HAWRR Chapter 200

Chapter 200 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (27)

Dreary Falling Tree and Mountain River One Sword got married!

Originally, Mountain River One Sword did not intend to be so high-profiled; however, after he obstructed the 29th person who came to ask for Dreary Falling Tree’s “advice” and after a particularly amorous “training request” was given, a certain man couldn’t bear it anymore.

A 100 gold for each world announcement and gift box! Mountain River One Sword, this local tyrant1, spammed the screen for two whole hours.

He wanted to let everyone know that Dreary Falling Tree was now his, Mountain River One Sword’s, person.

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: Woah, Great God is so grand2! It is estimated that this would cost my living expenses for several months!

Gu Shengyin watched the man’s childish behavior with a smile on her face.

“Xiao Xiao, did you receive the news from [Spirit Sword Diety3]’s executive?” Mountain River One Sword asked.

Gu Shengyin knew what he was talking about: “The endorsement?”

Mountain River One Sword nodded.

He and Gu Shengyin were ultimately chosen by [Spirit Sword Diety]’s executives4 to be their official game’s spokespeople. Towards this decision, the game company was quite satisfied.

Their face value did not lose to any celebrity and their PK was even higher quality. These players were absolutely the premium spokespeople.

The two thought about it and decided to accept.

After both sides finalized all legal matters, [Spirit Sword Diety] executives immediately announced this news and published a poster of the two on the official website. Of course, the white-robed swordswoman used Gu Shengyin’s real face.

When the poster came out, it caused a large furor.

Many people expressed that they were looking forward to the company’s promotional film.

There were also some people who were not reconciled to it. For instance, Small Misty Rain.

Soon after, a exposing post appeared on the forum. The content revolved around [Spirit Sword Diety]’s number one PK player, Dreary Falling Tree. It said that she had an immoral and nasty character, and that her face was the product of plastic surgery.

The landlord5 expressed that the gap between Dreary Falling Tree’s face in the game and in real life was too different. Was there really such a weird girl who would make herself ugly to that extent?

That’s right! She questioned whether Dreary Falling Tree had done plastic surgery.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

The entire post was the landlord’s personal speculation. There wasn’t the least bit of dry goods, but unfortunately, there were still waves of people that followed the trend and blacked Dreary Falling Tree.

Of course, Dreary Falling Tree still had many supporters. Both sides fought on the forum until the day turned dark. 

This matter ended with a single post from Dreary Falling Tree.

The following were the contents of the post:

First, she released photos of her growing up. It was very easy to see that Shen Xiao Xiao was a woman who was beautiful from childhood to adulthood. The rumors of plastic surgery were purely rumors;

Second, the landlord’s information was pulled out layer upon layer, and finally, the IP was revealed. The personal identity of the landlord was Small Misty Rain.

Ultimately, Dreary Falling Tree made a domineering statement. She did not care about other servers, but Lin Jiang Xian server’s Small Misty Rain, as long as there was her, there would be no Dreary Falling Tree!

Apart from this, another anonymous post appeared on the forum. On the post were photos of Small Misty Rain from young to adult. Even passersby could see at a glance. If Small Misty Rain grew up naturally, she would absolutely not grow up into her present appearance.

Who actually had plastic surgery, it was clear at a glance.

A person with a discerning eye knew that the person behind that post was definitely related to Dreary Falling Tree, but nobody could dig it out.

Mountain River One Sword had been on the game for two days. In the beginning, he was not aware of the issues of the forum posts until he received news from Smile in the Wind.

His expression was completely cold.

That evening, Small Misty Rain received a letter from a lawyer.

The lawyer’s letter was also posted at the top of the forum indicating that Small Misty Rain was accused of maliciously slandering others.

Mountain River One Sword did not hide his actions. He wanted to tell everyone that he was supporting Dreary Falling Tree.

Translator’s Corner:

Welp, guess we won’t be seeing Small Misty Rain anymore.

Just made a Discord, welcome to join: https://discord.gg/9R76RXx

Editor’s Notes:

I promised to try for 5ch/wk so here’s the 5th for this week! I just finished editing it.

I was going over the raws and noticed that the (pinyin) name for the game was being mixed up with the server name. When I have time to get to those chapters, I’ll be replacing the name with [Spirit Sword Deity]. I’ll keep the server name as Lin Jiang Xian. The pinyin for both are very similar xd.

Also, on the topic of forums:

  • 楼主 – lou zhu – meaning: landlord, the original poster
  • 二楼沙发 – er lou sha fa – meaning: second floor sofa, first comment (or second post when including the original poster)
  • 楼上 – lou shang – meaning: upstairs, the comment above yours
  • +1 or +number – agreeing with a comment, similar to likes on Facebook but its included in a comment
  • – hei – meaning: black; in this context, it means they’re cursing or smearing Gu Shengyin’s name and reputation (in other cases it can mean hacking but uhh hehe)
  • 干货 – gan huo – meaning: dry goods; when something online is referred to as dry goods it means all the ‘water’ or falsities have been removed; (in this case, the post doesn’t have any confirmed facts)

1. 土豪 – tu hao – meaning: local tyrant/tycoon, “Beverly hillbillies”, newly rich, nouveau riche; it’s a derogatory slang for someone with more money than sense 
2. 豪 – hao – meaning: a rich person, bold and unconstrained, grand, heroic; the character is the second in tu hao
3. 《灵剑仙》 – [Ling Jian Xian] – name of the game, means [Spirit Sword Deity]
4. the executives are in charge of normal company issues while the ‘game company’ refers to the people who do the programming and the like for the game itself

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  1. I find the Chinese internet poster slang kinda awesome. Thank you for a comprehensive list at the bottom! Also, thank you for a satisfying face slap as usual! Glad to see the cockroach killed off.

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  2. Yaaay! 200th chapter! I wish other good novels have chapters that exceed 100!

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  3. Is getting plastic surgery such a bad thing? Who cares if a person was born that way or not? A face is still a face.


    1. If you want to understand a bit of how Chinese people view plastic surgery you can read this article. https://jingdaily.com/beauty-codes-noble-face/
      In essence, a lot of young people in Asia (especially Korea) have been going under the knife because they feel pressured by society’s beauty standards. But a lot of people disdain this and have the attitude of “this is my natural beauty and I won’t go for surgery to please anyone.”

      Also, in this case (with the story), I believe it’s more pretending to be something you’re not with surgery or Photoshop or whatnot.


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