HAWRR Chapter 182

Chapter 182 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (9)

“So you want me to join you guild?”

Smile in the Wind nodded his head.


“Great God, don’t feel anxious and refuse. We, Tan Xiao Jianghu, is the largest guild in [Ling Jianxian] server. Almost half of the players on the PK list are there…” Smile in the Wind said and then reacted.

“What did you say, Great God? You agree?!” Smile in the Wind felt it was unbelievable. So simple?

Gu Shengyin applied to join the guild.

Smile in the Wind directly spammed the guild’s chat:

【Guild】[Smile in the Wind]: Dreary Falling Tree applied to join the guild!

【Guild】[Smile in the Wind]: Dreary Falling Tree applied to join the guild!

【Guild】[Smile in the Wind]: Dreary Falling Tree applied to join the guild!

【Guild】[Smile in the Wind]: Dreary Falling Tree applied to join the guild!

【Guild】[I Only Watch Not Speak]: F***, who’s spamming the chat? Lunatic, what fit are you throwing now? 

【Guild】[I Only Watch Not Speak]: F***! Great God wants to come to our guild?

【Guild】[One Butterfly]: Dreary Falling Tree? Isn’t she a thorough solo’er1?

【Guild】[Dreary Falling Tree]: Hello, everyone.


【Guild】[Smile in the Wind]: Hello, Great God. I am at Great God’s side.

【Guild】[Mountain River One Sword]: Welcome.

【Guild】[One Butterfly]: Welcome.

【Guild】[A Cloud Made of Rain]: Welcome.

【Guild】[Loves to Eat Junk Food]: Welcome.

The entire Tan Xiao Jianghu guild were lining up and spamming the screen to welcome Great God.

【Guild】[A Cloud Made of Rain]: Everyone, quick look! Someone put a bounty on Great God in the world channel!

Everyone looked at the world channel.

【World】[Announcement]: There must be a brave man to be rewarded! (重赏之下必有勇夫) Bloody Battle offers a 10,000 gold reward to take Dreary Falling Tree’s head.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: F***2, Bloody Battle is having a crazy fit? 

[A Small Yellow Duck]: I guess it is related to that lowly woman, Small Misty Rain. Not long ago, people saw Bloody Battle’s guild master and Small Misty Rain being very intimate.

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: This is lively. Bloody Battle put on the crown of fury for a beautiful woman ah!

[A Small Yellow Duck]: Great God will suffer some losses. After all, Bloody Battle is a large guild.

[Mountain River One Sword]: Dreary Falling Tree has joined my Tan Xiao Jianghu.

[Announcement]: Rising winds, scudding clouds3! Strength speaks! Guild Tan Xiao Jianghu and Guild Bloody Battle opened guild war mode. After 3 days of wind and rain, no death, no rest4!

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: F***, Mountain River One Sword is really domineering!

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: Tan Xiao Jianghu is giving Great God Dreary Falling Tree support!

[Paper Sister Is Precisely Me]: I think I smell a hint of JQ.5

[The Wave’s Flight]: At this moment, I only want to know Bloody Battle Under Heaven’s psychological shadow.

This time, Bloody Battle Under Heaven indeed somewhat felt his heart stop.

The reason for placing a bounty on Dreary Falling Tree was not wrong in order to give Small Misty Rain support.

Small Misty Rain was pretty-looking, acted coquettishly, sold meng, which greatly satisfied his male chauvinism. 

Adding in Dreary Falling Tree, who was alone, his Bloody Battle was the second largest guild in [Lin Jiangxian] server. Would a loner be enough to deal with them?

However, nobody told him that Dreary Falling Tree was Tan Xiao Jianghu’s person!

The number one guild Tan Xiao Jianghu’s reputation was not a joke!

In the entire [Lin Jiangxian] server, at least half of the experts on the PK list were Tan Xiao Jianghu.

The other half were separated disorderly by dozens of small and big guilds. In regards to fighting power, who knows how far Tan Xiao Jianghu threw Bloody Battle behind.

The worst part was that Small Misty Rain’s reputation was extremely bad. It went without saying that many people in the guild did not like her.

This time more so since it was because of her that they’re going up against Tan Xiao Jianghu. There were a few managers who were dissatisfied.

Translator’s Corner: 

To clear up any confusion, Bloody Battle Under Heaven is a player. Bloody Battle is the guild.

1. player who does everything on their own
2. Raws was 我去, but has same meaning as wo cao
3. turbulent times/violent development
4. 不死不休 – not stopping until death
5. JQ is a network term that generally refers to the combination of the first letter of Chinese Pinyin, such as: passion, close relatives, enjoyment, lifting, gathering, restricted area, plot, poor skills, stress, Jiang Qing, lottery, scenic spots, adultery. JQ, these two letters have many meanings, and one of the most common meanings on the Internet is “passion”, which is why many netizens use JQ to evade. Some netizens call it “very yellow and very violent.

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12 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 182”

  1. Wow, the btch already seduced someone to do her beating and take the burnt of the enemies’ attack.

    As expected of a slutty btch.

    Go, savage Great God! Tear their hopes, dreams, and confidence in one go. Show them who’s the boss!!!

    *Little Theatre*

    ML: Go my wifey, my strong strong wifey~♡ (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

    MC: I’m going, my hubby (̿▀ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀ ̿)̄

    Everyone: “……..” (It feels like roles have been reverse….?)


    Thank you for the chapter~♡

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  2. Hello, thanks for the chapter.

    I think for that last line,
    “這一次更加因為她要和談笑江湖對上 […]”
    It should be something like:
    “This time more so since it’s because of her that they’re going up against Tan Xiao Jianghu”
    because 對上 here means vs / match up against

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  3. ‘This time, more so because she wanted peace talks with Tan Xiao Jianghu. There were a few managers who were dissatisfied.’

    This doesn’t make sense in context, right? She’s just got them into a stupid war that doesn’t involve them. There’s been no mention of peace talks, and she’s the only person in the guild who wouldn’t want peace.

    Thanks for the translation! This is my favorite arc so far.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    抽风 can refer to convulsive seizures. from my understanding it can be used as a type of slang for saying someone is acting crazy
    疯子你又抽什么风 – lunatic, what fit are you throwing now
    我去血战这是抽风了 – Fxxx, Bloody Battle is having a fit/acting crazy

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