HAWRR Chapter 167

Chapter 167 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (22)

Olwen’s words let many vampires take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.1

Between Olwen and Lancelot, the vampires were more partial towards Olwen.

A small and weak human dared to think about their most honorable Princess Bruch, simply a foolish dream!

Everyone was waiting to see Lancelot’s jokes.

Olwen was the McKathway’s Prince, a noble pure blood. Out of all the vampires, in addition to him and Ekaterina possessing the tremendous power, others basically were not opponents at all.

Not to mention humans.

Many people thought that Gu Shengyin would step forth to stop it; however, they did not expect that she merely retreated to the back, leaving space for that human.

It seemed that Her Highness was not too fond of that human. Many vampires thus thought: Otherwise, she would not look on unfeelingly as he went to deliver himself to death.

Lancelot only looked at Gu Shengyin, his eyes full of affection. As for the other vampires, with the exception of Ekaterina, they were basically unable to enter his eyes.

He drew out the sword in his hand.

The moment when the sword was unsheathed, his entire body’s momentum changed.

If Lancelot was just a good-looking, younger generation human aristocrat, then at this moment, then he was like an unsheathed sharp sword. His entire body was a cold sharp blade.

The whispering suddenly became feeble. Many vampires realized that this human was not as small and weak as they imagined.

Olwen also put away his careless expression.

Olwen looked straight at Lancelot: “You’re stronger than I imagined.”

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Lancelot calmly looked at him: “After a while, perhaps you will say this sentence again.”

Olwen sneered and laughed: “Boasting shamelessly. Daring to speak this way in front of me, until this day, there wasn’t a finger2.” (大言不惭,敢在我面前这么说话的,至今还没有一指之数)

His eyes turned to Gu Shengyin: “You took a fancy to this sort of arrogant man?”

Gu Shengyin’s expression did not change: “Whether or not, you will know later.”

Olwen’s heart stung by the unreserved trust in her words. He smiled: “Fine, then let me take a look at how how powerful a human can be.”

Lancelot’s long sword was already ruthlessly swinging downward.

This matter’s development had gone beyond the all of the vampires’ expectations.

That man, was he really a human? And not an ancient God?

How could a human possess such a formidable power?

While looking at Lancelot, who was caught up with Olwen, many vampires felt disbelief in their heart.

Looking at Gu Shengyin, who was leisurely watching this with anticipation, those vampire’s feelings all changed at this time: This man was worthy of being fancied by Her Highness. Sure enough, he was unlikely a mediocre person.

Gu Shengyin’s expression suddenly congealed and abruptly flashed between the two men fighting.

One push, one slap, both hands deftly succeeded in separating the two.

“Enough.” Just a moment ago, if she did not stop them and continue to let them fight, sooner or later, both sides would suffer.

“You are afraid that your man will sustain injuries?” Olwen sneered.

Gu Shengyin turned to look at him: “Olwen, don’t be driven by your temper. Lancelot’s sword qi is capable of an unusual type of self-heal and is able to recover very easily.

Listening to her words that was for his sake, Olwen’s expression warmed up a bit.

However, in a flash, he saw the man holding Ekaterina’s hands being intimate and complaining at the same time: “Did you get injured? What are you doing, rushing out like that? I…”

The good mood just a moment ago disappeared in flash without a trace.

Translator’s Corner:

He got fed dog food. 

1. take joy in calamity and delight in disaster – to rejoice in other people’s misfortunes

2. Basically meant: Lancelot was the first one to talk to him like that.

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