HAWRR Chapter 196

Chapter 196 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (23)

“Hey, do you think that Dreary Falling Tree that you have hatred with will come ah?” A girl at her side asked.

Small Misty Rain heard Dreary Falling Tree’s name and got angry: “I don’t know. This kind of distinguished meeting, she should come.”

Mo Tingyuan’s eyes had been patrolling the through the crowd hoping to see Dreary Falling Tree.

In fact, he did not know what Dreary Falling Tree looked like.

Gu Shengyin came a little late.

Actually, it was not considered late. When she came, the exchange meeting did not begin yet. Rather, other people were arriving ahead of time, so it seemed that she came especially late.

When the game company staff receiving guests at the door saw Gu Shengyin, their eyes brightened.

Who was this person? It seemed like this person did not appear in the Face Value Contest ah. This girl was many times more beautiful than the champion of the Face Value Contest. Could it be that she was part of the PK group?

After that, Gu Shengyin faintly smiled at her: “I am Dreary Falling Tree.”

The receptionist became sluggish for a moment.

She also played [Lin Jiangxian], so of course she had heard of the name, Dreary Falling Tree. Just, Dreary Falling Tree did not raise her appearance? She, herself, was unexpectedly this beautiful.

She recovered from her surprise, but also did not doubt Gu Shengyin’s identity because she took out [Lin Jiangxian]’s official invitation that was sent out. Each player ID was limited to one, and it also bound the player’s real name on the ID card.

Mo Tingyuan’s eyes fell on the girl who came in.

It wasn’t only him. The instant Gu Shengyin entered the hall, everyone’s gaze was placed on her.

Snow white cheongsam, a sweet and graceful appearance, fine black hair coiled up, incomparably elegant and exquisite.

“Who is this ah?”

“Certainly not part of the Face Value group. I have seen each and every beautiful woman in the Face Value Contest, but I have not seen her at all.”

“Could it be that she’s a player in our PK group? Sure enough, all experts are profound and hidden deeply ah.”

Small Misty Rain also looked at that girl who easily snatched away everyone’s attention. Her heart welled up with unwillingness.

However, no matter how unwilling she was, in her heart, she also couldn’t help but admit that she was by far inferior to her.

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Gu Shengyin’s eyes swept through the crowd. Helplessly, she found that she only recognized one person, Mountain River One Sword.

She walked over to Mountain River One Sword.

Mo Tingyuan looked at the girl making her way through the crowd towards himself. It’s her?

She was clearly the girl that he had met in the restaurant from before.

“Hello, Mountain River One Sword. I am Dreary Falling Tree.” The girl in the white cheongsam softly spoke; however, what she said was not a small shock to the people present.

Dreary Falling Tree?

The Dreary Falling Tree that was first on the PK list?

Many players looked at Gu Shengyin, and then raised their heads to looked at the white-robed swordsman with an expressionless face on the hotel’s LED screen.

This was too low-key. Was it possible to make such an appearance in the game?

Mo Tingyuan was also astonished incessantly. He stabilized his emotions and extended a hand: “Xiao Xiao? Truly a coincidence.”

Only Gu Shengyin understood what he meant.

Gu Shengyin lightly held his hand.

Mo Tingyuan felt that her hand was so soft that he simply didn’t want to let go.

After finding out that Gu Shengyin’s identity was unexpectedly Dreary Falling Tree, the atmosphere in the hall suddenly fired up. Many people were striving to come and greet her.

“Dreary Falling Tree, I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful like this in person.”

“Dreary Falling Tree, I am your fan. Your chain killer move is really cool!”

“Dreary Falling Tree…”

Small Misty Rain stood outside the crowd watching Dreary Falling Tree being surrounded everyone. She almost ground her silver teeth to pieces. 

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