HAWRR Chapter 170

Chapter 170 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (25)

Gu Shengyin was forced to wake up by the system.

If a sleeping vampire was forced to wake up, the consequences were very serious. However, the system also had no choice but to do so. If its host did not wake up, it estimated that the consequences were be more grave, so much that this world’s task might even fail.

Rita was frightened by Gu Shengyin, who suddenly opened her eyes.

“Your Highness?” Rita panicked in her heart. Wasn’t Her Highness sleeping and could not wake up?

“Rita.” Gu Shengyin’s dark golden eyes looked at her without the slightest emotion. “You brought so many vampires to my castle to congratulate me for awakening?”

The pressure from a Qin Wang level swept the entire castle in an instant. Those vampires who followed Rita, one by one, were unable to resist Gu Shengyin and knelt down.

Even if Rita was not reconciled, she, too, couldn’t resist her blood’s nature.

“Let me guess what you wanted to do. Taking advantage of my weak period, you wanted to replace me?” Gu Shengyin leisurely sat on the coffin trying not to let any vampires see her weakness.

She was forced to wake up by the system. At this moment, she was actually still in the period of weakness and had no strength to fight. If Rita really smashed a cracked pot1, she really would not be able to hold her life.”

For now, she could only pray that Lancelot would discover a problem with the array and hurry back.

Rita shivered under her pressure: “My heart only adores Your Highness…”

“So, you brought so many high-leveled vampires and killed the guards of my Nightingale Castle to force your way in?”

Rita felt despair in her heart. She simply no longer defended herself and laid on the ground, waiting for Gu Shengyin’s ruling.

However, after waiting for a long time, she did not hear any sound coming from Gu Shengyin.

Rita lifted her head and saw Gu Shengyin’s complicated eyes looking at her. There was regret. There was pity. There was heartache.

Rita, who originally intended to accept her fate, was stimulated by the emotions in Gu Shengyin’s eyes.

She suddenly got up and looked at Gu Shengyin: “Your Highness, at this time, do you expose this kind of expression to me? Don’t you know, this appearance of yours, let me hold some unrealistic, extravagant expectation. Afterwards, you personally shattered my hope.”

Gu Shengyin: Dammit! Seems like I overdid it!

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After Rita finished saying this, she seemed to be aware that she complete had no chance, and waited for Gu Shengyin to dispose her.

However, as she was waiting, Gu Shengyin still did not take any action.

Rita suddenly felt happiness in her heart. She grit her teeth and stood up.

“Your Highness.”

She tried walking towards Gu Shengyin: “Let me guess. It’s not that you didn’t want to start, but rather…you can’t?”

She looked Gu Shengyin and revealed a wonderful smile: “Your words were merely to stall for time. You did not wake up naturally at all. Rather, you forcibly awakened from sleep, right?”

Gu Shengyin secretly ridiculed: Girl, do you have to be so quick-witted like this?

Rita suddenly looked up, and a dense dark force burst out from her body. The vampires that were originally suppressed by Gu Shengyin all stood up, one by one.

“Sure enough, the level of suppression was very weak.” She gently laughed as she approached Gu Shengyin. “Your Highness, you should be at the end of your strength, right?”

Gu Shengyin’s expression did not change: “Even if I only have a tenth of my strength left, Rita, you and this group of vampires will also not be good here.”

Rita laughed sarcastically: “Whether we will be good or bad, I also have to try it to know!”

Translator’s Corner:

Lesson of the day, don’t toy with people’s emotions. They might come back and bite you…

1. to smash a cracked pot – crazy despair in the face of a blemish, defect, error, or setback

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    1. That appears to have completely backfired. Lol since Rita is cray-cray it looks like it’ll be difficult for her to escape the plot this time. Lancelot needs to hurry back 😅

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  1. I don’t know, I felt Rita wanted to kidnap MC but now I’m not so sure about it.
    Would Rita kill the one she loves so no one could take her(MC), in a kind of twisted ‘if I can’t have her, no one can’ way… well we will see haha
    Thank you for the chapter!

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