased by 30%!

Even if a popular showbiz artist was invited, they might have not gotten such a sky-breaking result.

At this time, Gu Shengyin and Mo Tingyuan were together. They had already enjoyed the festive streets, and now were having the most romantic candle-lit dinner between lovers. On the big screen at the side, it showed the promotional film of the two.

This film narrated a beautiful love story. In the end, the two people lived together blissfully for the rest of their lives.

The white-robed swordsman used the sword in his hand as a betrothal gift and asked the female swordsman if she was willing to marry him.

The cold-looking woman with delicate eyebrows did not answer directly. Instead, she extended her hand and removed the dangling jade ornament that had never left her waist before handing it to him.

“Xiao Xiao.” The man sitting across from her suddenly put down the tableware in his hands and looked at her with a burning gaze.

Gu Shengyin already had a premonition in her heart and calmly gazed at the man.

Mo Tingyuan’s actions were very slow, but he resolutely took out a delicate small box that he had already prepared long ago.

“I don’t have a sword as a betrothal gift. I just want to use this ring to tie you to me for a lifetime.”

Editor’s Notes:

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1. 七夕情人节 –  qi xi qing ren jie – Chinese Valentine’s Day
2.  – fen – meaning: powder (literal); refers to fans
3. 狗粮 – gou liang – dog food; when a couple’s lovey-dovey PDA is shoved in your face
4. 后台 – hou tai – meaning: backstage; refers to the background management team of a company’s official website with products and endorsements and statistics, etc 

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