HAWRR Chapter 194

Chapter 194 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (21)

In short, the forum was so noisy and rowdy that Gu Shengyin was too lazy to argue. 

After all, there was that kind of person. As long as she had identified something, even if she saw it with her own eyes, she could turn a blind eye to it.

She was preparing for the All-Server Grand PK Competition.

Rules of the All-Server Grand PK Competition: None of the servers would determine their own top ten. After randomizing, the players are sorted into skirmish groups. The last 50 players standing would be the top 50. 

Of course, although the Top 50 could participate in the player social meeting, the ranking still needed to be decided.

The players were quickly filtered out, leaving [Lin Jiangxian]’s Top 51.

Five players, three were Tan Xiao Jianghu.

They were Dreary Falling Tree, Mountain River One Sword, and I Only Watch Not Speak.

The other two were also long time experts.

“Great God Dreary Falling Tree and Great God Mountain River One Sword. I have no hope. In any case, the number one of [Lin Jiangxian], the champion will be one of those two.” A player, whose IGN was called Shallow Laugh Soft Speech2, said.

The All-Server Grand PK Competition was on fire. The heat carried on, and the white cogon flower like fire3 forum votes were underway.

“I didn’t expect that Small Misty Rain’s number of votes would be this high.” Gu Shengyin was amazed.

Small Misty Rain was impressively in the Top 10.

Her looks were not bad. She was good at interacting with people, acted coquettishly, and sold meng. Many male players eat this.

“Without taking some measures, Small Misty Rain could really climb back up relying on this contest.” Gu Shengyin secretly pondered.

Small Misty Rain’s reputation in [Lin Jiangxian] was originally terrible. There was no good reputation in the entire forum as well. However, when the votes appeared, Gu Shengyin already received several mails. The general idea was to let Dreary Falling Tree spare and forgive, and everyone would keep the peace.

“Sure enough, it’s a world of looking at the face.” Gu Shengyin silently ridiculed.

System: “You are known as the perfect creation. It is okay to let me hear it, but don’t let others know.” Be careful of getting thrashed.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

Gu Shengyin: “…Besides you, who has seen my appearance?”

System: “In fact, with so many people speak for Small Misty Rain on the forum, according to human thinking, it is nothing more than because of her good looks and weak appearance. You, Dreary Falling Tree, are first on the PK list, strong to the point where no one else could compete, and your appearance is not attractive.”

Gu Shengyin touched her lip with a hand: “In the final analysis, it still depends on the face.”

“Ai, it seems that I still have to go participate in the player social meeting; otherwise, I would really become a malicious, heartless person.” Gu Shengyin sighed with sorrow.

Since Small Misty Rain wanted to make use of her appearance to win the support of the majority of male players, she would let her lose her last advantage.

“It’s truly depressing. I always rely on strength to speak. I didn’t expect to finally have a day where I would also depend on my face.” Gu Shengyin appeared to be sad.

System: “…Host, please do not ruin [Shen Xiaoxiao’s] image.” I think the Host is suffering from some strange disease.

Gu Shengyin secretly sighed. It seemed that she had been constrained by keeping Shen Xiaoxiao’s expressionless face for a long time, causing her words and deeds became somewhat abnormal.

The two events lasted for a month.

At the end of the forum vote selection, the Grand PK Competition also determined the final result.

It was practically what everyone expected.

Dreary Falling Tree became the champion of the All-Server Grand PK Competition. Mountain River One Sword was defeated by her hand and got second place.

The first and second of the entire [Lin Jiangxian] was adequate enough to prove the strength of [Lin Jiangxian]’s first server.

1. In the raws it said [临江仙的前五名很快就筛选了出来] which was Top 5 being filtered out, if I am correct. In English, that would mean the Top 5 are gone, which, I presume, is not what the author meant, so I changed it a bit to fit the meaning.
2. 浅笑轻语
3. [idiom]a mighty army like wildfire/daunting and vigorous (momentum)/flourishing/magnificent

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  1. Waaah! Next chapter is the reunion! Woohoo!!!! Hubby gotta meet the wifey~♡ lalalala~

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  3. “总而言之,论坛上面吵得天昏地暗,顾盛因也懒得费唇舌去争辩” — In short, the forum was so noisy and rowdy that Gu Shengyin was too lazy to argue.

    “没有服务器决出前十名玩家,之后大乱顺序,随机组合对战,最后留下的五十人,就是前五十名” — None of the servers would determine their own top ten. After randomizing, the players are sorted into skirmish groups. The last fifty players standing would be the top fifty.


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  4. Ugh I can’t wait! In game world’s these parts are always my favorite, the face slapping of the superficial shallow people


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