HAWRR Chapter 197

Chapter 197 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (24)

She was Dreary Falling Tree?

She was actually Dreary Falling Tree?

How could she be Dreary Falling Tree!

However, no matter how unwilling and tangled Small Misty Rain was feeling in her heart, nobody was paying attention to what she was thinking.

Mo Tingyuan and Gu Shengyin were sitting together. He was silent for a moment before saying: “Previously, your legs?” He did not forget that when he first met Gu Shengyin, she was sitting in a wheelchair.

Gu Shengyin indifferently smiled: “I was in a car accident before, and I couldn’t stand for a period of time.”

Mo Tingyuan looked at the side of the girl’s face. The soft light hit her bright and clean flawless skin, which appeared more and more glossy like jade.

Interacting with Dreary Falling Tree, he found that she was not as cold as in the game.

“Mo Tingyuan.” He suddenly said. “My name.”

Gu Shengyin blinked: “Shen Xiaoxiao, Dreary Falling Tree’s Xiaoxiao1.”

At this time, a somewhat tender, childish voice came over: “Are you really Dreary Falling Tree?”

Gu Shengyin heard that question, raised her head, and looked at that girl who spoke with a smile yet not a smile: “Small Misty Rain?”

Small Misty Rain felt that there was a hint of ridicule in Gu Shengyin’s voice. There was hate in her heart, but she said with a smile on her face: “I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful. How have I never heard you mention this before? Other people always thought that your countenance in the game was your real appearance.”

Gu Shengyin indifferently smiled: “I am different from you. After all, I prefer to speak with strength.”

In other words, that was to say that she, Small Misty Rain, had no ability and could only rely on her face.

Several players nearby snickered secretly.

Mo Tingyuan looked at the calm face of Gu Shengyin, who had such a poisonous tongue. A trace of a smile flashed in his eyes.

Small Misty Rain’s complexion was ashen, but restrained herself and forced a smile: “Dreary Falling Tree, we have some grudges in the game, but after all, it’s merely a game. Everyone doesn’t need to be that serious. It’s better to take a step back. From now on, everyone will stop mentioning it. How about it?”

She sneered in her heart. Dreary Falling Tree, I have adopted a stance. Could it be that you, Dreary Falling Tree, still want to be overbearing under the eyes of the public?

If Dreary Falling Tree agreed, that was the same as eating her (DFT) own pent-up unspoken grievances, and she could no longer target her (SMR) in the game in the future. Otherwise, she would be hitting her own face. 

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

If she didn’t agree, that would be better. It would just let everyone see how black-bellied a woman she, Dreary Falling Tree, was.

Gu Shengyin sighed inwardly in heart. This woman was really did not die in the heart of the Yellow River2.

But just relying on such a little trick was still not enough to beat her.

She looked at Small Misty Rain. Just as she was about to speak, she was stopped by Mo Tingyuan.

He coldly shot a glance at Small Misty Rain: “Both sides are equally have the capital and ability to negotiate. Small Misty Rain, What are you going to give to convince Xiaoxiao to stop?”

There wasn’t a slightest amount of politeness because the other party was a girl!

Small Misty Rain’s face turned red and then white. She didn’t think that Mountain River One Sword would unexpectedly not have a man’s elegance. Was he not afraid of having a bad reputation?

Looking at Small Misty Rain’s sorry figure leave, Gu Shengyin suddenly whispered to the man beside her: “You’re not afraid of this spreading out? People saying that you have no grace and bullied a girl?”

Mo Tingyuan smiled carelessly: “I am a big man. I won’t lose a chunk of meat being scolded by other people.”

He suddenly looked at Gu Shengyin: “But Xiao Xiao, I don’t wish for you to suffer any grievances because of anyone.”

Translator’s Corner:

Sorry for the slow updates. Was busy and will continue being busy for quite a while. Why?

1. There’s about a month and a half left of this semester = tons of projects, assignments

2. After semester ends, I will be traveling with my family out of the country for about 2 weeks = no time to translate

3. After returning, I’d only have 1-2 weeks to translate before the semester starts again.

So, if  anyone would like to pick this novel up and translate it, let me know! If not, expect slow updates!

Hope you guys enjoyed the dog food today!

1. Xiaoxiao is the same character used in her names. [沈萧萧(Shen Xiaoxiao),落木萧萧(Dreary Falling Tree)]
2. Means: does not stop until the goal is reached/there is no way to go

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