HAWRR Chapter 195

Chapter 195 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (22)

Not only did Small Misty Rain enter the Top 50 in the Face Value Contest, she also ranked quite near the top, 9th.

“Misty Rain, you will be going to the player social meeting in a few days. If you meet that Dreary Falling Tree, remember to clean her up!” A female player who had a good relationship with Small Misty Rain said.

Small Misty Rain had a proud expression: “Of course! Real life in not like on the net. So what if she is the number one PK Great God. With her kind of appearance, I estimate that not many people would want to put up with her.”


“Xiao Xiao.”

Gu Shengyin turned around. The only person who would call her like this was only Mountain River One Sword.

“In several days, it will be time for the player social meeting. When are you going to come over?” Mountain River One Sword asked.

“I live in J City. It’s very convenient.” Gu Shengyin replied.

Mountain River One Sword was evidently very surprised: “You also live in J City? Truly a coincidence. I also live in J City.”

It is quite a coincidence. I have even seen you. Gu Shengyin silently said in her mind.

“Then at that day, what time are you going to come?” Mountain River One Sword asked. “We can go together.”

During this time, Mountain River One Sword had been trying to find all kinds of reasons to meet1 with Gu Shengyin. Even slow-minded people were also aware of Mountain River One Sword thoughts.

Although based on the few previous worlds, with Mountain River One Sword’s identity and image, he was likely to be her lover. However, Gu Shengyin would not easily approach him until she was certain.

“I haven’t decided whether to go yet.” Gu Shengyin said.

In fact, she had already made a decision, but for some unknown reason, she deliberately said this sentence.

Sure enough, Mountain River One Sword’s expression changed: “Why? Do you have something?”

Gu Shengyin vaguely replied: “En, a small matter.”

Mountain River One Sword did not seem to be in a good mood. The two spoke a few words to each other and then went offline.

Soon, it was the day of the player social meeting.

[Lin Jianxian]’s game company specially rented a 5-starred hotel as the venue.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

Many players from other parts of the country arrived two days ago. So, when Mountain River One Sword arrived, there were already many people inside.

There was an employee at the entrance holding a sign. At the top was the player’s IGN. Each person would take their corresponding IGN.

In fact, many people had very good points. Those Top 50 Face Value players were basically very hot on the forum. They could easily recognize a familiar face.

On the contrary, players on the PK side were not very recognized. After all, the characters in the game were so varied, and these players’ appearance were generally not remarkable.

Even so, when Mountain River One Sword entered, there were people who recognized him.

After all, there were people who did not adjust their appearance. These players were still familiar with this expert’s face.

“Great God Mountain River, it’s an honor to meet you at last.” A player held a cup of wine in his hand as he came over to toast with Mo Tingyuan.

“Who said that us PK players only have technique and not face value? Look at our Great God Mountain River. One person could be compared with all the male players over there. Great God Mountain River is practically our PK group’s face value representative ah!”

There was no women who was not looking at him with shiny eyes. They didn’t expect Mountain River One Sword to not only have powerful skills, but also have face value that was against Heavens.

“Small Misty Rain, Mountain River One Sword is really handsome ah!” A female player standing together with Small Misty Rain said excitingly.

Small Misty Rain was not in a good mood and said: “Isn’t it just a bit good-looking? What’s the big deal.”

Translator’s Corner:

Someone’s being a green lemon, sour.

1. Author used ‘find’ twice in this sentence, so I changed it to meet MC instead so it doesn’t sound repetitive.

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