HAWRR Chapter 185

Chapter 185 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (12)

The few people who came out of the dungeon were not in the least surprised to see that the world channel had already blown up.

Nearly all of them howled and demanded for the strategy for the dungeon.

Smile in the Wind did not selfishly conceal it and directly posted the video up. (正是刚刚几人过怪的全程)

“Right, I also put up the video of Great God’s 1v20 from yesterday.” Smile in the Wind said with a malicious tone. 

Gu Shengyin made an ‘okay’ gesture towards him for what he had done.

“What 1v20?”  Mountain River One Sword suddenly asked.

Smile in the Wind stared blankly for a moment. Did Mountain River One Sword change his personality today? Didn’t he always not care about this kind of matter?

He still told him about how he had gone to find Dreary Falling Tree yesterday for a matter and what had happened.

“I’m certain they were the people who Small Misty Rain found. Moreover, among these people that besieged Great God, I recognized several of them. They were from the Bloody Battle guild. Che1! Having mixed around for so long, did they really think that I wouldn’t know with their IDs hidden?”

“Smile, we will go to war with Bloody Battle tomorrow. What is the bet?” Mountain River One Sword asked suddenly.

Smile in the Wind was stunned by the sudden change of topic but still replied: “One percent of the materials in the warehouse.”

“One percent is too little. Change it to fifty percent.” Mountain River One Sword said faintly.

Mountain River smile frighteningly: “Bloody Battle is not a small guild with several dozens of people. As the second largest guild in [Lin Jiangxian] server, they have no less than a thousand of players in Bloody Battle. The items in the guild’s warehouse are something shared by all guild members. One percent is already not a small amount. However, whether it was good or bad, Bloody Battle would have to bear it. If it was changed to fifty percent, I reckon that this time Bloody Battle would injure muscle and bone.”

“We have no big hatred in the game, so we should stay in line…” Smile in the Wind hesitated.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

“If Bloody Battle loses 50% of their materials, do you think those players would blame us, Tan Xiao Jianghu, or blame Bloody Battle Under Heaven for offending us just for a woman?” Mountain River One Sword asked.

Smile in the Wind pondered deeply for a moment, and then his eyes shone brightly: “That was what you meant? What a good Mountain River, to be able to achieve victory over Bloody Battle without bloodshed. Surprisingly treacherous!” (你的意思是说?好你个山河,兵不血刃就可以瓦解血战,果然阴险)

Obviously, the items in Bloody Battle’s warehouse were all shared by the guild members. Once they lose 50%, it would inevitably affect the interests of most players.

The reason for Tan Xiao Jianghu starting a guild war was because of Small Misty Rain. Those players originally did not have a good impression on that woman. In this way, if Bloody Battle sided with her, it was estimated that many of Bloody Battle’s players would walk off.

The several people present were Tan Xiao Jianghu’s core members. Hearing this, each and every one of their eyes shined, eager to give it a try.

Gu Shengyin looked at Mountain River One Sword. She didn’t expect that this person was also black inside.

But it just so happened that in this world, as long as Small Misty Rain was getting by unhappily, the better it was when completing her task. Mountain River One Sword’s proposal was actually in line with her appetite.

You say Jianghu’s morality? It was originally a competitive relationship. Tan Xiao Jianghu’s morality, who could say it?

After they discussed for a bit, Smile in the Wind abruptly laughed heartily.

“What happened? A person being this happy?” I Only Watch Not Speak poked him.

Smile in the Wind pointed to the world channel: “Just recently, weren’t those people shouting for me to let them see the strategy for the dungeon? Now it was shown to them, and they are dissatisfied again.”

I Only Watch Not Speak glanced at it and laughed: “I was saying, how was this guy so generous today? It turned out you were waiting to dig a pit right here!”

Translator’s Corner:

Waah! ML so black-bellied~

1. What the hell is it good for/equivalent to Tut/ a scoff

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  1. Fufufu~

    In this arc folks we have a black-bellied ML and Great God MC as a main dish, which in first glance would crash with each other but with their taste is the same. The MC brings destruction and ML brings chaos. On the outside they don’t match that much but behind the curtain (on the inside), they are perfect for each other (ALL HAIL BAMF COUPLE!!!).

    Thank you for chapter, JiaMin-sama!

    (I would be a good commentator on a site or something ʕ̡̢̡̡̢̡̡̢♡ᵒ̴̷͈艸ᵒ̴̷͈॰ʔ̢̡̢̢̡̢̢̡̢✧)

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  2. Kekeke~~ Oh! So black bellied eh! Tssk tssk. But I love how ruthless they are! Hihihi. 😂
    Thank you so much for the chappie. 💕💕


  3. Thanks for the chapter as always.

    For the sentences you seemed unsure about:
    “Right, I also put up one of the twenty videos that Great God had picked from yesterday.” (我还顺便将昨天大神你一挑二十的视频放了上去)

    Should be:
    “Right, I also put up the video of Great God’s 1v20 from yesterday.”

    ** 挑 as in 挑戰
    ** 1v20: 1 vs 20

    Accordingly, Mountain River One Sword’s line should also be changed:
    “What one of the twenty?” to “What 1v20?”

    For the following, I’m not 100% sure on how 兵不血刃 should be translated. It means to achieve victory without fighting.

    “That was what you meant? What a good Mountain River, to be able to take care of Bloody Battle without bloodshed. Surprisingly treacherous.

    ** “Mountain River” here is referring to the guy’s name
    ** 好你个山河 is like saying “what a guy”

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