HAWRR Chapter 179

Chapter 179 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (6)

Among the mass of players standing around in the circle, there were still many who had trust.

[A Small Yellow Duck1]: Shouldn’t be bad, right? Dreary Falling Tree, have a little demeanor of an expert.

[The Wave’s Flight2]: I didn’t expect Dreary Falling Tree to be this type of person. The younger sister is very pitiful.

[Paper Sister Is Precisely Me]: Is it worth the trouble to make things difficult for another woman? (女人何苦为难女人)

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: Overall, I believe Great God does not have this kind of morality.

[Small Windy Rain]: Pei! What Great God? She’s precisely a slut who couldn’t stand seeing others better than her. Our Drizzle is very good towards her, thinking of everything for this Master. What was the result? He he….

[Mountain River One Sword]: The Qing Dynasty is self-cleaning.3

[I Only Smile Not Speak]: Small Misty Rain, look at my ID.

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: Just a moment ago was Mountain River One Sword? What does Great God’s words mean? To stick up for Dreary Falling Tree?

[Dreary Falling Tree]: There’s a link to the forum. Go see it yourself.

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: Dreary Falling Tree Great God actually spoke in the world channel, seeking fit4!

Dreary Falling Tree’s movements in normal times were pathetically very few. Many people ran to the forums to see the link she sent out.

Gu Shengyin kept a hidden card and had recorded their entire conversation a moment ago.

Small Misty Rain had never thought that Dreary Falling Tree would play this hand. With her usual understanding of her, she (DFT) was a person who absolutely disdained that sort of explanation.

This time, she pitted herself miserably.

Contrary to what she expected, Mountain River One Sword made Gu Shengyin surprised. He actually spoke up for her?

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: F***, Small Misty Rain, you were unexpectedly this type of person. It could be regarded as me finally meeting an unrivaled person who had no sense of shame under the land of Heaven. If it was me, I would also take hold of you and turn you white without an explanation!

[Moon Small Like Millet]: Wait a minute, so lively! What did I miss?

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: Little sister, you are so cute! Always slow by half a beat, go to the forum.

[A Small Yellow Duck]: Great God, I was wrong! I apologize. A woman like Small Misty Rain, turning her white is not too much.

[The Wave’s Flight]: Great God, I was wrong! I apologize. A woman like Small Misty Rain, turning her white is not too much.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, jiamintranslation.com.

[Paper Sister Is Precisely Me]: Great God, I was wrong! Younger sister deserves to be better treated. Small Misty Rain is born sinister, no explanation.

Gu Shengyin was leisurely sitting there. As long as Small Misty Rain resurrected, she would kill her.

Alas, this feels very good!

Mountain River One Sword and I Only Watch Not Speak started a dungeon.

I Only Smile Not Speak took joy in calamity and delight in disaster5: “I really didn’t expect that Dreary Falling Tree Great God, who appeared to be wordless and silent6 to have quite a wooden and slow temper. This time, she unexpectedly dug a large pit for that woman, Small Misty Rain. She truly deserved it!

Mountain River One Sword thought of the appearance of a certain woman with an expressionless face and a trace of a smile flashing through her eyes while secretly turning on the recording function: “Silence does not represent no brains.”

Smile In The Wind7 said: “Hey, you say, Great God doesn’t seem to be in a guild, right? How about getting Great God to join us? I have seen her skills. If she helped in a battle, it would absolutely be a huge slaughter ah.”

Mountain River One Sword nimbly solved the Boss with one sword: “If you can do it, the Five Poisoned Ring is yours.”

Smile In The Wind: “Boss, you serious?! You can’t go back on the deal! I will go right away.”

Mountain River One Sword indifferently smiled: “If I said it, how could I take it back?”

On this side, Gu Shengyin successfully turned Small Misty Rain until she only had novice equipment left. Under people’s gazes of admiration and Small Misty Rain’s look of resentment, she left.

Went offline and slept.

Translator’s Corner:

That loli got slapped in the face~

1. 一只小黄鸭
2. 浪的飞起
3. The wise man knows he knows nothing , the fool thinks he knows all
The Qing Dynasty is self-cleaning (清者自清), and the turbidity is self-turbid

4. 求合体 – I looked it up and it had a sexual meaning. Not sure if it’s correct.
5. to rejoice in other’s misfortune
6. taciturn
7. 风中一笑

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