HAWRR Chapter 192

Chapter 192 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (19)

This landlord seemed to be Dreary Falling Tree and Mountain River One Sword’s fan and CP powder.

She wrote nearly a thousand words of her own understanding for this picture.

Two people holding hands while watching the sunset, mutually sharing their feelings…The vividness of their language and gorgeous rhetoric, if one of the protagonist was not her, Gu Shengyin would have praised her.

Dreary Falling Tree and Mountain River One Sword were the influential players of [Lin Jiangxian] server. Additionally, Dreary Falling Tree was a famous player in the entire [Lin Jiangxian] online game.

In short, this post was on fire!

Not only was it the top post, the number of replies were still increasing at a terrifying rate.

Varied opinions.

Apart from a small number of rational players who questioned the relationship of the two, the rest believed that the relationship between the two was not normal.

Among the latter, a majority of them were either supportive of them or held a ‘it had nothing to do with me’ attitude. Only a few people began to hurl insults.

“Even though Dreary Falling Tree is powerful, but she did not take a look at her own appearance. Where does she deserve Great God Mountain River One Sword?!” She had no choice but to speak. Mountain River One Sword indeed had a handsome face, and the girl was his beauty powder1.

“Even in the game, the powerful could be eaten. What do you think about Great God  Mountain River One Sword?”

“I say, you guys are truly…When was Great God Mountain River One Sword as superficial as you guys said?”

“I say, upstairs is a person who likes salty food eats salted radish, the person who likes bland food worries2. The two Great Gods’ business, how is it related to us?”


Gu Shengyin rapidly read a few pages. Feeling that there was no meaning, she no longer cared about him.

“Saw it. What’s wrong?” Gu Shengyin sent a message to Mountain River One Sword.

Mountain River One Sword came very quickly. He looked at Gu Shengyin and found that her manner was no different from when she was peaceful. He controlled the disappointment in his heart: “What do you think about that post after seeing it?”

Gu Shengyin said indifferent: “A group of bored people, no meaning.”

Mountain River One Sword was silent. Sure enough, this was a very Dreary-Falling-Tree-styled answer.

This also proved that Dreary Falling Tree had no other thoughts towards him.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

For the first time, Mountain River One Sword had doubts about his charm.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Shengyin looked at him and asked.

Mountain River One Sword snapped out of his daze: “Nothing.”

“In that case, I have to go offline. There’s a matter to be taken care of.” Gu Shengyin faced towards him and nodded. Her body turned into white light and disappeared.

She really did have a something to do.

“System, logically speaking, my legs should be all good today, right?”

The system replied: “Host can try to stand up.”

Gu Shengyin stood up slowly as she held the armrest of the wheelchair.

Her situation was very good. Besides the legs being limp and powerless from sitting in a wheelchair for a long time, there was no big problem.

She lifted her trousers and discovered that some of the deformed atrophic muscles from before had disappeared. Now it seemed that Shen Xiaoxiao’s legs were no different from normal people.

Gu Shengyin stood up and took two steps. Being able to have her feet firmly planted on the ground and step on the ground felt truly good. Although this could also be done in the game, it was still not the same as reality.

“So, next is to properly exercise.” Gu Shengyin’s mood was very beautiful.

On the other side.

“What did you say? Young Master Shao?” Zhang Yang shocked and nearly spurt out the drink in his hand.

What did he hear? Mo Tingyuan unexpectedly asked him how to chase a woman?

“You wouldn’t have really fallen for Great God Dreary Fallen Tree, right?”

Mo Tingyuan held the cup with both hands and took a sip: “What about it?”

1. 颜粉 – only a fan b/c of appearance
2. 咸吃萝卜淡操心 –  to worry blinding about something

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