HAWRR Chapter 177

Chapter 177 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (4)

Gu Shengyin saw the chat record and searched nearby in a direction. Sure enough, she saw several people standing nearby.

I Only Watch Not Speak saw that Gu Shengyin found them, made a ‘ao wu’1 sound, and rushed over: “Great God, Falling Wood Great God, starting from today, you are my idol!”

Gu Shengyin glanced at him, did not speak, turned, and left.

I Only Watch Not Speak: …Great God is as cold as they say.

“Dreary Falling Tree.” A clear, cold voice called out to stop her. “Do you have any interest in PK’ing with me?”

Gu Shengyin stopped her footsteps and looked at the man who spoke.

He had the same white clothes and fine, black hair, but compared to Dreary Falling Tree, it was much more gorgeous than the simplest form of Dreary Falling Tree. Gu Shengyin noticed that the collar of his sleeves had dark patterns that flashed from time to time.

Playing a game with such aesthetic, presumably, this person was also not willing to accept reality.

Appearance, extraordinarily handsome.

Being able to be praised by Gu Shengyin, his appearance was indeed exceptionally outstanding. However, considering this game’s appearance adjustment option, how much moisture content2 added to this appearance could not be known.

Gu Shengyin noticed his ID. Mountain River One Sword?3 This server’s number one player on the PK list?

Gu Shengyin raised an eyebrow: “Okay.”

It just so happened that she, too, wanted to see a normal player’s level in this game.

The two went to the arena.

Practically took out their swords at the same time.

I Only Watch Not Speak was almost dazzled. A swordsman was precisely the most popular profession in [Ling Jianxian]. Who had never dreamed of the sword when they were young? What’s more, the style and model of a swordsman was the most popular in the game.

Of course, the requirements for players were also the highest.

Mountain River One Sword was publicly known as the strongest swordsman in this server. Many players even believed that he was the number one swordsman out of all the servers and was also the No. 14 in the PK list.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Although the original Dreary Falling Tree was strong, she was not Mountain River One Sword’s opponent.

But now…

“You let me win.” Gu Shengyin faced towards Mountain River One Sword, nodded, turned around, and left.

This server’s number one swordsman was really strong.

This time, Mountain River One Sword did not stop her.

“Ding”. Gu Shengyin opened the virtual page and saw [Player Mountain River One Sword requested to add you as a friend]

Gu Shengyin acted accordingly with Shen Xiaoxiao’s personality and chose to refuse without hesitation.

However, in the next second, [Ding! Player Mountain River One Sword requested to add you as a friend]

Gu Shengyin refused once again.

[Ding! Player Mountain River One Sword requested to add you as a friend.] This time, Mountain River One Sword attached a sentence: [I received a hidden task and need to add friends to form a capable team]

Gu Shengyin hesitated for a moment and chose to agree.

On the other side, Mountain River One Sword laughed helplessly. He didn’t expect that he would have such a day where he was disliked and needed to find a reason to add a friend.

Bad5 players had already noticed the changes on the PK rankings.

The original set up on high6 [Mountain River One Sword] silently shifted down a position.

The number one spot was occupied with [Dreary Falling Tree]

[Moon Small Like Millet]7: The unchanging number one on the PK list was unexpectedly picked by someone!Where is this Dreary Falling Tree sacred?]

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: Upstairs, you haven’t played the game for two days? Who is Dreary Falling Tree? Go to the hottest post on the forums, you will know]

[Playing With Chopped Hand]: Dreary Falling Tree, this woman, is too fierce. Got the first kill for Boss Gyuumao and picked Great God Mountain River One Sword. If it weren’t for the fact that your gender can’t be changed in this game, even if you beat me to death, I wouldn’t believe that she was a woman]

[Paper Sister8 Is Precisely Me]: What do you mean, Playing With Chopped Hand? Look down on women? Come to the arena, let’s PK!]

Translator’s Corner:

I’m a lot busier than I expected, but I still think I will be able to post 4-5 chapters/week! 

1. sound of wailing or clamor
2. padding (of increasing appearance)
3. 山河一剑
4. was written in English
5. I think it means the unskilled players? It said bu hao in the raws.
6. aloof and remote
7. 月小似小米
8. 妹纸就是我. 妹纸 is an internet slang, pun on sister (妹子)

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  1. I have returned!
    Idc if there’s no snu snu scenes here, as long as it’s fluffy and enjoyable~
    Ayyyy, I’m excited for this arc! I’ve always loved gaming themes so let’s hope it’s as exciting as I expect it to be!


    1. Sorry! I’ve been fixing them whenever I have the time starting from the most recent chapters to the old chapters. So far, I’ve fixed the ToC main page links and chapters 200+. Sorry for the inconvenience!! 😣


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