HAWRR Chapter 189

Chapter 189 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (16)

“You’ve worked hard.” Mountain River One Sword smiled and said towards Gu Shengyin.

Unruly Wind, who was at the side, timely restored her HP.

Her breaking into Bloody Battle’s side with a single spear and horse1 was not simply to play handsome, but rather to discuss good results with Mountain River One Sword.

After all, since they had already become enemies, there was no need to consider giving them face.

The guild war had just begun, and their guild master had lost under the eyes of the public. As one could imagine how the hearts of the Bloody Battle’s players were stuffed.

The more cruelly they lost, the heavier the psychological backlash in jokes when faced with discussion and ridicule from everyone.

When that moment comes, who knew how much loss Bloody Battle could bear.

Since Dreary Falling Tree had already completed the first step, then naturally, it was still according to the plan.

On Tan Xiao Jianghu’s side, their morale was magnificent; while on Bloody Battle’s side, it was exactly the opposite, very depressing.

Originally, there was a large disparity in strength. Come again, it was obvious what the outcome would be.

Bloody Battle was utterly defeated.

Not knowing whether it was intentional or accidental, in this guild war, the most miserable player was Small Misty Rain. No one else.


As long as Small Misty Rain appeared nearby, every Tan Xiao Jianghu player would, regardless of whether their opponent was in PK mode or not, always “accidentally” slip their hand. Even if they were sent back to the spawn point, they would also drag Small Misty Rain together with them.

In less than an hour of the guild war, Small Misty Rain had been pounced on for no less than a hundred times.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

Basically once she was on the field, she was sent back by people. It could be said as an upper case TRAGEDY!

Originally, those Bloody Battle players thought that even if they lost, they wouldn’t lose too unsightly. However, the result was too overestimated.

Many people already felt that they had lost face.

On the contrary, the people of Tan Xiao Jianghu felt that it was not enough.

Smile in the Wind jabbed I Only Watch Not Speak, who was at the side: “Hey, after the guild war ends, when will the bets come to our hands ah?”

Even though he looked for I Only Watch Not Speak to chat, all the Bloody Battle players heard this sentence.

Many people almost spurt out old blood. As for how much they would lose? If it weren’t for the system’s rule that the stakes in gamble would be sent to the victor after the guild battle ended, would they still need to pestle here to lose face?

Coincidentally, as soon as Smile in the Wind finished his joke, an announcement was made in the world channel. 【The King has been successfully defeated and plundered. Guild Bloody Battle has lost to Guild Tan Xiao Jianghu. According to the prior agreement, Guild Bloody Battle will give 50% of their property unconditionally as compensation to Tan Xiao Jianghu】

“What?!” Bloody Battle’s players all exploded on the spot.

Even Bloody Battle Under Heaven was shocked by that sentence and opened the system record at once.

That’s right, the bet was 50% of Bloody Battle’s property.

The bet on the day of the written war challenge was undoubtedly 10%!

“Tan Xiao Jianghu, you swindler!” Bloody Battle Under Heaven glared at Mountain River One Sword with anger.

Mountain River One Sword’s eyes and brows remained motionless: “Indeed, we modified the bet, but the system would send the modified content to the other  party’s guild master in the form of an email, that is you, Bloody Battle Under Heaven. You are telling me now that you weren’t aware of this matter?”

Bloody Battle Under Heaven was silent and did not speak.

The emails that he received were not hundreds nor even dozens. It just so happened that in the past few days, he didn’t pay attention to it because of Small Misty Rain’s matters, and the several chief figures in the guild causing unpleasant disturbances. He didn’t expect that Tan Xiao Jianghu drilled a loophole.

“Bloody Battle, is this true?” A Bloody Battle deputy guild master asked.

“How could he not know? I see it that he deliberately did not tell us!” A player that had long been very dissatisfied with Small Misty Rain said in spitting anger2.

Translator’s Corner:

Bloody Battle players looking for a scapegoat~

1. single-handed, unaccompanied
2. in a rage

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  1. As an MMORPG player, I certainly can relate to this arc. Player like SMR is definitely something that exists even in our current world and GOD THEY ARE ANNOYING! I just wish it is possible to do exactly what Gu Shengyin does in this story to those trashes that gives “gamers” a bad name…

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