HAWRR Chapter 199

Chapter 199 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (26)

Dreary Falling Tree on fire1!

Previously, she was also very hot. With her valiant skills, she killed numerous players and ranked first on the PK list.

This time, this giant fire was due to her face value.

A player from the PK group who went to the player exchange meeting posted a photo from that day on the forum.

Afterwards, everyone knew that Dreary Falling Tree, the number one PK player, did not look the same as in the game. On the contrary, she was a delicate and elegant beauty.

Speaking of those people was quite odd. Before the photos of the real Dreary Falling Tree were exposed, those fans of Small Misty Rain never seemed to consider her as a girl like Small Misty Rain, and verbally abused her with no restraint.

And when these photos appeared this time, these voices basically died down. It seemed that they realized in a flash: The Dreary Falling Tree in the game was a delicate and weak girl in real life and needed to be cared for.

In regards to this situation, Gu Shengyin just wanted to say a sentence: Towards this world of judging by one’s face, I like.

She was now following Mountain River One Sword doing a quest.

Mountain River One Sword never concealed the fact that he was pursuing Dreary Falling Tree.

These two people’s actions were not restrained at all and their popularity was very widespread.

Within a few days, everyone knew that the two were developing towards real life.

Many male players who had thoughts towards Dreary Falling Tree beat their chest and stomped their feet. They were jealous of Mountain River One Sword, who had borrowed a pavilion near the water2 a month earlier and had moved their hands very quickly. On one hand, they also secretly hated themselves for not being careful when they chose their server and lost the opportunity to have contact with their goddess. On the other hand, their skill was not powerful and were not able to participate in the player social meeting. Perhaps if they met in real life, their goddess might fall for them.

Of course, they did not know that since long, long ago, no one except for that man would have this opportunity.

“Xiao Xiao, do you have time to have a meal together with me this afternoon?” The man on the phone spoke in a gentle and soft manner.

Gu Shengyin did not refuse.

The place where Mo Tingyuan chose was the restaurant where the two first met each other.

“The first time I saw you, it was here.” Mo Tingyuan appeared to be emotional.

When he saw Gu Shengyin at that time, what did he feel? Very baffled. He had obviously never seen this person before, yet he had a feeling of being unusually familiar with her.

Of course, he didn’t go and strike up a conversation with her; otherwise, he would be despised by Zhang Yang with this sentence: “In what age would you still use this out of date style?”

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

Later in the game, he was gradually attracted to Dreary Falling Tree. He used to snort disdainfully at the so-called online love. Separated by thousands and tens of thousand of miles, he made conversation on the internet by himself and ended up liking a person. 

However, when he finally fell, he realized that feeling affection did not need any special requirements.

Every one of Dreary Falling Tree’s movements and her style of handling issues all fascinated him.

Until the player social meeting.

When he saw that Dreary Falling Tree was that one girl who he felt ineffably familiar with, no one knew how happy he was in his heart.

“Am I considered to have passed the trial now?” He half-jokingly asked as he put the carefully peeled shrimp onto the other’s plate.

Gu Shengyin enjoyed the man’s attentive service with no qualms. Hearing this question, she shot him a glance: “Tolerable.”

The man laughed: “Then I’ll have to put in more effort.”

Gu Shengyin nodded pretentiously: “Of course. I am being pursued by someone for the first time. This is your honor.”

Mr. Mo, who was courting a person for the first time, held back a smile: “Yes, I am very honored.”

Translator’s Corner:

Haha, I think our MC knew it was his first time chasing a person, yet still teased him. XD


Please welcome Ari, my new helper in translating this novel~! 

Editor Notes:

Hullo, I’m Ari, a native Chinese and English speaker. I’ll be proofreading and editing JiaMin’s translations so they’ll be less MTL and more proper translations for the trickier meanings.

I’ll also be translating after I finish editing the chapters from the beginning, so feel free to reread this story (like I have xd). I’ll provide info in E/Ns so you guys can understand a bit more of my culture!

1. fire or ‘hot’ value means popularity or trending value, etc
2. made full use of his advantages

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