HAWRR Chapter 178

Chapter 178 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (5)

Gu Shengyin stood in front of a pink-clothed lolita. On top of her head were several large words, “Small Misty Rain”.

It was Shen Xiaoxiao’s cheap disciple.

Her profession was a dancer. This profession, in terms of clothing, everyone understood. Small Misty Rain’s body figure in the game was very good. Her figure also had a lot of material.1 One pout from her could sell meng2, and the majority of male players couldn’t stand it.

She looked towards Gu Shengyin with a look of admiration: “Master, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful like this. You actually defeated the number one on the PK list, Mountain River One Sword!”

Gu Shengyin coldly called out to her: “Small Misty Rain.”

Small Misty Rain felt a chill. Although Dreary Falling Tree was cold, she usually called her Xiao Lou3. It was the first time she called out her entire name so seriously.

She ineffably felt somewhat uneasy: “What happened, Master?”

A message popped up: [Gathering at the end of time, fate can not be forced. Dreary Falling Tree forcefully removed the Master and disciple relationship with you] (聚散终有份)

In [Ling Jianxian], there was a setting that Gu Shengyin was very satisfied with. That was precisely the Master and disciple relationship. The Master held the dominant position. If the Master wanted to dismiss the Master and disciple relationship, even if the disciple did not agree, as long as the Master spends 1,000 gold, the Master could forcefully remove it.

However, the disciple did not have this authority.

“Master, why?” Small Misty Rain appeared very sad and looked at Gu Shengyin with tears.

Gu Shengyin just said one sentence: “Dreary Falling Tree, that person, with one look, you could tell that she lacks affection in reality. Give her a little warmth and a little sweetness, she could be like a dog sniffing for meat and bones, clinging to you and not letting go!”

“Isn’t this what you said?”

Small Misty Rain became deathly pale: “Master, listen to my explanation…”

Gu Shengyin had a cold and detached face towards her: “Oh, you explain, I listen.”

Small Misty Rain: “…” Gu Shengyin did not guess wrong. Just a moment ago, she was just acting pitifully and had nothing to explain about this matter.

Small Misty Rain saw that her pitiful appearance didn’t work and stopped: “What happened? Did I say anything wrong? I just give you a bit of sweetness take the bait and cling to it. If it weren’t for you, how could I level up so fast? You say, isn’t…”

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

She did not finish speaking the following words and was sent back to the novice village by Gu Shengyin.

This was not over yet.

Gu Shengyin tore a transfer scroll, camped at the resurrection point, guarded the corpse, and turned on compulsory PK.

How could a person like Small Misty Rain only die once?

She wanted to turn Small Drizzling white.4 (她要将小楼烟雨轮白)

Contrary to one would expect, in [Ling Jianxian], a player forcefully PK’d could not take the initiative to go offline unless the external force factor went offline – For example, if a power outage occurred or the helmet was taken off. Otherwise, they simply could not refuse.

Moreover, in forced PK, once dead, the player would drop one level, the equipment, from head to toe, would be randomly dropped, and even the items in the bag could not escape.

Gu Shengyin did not do too much or too little, and PK’d a total of 60 times.

One death, one level. Small Misty Rain happened to be 60.

The things that Dreary Falling Tree gave to Small Misty Rain, she (GSY) wanted to let her return them all.

The current Dreary Falling Tree in Ling Jianxian’s server was also regarded as the woman of the moment5. People paid attention to her every move. Now, they saw her at the resurrection point wheeling6 a level 60 trumpet7. One after another, they stood in a circle, being nosy, and watched.

Small Misty Rain saw this and scolded in the world channel: [Dreary Falling Tree, do you still have face? The grand number one player on the PK list, a level 90 expert, went as far as to force PK me, a level 60 trumpet?]

[I know that you are jealous because I look more beautiful than you, but doing this is too much!]

[Everyone come judge right and wrong. With no cause, no reason8, I was forcefully removed from the Master and disciple relationship by Dreary Falling Tree. Afterwards, unable to make head or tail out of it, I was PK’d forcefully.]

Gu Shengyin quite admired her ability to invert black and white9. Fortunately, she had a hidden card.

Translator’s Corner:

This Small Misty Rain is…too self-righteous? Green tea?

1. She has nice curves
2. cute, adorable/loan word from Japanese moe
3. 小楼 (xiao lou) from 小楼烟雨 (xiao lou yan yu).
4. I think she means to give her multiple funerals. 轮 was used: recurring events. 白 is white and also associated with funerals.
5. influential figure
6. action of sending Small Misty Rain to death in succession
7. 号 was used, small number. It also could mean trumpet.
8. idiom: completely uncalled for
9. to distort the truth deliberately

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  1. Slutty two-faced green tea btch, get outta here. No one wants you! Ewuew, how she twists words to destroy others and act like a victim while she’s at it, is such a dumb green tea btch move.

    I wouldn’t mind her, shutting up forever.

    Thank you, JiaMin-sama!!!

    Already excited for GS to shut this slutty two faced green tea btch and slap her big time that she won’t be able to get up!
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