HAWRR Chapter 168

Chapter 168 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (23)

Gu Shengyin looked over.

Olwen did not wait for her to speak and abruptly said: “Since this man has sufficient strength to deserve you, I will honor my promise.”

“I, McKathway’s Olwen, announce: From now on, starting today, my marriage contract with Ekaterina is rescinded.”

Obviously his expression appeared very calm; however, not knowing why, Gu Shengyin perceived great sorrow from him.

Lancelot certainly knew why he was sorrowful. A man’s intuition told him that Olwen’s heart towards Gu Shengyin was the same as his.

However, he did not have the mood to sympathize with a rival.

Olwen did not stay any longer. After speaking this sentence, he left.

As the McKathway’s Prince, he should be powerful and omnipotent. Even if he had to give up, he should also do it with confidence and ease.

After Olwen left, Rita also did not stay. Those vampires also continuously left one by one.

Lancelot became famous after the battle, and no one dared to underestimate him.

Gu Shengyin and Lancelot lived in Nightingale Castle for a long time, living a calm life.

“How did you pass these hundreds of years?” Gu Shengyin leaned on the soft couch and looked at her lover, who was sitting at the side reading.

Lancelot lifted his head and thought: “At first, I stayed at home. Because I was obstinately not willing to marry a wife and have children, I lost the status as the Ryan Family’s heir. On the contrary, this was a relief for me. But later, after 20 years, my family discovered that my appearance did not change at all and began to fear me. Once, I even heard my parents talking about it, saying that I was a ‘monster’…”

His manner of speaking was very calm, as if he was talking about something that was irrelevant to him. Gu Shengyin felt distressed while listening to him.

She forgot that this world was different from the sword cultivation world. One’s appearance did not change. A very long life span was beyond an ordinary human’s view of common sense and was hard to accept.

“…Afterwards, I moved to a mountain forest not far from Nightingale Castle. Anyways, at that time, it was already unnecessary for me to eat grains. I didn’t need to worry about meeting a stranger and could also be closer to you…”

He did not finish speaking his words because Gu Shengyin suddenly got up to hug him.

He kissed her long hair tenderly: “Don’t think too much. This life, I do not feel sad.”

Because there was already a wish in his heart, he never felt that life was unbearable.

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The vampire clans recently burst out several big news.

Duke Rita once again returned under Prince McKathway’sflag.

Princess Bruch held a wedding at Nightingale Castle with that powerful, abnormal human. During this time, both of their figures were unable to be found. It was said that they were on their honeymoon.

At the time of the wedding, Prince McKathway and Duke Rita had attended. Those two unexpectedly exchanged words and smiles, and they were not the least bit affected by the previous affair.

“Are you planning on taking me to tour the entire mainland?” Gu Shengyin looked at the man.

Lancelot held her tightly in his embrace: “Previously, when I was training, I always thought about it. One day, I could be with you together, leaving traces of us in every part of the mainland.”

He knew that Gu Shengyin had existed for countless years, and perhaps, had long ago  seen the scenery of this continent innumerable times.

But during that time before, there was no him.

He was this overbearing, he hoped that when this woman recalled these memories, he would be there inside.

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