HAWRR Chapter 173

Chapter 173 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (28)

Olwen McKathway.

He was a third generation vampire, the most noblest pure blood and the most powerful existence out of all the vampire.

But, he was doomed to be unable to love a person.

Because he was born with a curse, and the person who cursed him was precisely his mother.

Because his power was too strong, he almost absorbed all of her energy. 

She was afraid of him. She cursed him an early death but did not succeed.

When he cried out, the oil lamp of the woman who gave birth to him dried up.

He was born with awareness, so he clearly heard that woman exhaust the last strength of her life and cursed her own son with the most malicious curse.

“You monster! I curse you never to be close to the person you love. Otherwise, you will bring her bad luck! You will kill her, hahahaha!”

Previously, he did not place it in his heart. A vampire’s endless life span, what kind of emotions would be capable of withstanding such a life of endurance? (有什么感情能够抵挡得住那么长的磨练呢)

Everyone only played casually, nothing more. As long as his heart had not moved, there would never be a day where that curse would be realized.

However, he did not know that emotions were one of the most uncontrollable things.

He fell in love with his fiancée.

That sort of woman, what kind of man could not be tempted?

It was truly ironic, ah. He was her fiancée and should have been the most justifiable person to have her, but she could not be near him.

He could only continuously drift men and women of all color and gain a reputation for his passion. He did this to escape from his true heart.

He looked on as the expression in Ekaterina’s eyes when she looked at him change from hope and expectation to disappointment, and finally calm.

He knew that she gave up on him.

He saw that human woman called Rita. She had the same red curls as Ekaterina and fair skin. Even her brown eyes were similar to her (Ekaterina) dark golden eyes.

So he transformed her.

In the dead of night1, he would take her as his fiancée, deceiving others to deceive himself.

Rita was clever. She saw through his feelings for Ekaterina. Even she, herself, was attracted to her (Ekaterina).

He angrily drove her out. He wanted all those who possessed thoughts for Ekaterina to completely disappear.

He could quietly get rid of those people who possessed thoughts for her. However, what could he do to the person Ekaterina liked?

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Nobody told him what he could do.

He watched her smile at that man called Lancelot. In the end, he could not resist and spoke out his feelings that he had hidden for thousands of years.

In exchange, she was surprised, but did not believe him.

Correct. She mocked him for his past actions and deeds. Who would dare believe that he had a sincere heart?

He was not reconciled; therefore, he proposed to fight with that human.

In fact, after those words were spoken, he regretted it. This kind of despicable behavior was not like him.

That man also did not disappoint him. A human that unexpectedly possessed that kind of formidable strength was worthy of her.

Since he could never give her happiness, then he should bless her.

He told himself to feel relieved, but why was his heart that had been numb since long ago so painful?

That man was on the brink of death.

He was aware of how strong he was, and that a human’s life span was limited. However, he did not understand why Ekaterina did not transform him.

He had a faint premonition in his heart. If that man left, he would never see Ekaterina again.

Sure enough, she laid down and never woke up again.

From then on, he guarded all the vampires until old age.

Translator’s Corner:

He’s a bit pitiful, but I still don’t think he deserves our MC. Maybe the original Ekaterina, but not the MC. MC already has her hubby~

Haha, previously I had asked whether you guys sympathized Olwen or not? Many said no, and I am the same. Any of you changed your mind after reading this chapter?

Look forward to the next arc~

1. [idiom]In the dead of night  – in the deepest of night

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23 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 173”

  1. You are right, he did not deserve our MC… He is pitiful though, he did not want to kill her, so he decided to appear as a playboy in her eyes to avoid tragedy… was the right choice? i dont know, maybe the real Ekaterina and him could have find a way to break the curse, or just end up in a tragic but burning hot love…as they say, better to love and lose it, than to never have loved at all… Maybe their love would have been worth the tragedy, but thats a what if that Olwen wasnt able to achieve in none of the 2 stories.

    Liked by 19 people

  2. I feel some sympathy for him. After all, not everyone experiences what he experienced, knowing your mother cursed you the moment you were born. I do wish that he was a bit more brave, to maybe take a leap of faith and be with Ekaterina, but what’s done is done. I hope that in the next life he can be happy together with his most beloved.

    Liked by 21 people

  3. Yeah, being a player is way easier than telling your fiance that you’re doomed to doom her. But, if you take a gamble with me, us two OP people might win! So, no sympathy. He wallowed in his own misery.

    Liked by 5 people

  4. He is pitiful, no doubt but i dont think that he is a victim. He could have fight for his love instead of driving her away. In the end, our MC took over and he lost every right to even try.
    Still, the storyline could have create a character to help him to redeem himself (to his own’s eyes) and to get love. He ended alone…too pitiful for such romantic heart.

    Liked by 8 people

  5. I don’t think he deserved even the original Ekaterina. From what was shown, Ekaterina was a proud woman. She would never agree to be with him after he was with so many people despite being engaged to her. She deserved better. In fact, the only way he would ever deserve her is if he trusted her with the truth. What? The most powerful race can’t find a way to break a curse together? They have their whole lives together and the original Ekaterina seemed willing enough at first. But he broke that trust. Broke her heart. And did that for centuries until her feelings for him ultimately died.

