HAWRR Chapter 184

Chapter 184 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (11)

A white-clothed female swordsman was seen soaring while unsheathing her sword.

Chop, pierce, slash for a full two minutes without stopping for rest.

That white-clothed swordsman was negligible compared to the monster’s figure. However, no one could disregard her because every time she swings her sword, she shocked the eyes and astonished the heart1 as 5-digit HP were taken away.

“This attack simply goes against Heavens ah!”

The rest of the people practically looked foolish. Only Unruly Wind barely remembered his task – heal HP.

“Pu!” The monster finally was unable to endure and collapsed on the ground, turning into a ray of light and disappearing.

Gu Shengyin dropped to the ground and discovered that her HP was hanging by a thread.

Unruly Wind hurriedly used a healing skill and instantly healed half of her HP.

One after another, the rest of the people snapped out of their daze.

Smile in the Wind: “I’m convinced! Great God, I’m completely convinced!2

Gu Shengyin was actually feeling quite tired right now. The holographic game had a personally experience index. At that time, she choose 100% without the slightest hesitation.

In other words, if she was injured or died in the game, it would almost feel the same as in real life.

Just a moment ago, when she was fighting with the monster, she nearly died several times. Fortunately, Unruly Wind gave her healing, but the pain was real.

Mountain River One Sword looked at this woman with a burning gaze.

That chain of killer moves that she used a moment ago could be said to be the highest attack skill in the online game, [Lin Jiangxian]. It was also the most difficult skill to use.

At the very least, before Gu Shengyin used it, there was no player who could completely use it out of all of the hundreds of [Lin Jiangxian] servers.

Including himself.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary dot com.

Suddenly, he felt unusually curious. What kind of woman would be on the other side of the game?

“Let’s go and see what equipment has been dropped.” Gu Shengyin said.

“Great God, you open it.” Smile in the Wind immediately said. This monster, if not for Dreary Falling Tree, they wouldn’t have been able to kill it with just a few of them. Gu Shengyin naturally had the right to choose first.

Gu Shengyin was also not polite and opened the treasure chest.

Unexpectedly, except for a large amount of gold, there was only one weapon.

【The Gods are present! (神兵现世) Congratulations to player Dreary Falling Tree, Mountain River One Sword, I Only Watch Not Speak, Smile in the Wind, and Unruly Wind for completing a hidden-leveled shadow dungeon task! Obtained Immortal item “Scarlet Phoenix’s Cry”!】

“Scarlet Phoenix’s Cry, an Immortal-leveled swordsman equipment. User attack bonus 20%, agility bonus 10%. Has a certain chance of absorbing 30% an opponent’s attack and transfers it to user. Can be upgraded.”

Gu Shengyin was surprised because these attributes were almost exactly the same as her own Water Dragon’s Cry.

“Immortal!” I Only Watch Not Speak was flabbergasted.

Even if nothing else dropped, the value of an Immortal item was exceeded the expectations of these people.

According to the rules, if the team killed a monster, the items that were dropped would be divided according to the person’s profession.

However, there were two swordsmen here.

“I can’t use it.” Gu Shengyin immediately opened said and took out her Water Dragon’s Cry. “An Immortal-leveled attack weapon, I already have one.”

At this time, Smile in the Wind moved closer and made a low ‘Xixi’ laugh: “Water Dragon’s Cry, Scarlet Phoenix’s Cry. Their name is a pair ah!”

“Ah?” I Only Watch Not Speak also came closer. “Even the attributes are exactly the same. It should be unlikely. Is it really a pair?”

Gu Shengyin: “This hidden dungeon is about to close soon. Let’s go out first.”

1. [idiom] shocking
2. 服!大神,大写的服 – subdued by the other person and feels admiration for that person from the bottom of their heart

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  1. The names kind of confusing and I can’t keep track of peeps that might be ML

    I bet it’s Mountain River One Sword.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Is that perhaps the game’s way of matchmaking the wifey and the hubby or the game’s way of simply saying to have each sword in possession of a destined wifey and hubby~? I say (or think) it is~♡

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  2. Truly a matchmade in heaven ah! Even the weapon was a pair. 😂

    Thanks for the chappie Author sama. ~~💕💕


  3. Oho? Even their weapons are a pair! But I liked how our MC has the dragon while the ML has the phoenix. Usually, the men are the dragon and the women are the phoenix (and I think emperors are dragons while empresses are phoenixes). I’m seriously in love with this novel ♡


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