HAWRR Chapter 186

Chapter 186 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (13)

The world channel was indeed howling in grief.

You are saying that Smile in the Wind was selfishly hiding it?

He didn’t hide a thing and recorded all five people fighting the monster.

Everyone could see very clearly and understand how they cleared the dungeon.

However, there was a catch1 ah!

First, you need to have a five-man team. This five-man team must be the top ten players of the PK list.

Okay, although this was not easy, as long as they gathered together, it would be barely achievable.

But seeing the end of the video, everyone wanted to explode.

When that monster finally went berserk, Dreary Falling Tree rushed up alone with a beautiful chain killer that no one in the entire [Lin Jiangxian] server could do.

Many people in the forum even questioned the validity of this video and suspected Dreary Falling Tree used plug-ins2. (外挂)

How could players accomplish such precise skills?

There was also diverse discussion in the world channel:

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: Great God is worthy to be called Great God.

[The Wave’s Flight]: To tell the truth, it is unlikely that Dreary Falling Tree used plug-ins. I have seen her previous battle videos, and it was amazing. It was absolutely not terrifying to this degree.

[Paper Sister Is Precisely Me]: God is so handsome. Great God is very powerful. Great God, you are my idol!

[Small Misty Rain]: Dreary Falling Tree must have used plug-ins. She used to carry me for two months. Her skills were not so powerful.

[Small Misty Rain]: Right, I have filed a complaint about Dreary Falling Tree using plug-ins and affecting the fairness of the game!

Someone on the forum reported Dreary Falling Tree.

“Using plug-ins?” A fair-skinned young man wearing black-rimmed glasses put down the cup of water in his hand. “This is questioning my technique?”

“Dreary Falling Tree?” He murmured, “I want to take a look at who was capable of making people questioning whether she used plug-ins.”

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

“What happened Yangzi?” Several programmers in the department came over one after another.

The person called Yangzi casually said: “It was said that a player in the game used skills that were against the Heavens and was suspected that plug-ins were used.”

“Plug-ins? How is that possible?” A person scoffed. “Based on the fact that the several of us are skilled, is there anyone who could hack into our thing?”

At this time, Yangzi already played the game video and the entire office remained silent for a period of time.

“Truthfully speaking…” said a programmer. “If it weren’t for me personally testing that there would absolutely be no plug-ins, this kind of skill…”

Yangzi couldn’t help picking up his cup, taking a sip, and then exclaimed in admiration: “This holographic game, we understand it the most. A player’s ability and reality are linked together. Would this Dreary Falling Tree be a special forces soldier or an S-classed bodyguard?”

The public opinion was stopped by a statement issued by the Official [Lin Jiangxian] at the top of the forum.

The Official [Lin Jiangxian] stated that after strict testing, there was no activities of plug-ins used in [Lin Jiangxian]. The technology department had also been keeping an eye on this and would not let any player take advantage of the system.

In other words, Dreary Falling Tree was truly powerful!

This video also garnered countless fans for Dreary Falling Tree.

Not beautiful enough? She was playing the game with sharp maneuvers. Could a person’s face be able to resist monsters or kill them within seconds?

The several managers of Tan Xiao Jianghu were too busy viewing applications. Players of this server were not the only ones. Many players from other servers had come to this server on account of its reputation3, and opened a smurf account to be closer to the Goddess. (开着小号要离女神近一点 )

And, the guild war with Bloody Battle Under Heaven had also begun.

Translator’s Corner:

Hail to the Almighty MC!

1. 有个鬼用啊 – I assume it has the meaning of trickery
2. basically hacks. There is a software in China called 挂 which allows you to cheat using plug-ins in games.
3. to come to a place on account of its reputation – attracted to visit a famous location

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