HAWRR Chapter 176

Chapter 176 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Apprentice (3)

After everything was properly done, Gu Shengyin picked up the game helmet on the bedside.

In fact, she was somewhat curious. Holographic online games, it sounded really magical.

A white light flashed through her mind. Gu Shengyin found herself appearing in a grassy meadow and could even see a few butterflies fluttering around a cluster of flowers.

She tried taking two steps and was very nimble, almost no different from the real world.

This world’s science and technology had already developed to a very powerful level.

At this time, there was a constant “di di” sound, and at the same time, a sweet voice was also heard: “Master, where are you?”

“Master, I got stuck in the first line. Can you come over?” (我在一线天卡住了)

“Master, are you there?”

“Master, are you online? I am in the process of learning how to refine and lack a Lingshi. When you come online and see this, help me get one, okay?”


Gu Shengyin lightly swept all the messages from the same ID, Small Misty Rain.

She said nothing, getting rid of the entire screen.

Following the route in her memory, Gu Shengyin came to a place.

Here was a dungeon with a difficulty of hell. Previously, Dreary Falling Tree was stuck here for two days.

Dreary Falling Tree wasn’t the only one. So far in this server, there wasn’t a single player who could pass it.

Dreary Falling Tree’s profession was a swordsman. Her appearance was very common: white and black hair with a green 3-feet sword on her back, the most common swordsman model. The appearance was not remarkable at all. In this game, players could increase or reduce their appearance by 100%.1

Most players increased, but only Shen Xiaoxiao, who did not walk the common route, chose to reduce by 100%.

As a result, the overall appearance of Dreary Falling Tree did not have a half-point place to applaud. (于是,总体而言,落木萧萧这个造型,看起来没有半分出彩的地方)

She began trying to cut down the monsters.

For the first time, two rounds, Dreary Falling Tree slammed.2 (第一次,两回合,落木萧萧,扑)

Second time, persisted ten rounds, Dreary Falling Tree slammed.

Third time, Gu Shengyin was already, more or less, familiar with the gameplay of this game.

Originally, in holographic online games, the player’s reaction speed, sensitivity, strength, and so on was very demanding in real life. Just like the many experts in [Lin Jianxian] server, they were all born in the army.

However, how could they be compared to Gu Shengyin, who had lived in a sword cultivation world for thousands of years and was more familiar with swordsmen than anyone else?

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Thus, the fourth time, after more than ten minutes of knocking the Boss to death, Gu Shengyin emptied the Boss’ HP with her beautiful sword.

【Announcement: Player Dreary Falling Tree killed World-Class Boss, Gyuumao, got the first kill, went against the Heavens, and was rewarded the Immortal weapon, [Water Dragon’s Cry]】

The world channel suddenly exploded.

[Playing With Chopped Hand]3: F***! Fighting with Gyuumao, Laozi can support for no more than three rounds every time. Dreary Falling Tree, powerful!

[Meng Meng Da]4: Immortal! This game also has an Immortal? I am still wearing gold-ranked equipment and God is beginning to use Immortal!

[Capable Small Pig]5: I thought Mountain River One Sword would get the first kill!

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]6: When did Dreary Falling Tree become so powerful? I PK’d7 with her and didn’t feel that she was fierce enough to hack Gyuumao to death ah!

[I Only Watch Not Speak]8: Upstairs, at that time, Dreary Falling Tree must have let you win! Mountain River One Sword and I are both in the dungeon preparing to kill Gyuumao. Seeing Dreary Falling Tree, we waited at the side. I was a bit bored and recorded it. Here’s the link, no need to thank me! Don’t speak, Laozi needs to kneel and lick again for a minute.

The world channel was quiet for a couple minutes. Then,

[Flower Viewing From Horseback]: I——–! Thank God for your kindness and starting off leniently!9

1. Either make themselves look more beautiful or ugly
2. I assume it means that she died, but I don’t know the right term for it.
3. 再玩砍手
4. 萌萌哒/ Adorable Da. ‘Da’ is phonetic/command to a horse/clatter of horse’s hooves
5. 小猪行
6. [走马观花] An idiom: a fleeting glance in passing
7. PK: stands for player kill. Used when fighting with other players.
8. 我只看看不说话
9. start off leniently [idiom]: please do not be too strict with me/Do not judge me too harshly./Look favorably on my humble efforts

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