HAWRR Chapter 171

Chapter 171 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (26)

As it turned out, even if only a tenth of her strength was left, Gu Shengyin was still able to maintain the wind while under the siege of numerous high-leveled vampires.

But, this was just barely not letting the wind fall. (但也仅仅是不落下风而已)

Rita was getting more and more excited. She said to the vampire behind her: “She is already very weak. So long as we persist, we will succeed.”

As Gu Shengyin persevered, a wave of weakness burst in her body. She even felt her eyesight become somewhat blurred.

“Lancelot, if you don’t come, I may truly fall into eternal sleep…” She murmured.

The system couldn’t interfere with this type of development of the original storyline.

At most, what it could do was wake up its host so that she would not fall into eternal sleep so quickly.

As if her words were truly heard, in the next moment, she sensed Lancelot’s breath.

An unstoppable sword ray that carried cold, murderous intent and violent rage advanced towards Rita.

Rita was not as fast as the sword ray. She dodged and avoided her vital areas. However, her entire left arm was completely cut off.

Lancelot had no time to fight with her, and his figure flashed towards Gu Shengyin’s side.

He just caught his lover’s collapsed body just in time.

Those vampires once again knelt on the ground.

The blood suppression of Prince McKathway from the victorious period could not be compared with Gu Shengyin’s.

“Rita, you are good. You are very good!” Olwen gnashed his teeth as he looked at her.

Rita already knew that this operation had completely failed. She lifted her head and smiled at him with disdain: “I am not a coward like you. I will fight for what I like! If I had your strength, I would absolutely never let her fall into the hands of others.”

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Olwen lowered his head and looked at her: “Even if you disregard her wishes and let her hate you forever?” 

Rita’s expression changed, and then sneered: “That is always better than getting nothing.”

Olwen looked at her condescendingly: “The blood and honor of the McKathway that I was bestowed with made me disdain doing this type of lowly, despicable behavior.”

“Your conducts and deeds are not worthy of the McKathway’s blood. I shall revoke the blood that had been bestowed to you.”

As his firm voice fell, Rita’s body had an obvious change.

Her tender and lovely skin rapidly withered, and her moist red hair became snow white. In just a few seconds, she changed from a magnificent young woman to an old woman approaching her coffin.1

“This…This is not me. This is not me!” Rita saw this scene and shrieked.

“This is you. Without the blood I bestowed to you, you are nothing.” Olwen no longer looked at her and turned to leave.

Without the vampire’s ability to live forever, this woman would be unable to live much longer.

“What happened to her?” Olwen walked to Lancelot’s side.

“Sleeping.” The other person’s reply was concise.

Olwen carefully looked at Gu Shengyin: “She forcibly woke up during her weak period and also fought with people. This time, her hibernation may be extended indefinitely, waiting for her strength to fully recover.”

Lancelot held the person in his arms and stood up: “It doesn’t matter. I have enough time to wait for her to wake up.”

Olwen watched him carry her away. After half a day, withdrew his eyes and mockingly laughed at himself. He resigned himself to his fate and helped him tidy up the aftermath behind him.

1. approaching one’s coffin – with one foot in the grave

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19 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 171”

    1. I… Kinda feel sad for Rita.. +1
      I’m glad I searched the comment section and found ur comment. I thought I was the only one who felt bad for Rita (TAT). Tbh, even tho I aint a yuri fan but that girl was honest with her feelings and wasn’t a coward at showing it unlike Olwen. *sigh*

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  1. Watch him be old when she wakes up, then they suicide together to the next world. – Also, I may need to go back in comments… but I think I owe money on failed bets. If that’s the case, call me out and the TLer will get it.

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      1. Ikr, he’s totally triggering my second male lead syndrome,. If only Ekaterina didn’t have Lancelot :((

        Author, why are tying to make me suffer by making both male leads are likable.. my heart (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

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  2. Olwen turned out to be a pretty decent second male lead contrary to what I initially thought. As for Rita… peh!

    Thanks for the chapter Yuna! Looking forward to the next arc.

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  3. Wow, biotch didn’t even consider her feelings! Olwen is such a sad boi in this chapter, he deserves to have someone in the future. I was completely wrong about Rita too, she doesn’t need someone because that someone might get destroyed or broken because of her careless actions.

    Please punish this lost disciple, Sect Leader! I’ve shamed my sect!
    (ノ_ _)ノ

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  4. Sect leader, what’s the price of bringing back a second male lead vampire to home?
    No, no, no! The question is rhetorical! I don’t have any ambition at all!

    *Whispering to my phone, “Have you sold my entire asset? My entire danmei collection? YES! Even those! I’m getting my sexy, loyal and SMART second male lead okay?!”*

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    1. But he wasn’t loyal…

      That’s why, even if there was no hubby, it would have been almost impossible for him to end up with MC (because she wouldn’t be able to accept that type of used goods with no loyalty towards snyone he had a relationship with).


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