HAWRR Chapter 187

Chapter 187 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (14)

Tan Xiao Jianghu’s guild members had arrived early at the location of the decisive battle. (来到了决战地点风雨楼)

Bloody Battle’s guild members still had not arrived. On the contrary, there were many players in the surroundings that came to see the battle.

[A Thousand Year Dream1]: Worthy to be called the number one guild. Look at their powerful formation. Their player’s profession are all organized together. So long as they have these two groups of healers and dancers at the back healing, they could simply dominate the front without any fears of trouble in the rear2 ah.

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: Tan Xiao Jianghu’s battle formation is indeed formidable.

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: Forget it, don’t say it. Bloody Battle is stronger compared to us. But compared to Tan Xiao Jianghu? Not in the same class!

Bloody Battle looked at the comments in the world channel and couldn’t contain the irritation in his heart.

Damned Tan Xiao Jianghu!

Small Misty Rain looked at him worriedly: “What happened Bloody Battle? Is it very troublesome?”

Bloody Battle squeezed out a smile: “Misty Rain, you don’t need to worry. I, Bloody Battle, has never been afraid of anything!”

Small Misty Rain gave a smile of adoration: “En, I believe you!”

[Paper Sister Is Precisely Me]: Look, Bloody Battle’s guild members came.

[A Small Yellow Duck]: Isn’t that Small Misty Rain? She actually dared to come? She’s not afraid of being black-handed by Dreary Falling Tree’s fans?

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: I feel worried about Dreary Falling Tree’s fans making their move. Might as well worry about Great God directly taking action, right? After all, Great God Dreary Falling Tree had originally said that their grudges were temporarily written off. Small Misty Rain had best not appear in front of her face; otherwise, the next time they met, she (DFT) would cut her (SMR) down.

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: Once a woman is resolute, she can be very fierce.

[Paper Sister Is Precisely Me]: What are you talking about? I think this is Great God’s real nature! If it were you accepting a disciple who should be cut down for speaking those sort of words, would you be able to stay indifferent? In any case, if it was me, I would not let her be able to mix in this server completely! Mary Sue definitely can’t appear in front of this old lady!

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary dot com.

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: I support Paper Sister. Although I am not a girl, Small Misty Rain, that kind of woman, is really excessive.

Gu Shengyin’s mood was quite good as she looked at the lightening-speed comments in the world channel.

“Do you really intend to wait for Small Misty Rain to start?” Mountain River One Sword asked.

Gu Shengyin exposed a rare smile: “Of course! She is inviting death, how could I let this opportunity go?”

Mountain River One Sword was sent into a daze by her smile.

Obviously, it was an unremarkable face, but when she smiled, there was a hint of flavor that could not be said.

He had known Dreary Falling Tree for so long, but he had not seen her smile.

It turned out that you would also smile ah.

Mountain River One Sword’s eyes narrowed. Since this could make you this happy, then…

He looked at the little bird, Small Misty Rain, at Bloody Battle’s side and lowered his eyes. I’ll have to wrong you.

The guild war began quickly.

Like everyone expected, although Bloody Battle’s strength was not bad, going against Tan Xiao Jianghu, they simply did not have the least bit odds of success.

At most, it was not an unsightly loss.

However, many people’s gaze was placed on Dreary Falling Tree. After all, most people only saw her silhouette in the forum and wanted to see whether this Great God, the number one on the PK list, was against the Heavens as they said with their own eyes.

Gu Shengyin did not disappoint them. She dodged and directly pounced on the HP of the core players of the enemy.

Was she going to directly take the enemy’s boss? The players standing around watching had faces of excitement.

As expected of Great God! Doing something out of the ordinary when taking action.

Translator’s Corner:

I’ll be pretty busy this following week. Just a little heads up…

Also, thank you to those who have been helping me with terms that I don’t know. Much appreciated!

1. 一梦千年
2. worries about the future consequences/often in negative expressions, meaning “no worries about anything”

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  1. in ‘圣母就不要在老娘面前晃荡了,’ 圣母 refers to Mary Sue characters seen in face slapping novels and 晃荡 should contextually mean stirring up trouble or just being present. So the sentence should mean something like ‘that Mary Sue definitely can’t appear in front of this old lady (to stir up trouble)’ or however you’d want to phrase it

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  2. Those peeps are watching the Great God~! I wanna watch too~!
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    *Little Corner*

    MC: *smiles at her hubby*

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    FL: ༼༼;; ;°;ਊ°;༽ (Shit.)

    >At this point she knew, she fucked up<


    Thank you for the chapter!

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  3. Thank you for the chapter JiaMin Translator-sama 💕💕💕💕

    Wow. They’re so not in touch with reality. That Small Misty Rain.. People are fighting and dying bcos of u and still fluttering around brainlessly?
    After this, I’m not surprised if she got leveled 0 by her own guild members.

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