HAWRR Chapter 174

Chapter 174 – Online Game God vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (1)

Gu Shengyin looked at her current situation: “System, I think you should explain.”

System: “The host of this mission world, Shen Xiaoxiao, had a car accident two years ago during a holiday trip. Her parents died on the spot. Shen Xiaoxiao also lost the ability to stand up and walk.”

Gu Shengyin: …

System: “The friendly system suggests for the host to select the previous world’s self-recovery ability of the vampires.”

Gu Shengyin failed to smile: “I presume you have thought well.” (顾盛因失笑:“该不是,你都是想好了的吧)

That was to say, she also knew that the system’s recommendation was currently the best for her. She really couldn’t endure a lifetime in a wheelchair.

Closing her eyes, Gu Shengyin began to receive the world’s storyline transmitted from the system.

The original Shen Xiaoxiao had a huge change in temperament ever since the car accident. She became indifferent, was not fond of speaking, did not go out, and even her broke contact from her former friends one by one.

This year’s holographic online game, [Ling Jianxian], that came out at the beginning of the year opened a door to a new world for her. In the game, she could walk and run freely like a normal person. Nobody would cast sympathetic gazes at her.

Because she was willing to spend money and time on the game, Shen Xiaoxiao’s IGN1 was [Dreary Falling Tree], and was considered to be a rather famous expert in their server, [Lin Jiangxian].

Merely, this expert was very cold. This was the entire server’s impression of her.

She had no friends in the game until that woman appeared.

The IGN called [Small Misty Rain] was obviously a newbie.

On that day, Dreary Falling Tree passed by a novice village and saw Small Misty Rain fleeing from a group of low-leveled monsters. It just so happened she remembered that she a material she needed to refine a weapon dropped from this small monster.Only then would she solve these small monsters.

Where did she know that Small Misty Rain, from then on, would be entangled with her, and wanting to worship her as her Master. Shen Xiaoxiao refused to see her countless times, but she did not give up. Until one month later, Dreary Falling Tree, who was entangled to the point where she could do nothing about it, finally loosened her mouth and accepted this disciple.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Small Misty Rain disposition was lively and liked to act like a spoiled child. Every time Shen Xiaoxiao saw her, she would remember the Ragdoll cat that she had raised.

Although she was not fond of speaking and had an introverted personality, once she acknowledged someone, she could show her heart and lungs towards the other. She brought Small Misty Rain to do tasks, got equipment, and refined weapons for her. What all Masters could do, nobody could do better than her.

In any case, she felt that she met a true friend in the game.

Until one day, she overheard Small Misty Rain chatting with another player.

She didn’t know whether Small Misty Rain had a big heart or forgot to open a private chat.

“I didn’t say it wrong. Dreary Falling Tree, that person, with one look, you could tell that she lacks affection in reality. Give her a little warmth and a little sweetness, she could be like a dog sniffing for meat and bones, clinging to you and not letting go!” Small Misty Rain complacently said.

“Drizzling Rain, you are really terrible!”

“Ha ha ha ha, I still lack a Lingshi. Tomorrow, I will go find my good Master and act spoiled!”

Shen Xiaoxiao practically fled.

Dreary Falling Tree’s heart was not very good. Her body received a lot of damage from the car accident. Unexpectedly, under this anger, she directly went into shock.

Afterwards, Gu Shengyin became Shen Xiaoxiao.

In Gu Shengyin’s point of view, this Shen Xiaoxiao was rather too sensitive and weak. If it was her, it was estimated that a sword would have killed that lowly woman.

However, she(Shen Xiaoxiao) met misfortune and came across huge changes, causing her to become very sensitive. Some of her feelings were understandable.

“Small Misty Rain, right?” Shen Xiaoxiao whispered these two words and smiled coldly.

Translator’s Corner:

Please correct me! I know I’m wrong with the IGNs! >_<

(落木萧萧) – Dreary Falling Tree

(小楼烟雨) – Small Misty Rain

布偶猫荼荼 – Ragdoll cat?

1. in-game name/ IGN and ID may be used in this arc

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  1. Thank you for the hard work, Sect Leader! May the Gods have mercy on you!

    Yes! A gaming one! And MC got to be the cold and aloof goddess in the game and ML got to be the spoiled disciple? Role reverse again~? I think I’m falling in love again with this novel (●♡∀♡)

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  2. Lol! Why do all leads compare their SOs to cats?? Another couple of books I’m reading also have references to ‘just like the cat they raised.’


  3. System: “The friendship system suggests for the host to select the previous world’s self-recovery ability of the vampires.”
    ?? shouldn’t it be System: “The ability system suggests…


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