    Olwen deserve her? Nah. His mother’s curse ultimately made him afraid to love. If you ask me, that was where the curse truly manifested. It rooted itself in him by way of his emotions. It ate him up inside.

    Liked by 6 people

  6. Oh dear… His feeling for the original Ekaterina is so sincere… *Wiping my tears with dozen tissues.* I love it when a man was in love with the original soul, pure untainted with a transmigrated soul,

    Sect Leader, can I ask what’s the price of adopting a novel’s characters?! I want to make a fanfiction of these two! This is the second time, I feel this tremendous urge, the first being the BL couple from the first arc of How To Die As Heavy As Mountain Tai.
    These two deserve their happy endings! OlRina for the win!

    You can also see that Ekaterina was also expectant of her fiance, and if Olwen expressed himself more honestly, I have no doubt the fight-loving Ekaterina would soften and regard him with respect and love. But in the end because of that blasted curse, Olwen was forced to distancing himself from Ekaterina and Ekaterina became disappointed of Olwen… Wuuu. Wuuu… It’s sad, ah!
    I’m making a fanfiction to console myself! Where Olwen somehow overcomes his curse and live happily with the original Ekaterina!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Re: Alsheon,

      No, his love was not sincere. If he had truly been sincere, he would have:

      1. Trusted her enough to tell her the truth, and tried to work with her to resolve the curse; and

      2. Would have stayed loyal to her, even if it meant being alone.

      Now I’m not talking about not having another partner instead of her, if he found someone he could be with (even if he didn’t truly love them the way he loved her); instead, he chose to pity himself, and indulge in debauchery. He justified it by telling himself that if he couldn’t be happy with her, he would make hisbody happy (not sure if he had the intention to push her away by his behavior, but that’s actually completely irrelevant to the outcome).

      If he truly felt like he couldn’t be with her, then the best thing he could have done is completely break things off with her before starting any other relationships; however, he chose to be both cowardly and selfish with his behaviors.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I love when there is someone who loved the original soul even though it really hurts my heart. Olwen loved her but alas the original is gone and it’s too late for regrets. She could’ve also experienced love…

    Liked by 4 people

  8. Sounds like most people are being harsh with Olwen. I find it really sad he spent thousands of years in loneliness when he in the end was trying to protect her. I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault, that’s like blaming the victim.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. If Olwen had a chance to go back in time (to the original timeline) I hope he is given a chance.

    This arc is like a case of long distance relationship. He’s a man of steel, staying by her side every single time she’s in hibernation. It sucks that he got to live longer, but most of the time is wasted waiting for her. They couldn’t enjoy all years together.

    Thanks for another arc!

    Liked by 2 people

  10. It wasn’t like it was an unspeakable curse. He could’ve just said so and found a way to break the curse with his family’s powers and fiancée’s. Stay silent and torture himself and his beloved like that is just extra.

    Liked by 4 people

  11. I sympathize with his situation, but not with his love life. I really don’t see how finding a bunch of other lovers can possibly help the situation.
    Like, couldn’t you just not be close to her??? If you’re willing to put someone through that kinda thing, and make them feel like you don’t care about them, just to make yourself feel better, then I feel you don’t deserve them.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Re: Aki,

    But there was a victim: he hurt her (the original Ekaterina) by his behavior AFTER he was engaged to her; she had genuine sincerity towards him at the start, but he betrayed both her feelings, and her trust.

    Can you blame him for being cursed? No.

    Can you blame him for all of his choices and behaviors afterwards? Yes, absolutely. Our background and circumstances shape us, but it does not define us. Each of us has the ability (and responsibilty) to make our own decisions and choose how we face life. We may not have complete control over external factors in our lives, but how we respond to those external factors, and what type of person we are within the limits of our choices, states what type of person we are.

    You state he was trying to protect her, but that is not true. He did not protect her from the pain he, himself gave to her. What exactly was he protecting her from? The curse? If he directly rejected her from the start, then maybe you could justify it that way. However, he never did. He chose to be selfish and both keep her near, and push her away. Nothing noble nor protective about that.

    I can be empathtic towards his starting circumstances, but I absolutely cannot be sympathetic towards the choices he made, and the relationship he forced both of them into due to his choices.

    The difference is, he had no control over the curse being placed on him, but every action he did was his own choice, and the consequences were his to bear.


  13. He should have been more selfish. Don’t get me wrong, selfishness is a bad thing but he should have at least tried. If we read the original story, his fiancee would have died anyway whether he was close to her or not, so then why not try? But then again it must have been hard for him. If the mc didn’t have a husband, I would have shipped him with her.


  14. Oh noee so sad. So him and ekaterina had a chance but he did not take it bec of the ‘curse’ that did not even work. I mean, he was cursed to die early but didnt,,,


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