HAWRR Chapter 166

Chapter 166 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (21)

After Gu Shengyin woke up, there were still a lot of things waiting for her to deal with.

There was no need to say anything about the Bruch Clan’s accumulation of neglected work. Additionally, there were two troublesome things.

Olwen and Rita.

Because of Princess Bruch, the matter of the two of them quarreling caused a commotion among the vampire clans.

Gu Shengyin’s attitude towards this was to directly held a banquet at Nightingale Castle.

She was going to majestically and orderly let everyone know that Princess Bruch already had someone in her heart. 

Nearly all high-leveled vampires received an invitation, among them naturally included Olwen and Rita.

Many vampires were waiting to see the development of this affair.

But, they were disappointed.

Olwen and Rita did not have any imaginary sparks colliding each other when they met. Both of them snorted and then went to one side.

In fact, there were many vampires who were curious: Rita, herself, was the blood descendant of Olwen. Olwen wanting her life was just a matter of thought. Why would he condone her until now?

Gu Shengyin and Lancelot came out.

The first sentence that came out of her mouth made many vampires excited.

“Allow me to introduce everyone to this man by my side, Lancelot Ryan, my partner.”

A word shocked all those present.

Not a new plaything, not a lover, not a blood descendant, but a partner.

Vampires were born with a passionate disposition, but they treat their other half in a very cautious manner.

Partner. For a vampire, this signaled mutual loyalty, dependability, and to never abandon.

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Before vampires find their other half, many of them play with clusters of flowers. After finding their partner, that kind of lifestyle would not appear again.

Many vampires covertly placed their attention on Olwen and Rita, wanting to see their reaction.

The outcome did not disappoint them. Both of their expression changed.

Rita even shrieked: “Your Highness, why did you choose a human? Didn’t you say that you like me very much?!”

Gu Shengyin keenly sensed the man at her side cast a cold look at her.

She obscurely stared at him. She was going to be scolded when they go back.

Rita’s words also let many vampires place their eyes full of gossip onto Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin had a helpless expression. The eyes that she looked at Rita with were like an elder’s looking at a junior who made trouble without reason: “Rita, I did say that I liked you. I always considered you as a very charming junior, but it was not the feeling that you want. I do not like women.”

Rita appeared to be unable to accept it. She was dressed very grand today. However, under her sorrow, she did not care about her delicate makeup. Covering her face with her hands, she wept: “Not like this. It shouldn’t be like this…”

“Then what about me? Ekaterina, do you still remember the marriage contract between us?” Olwen looked straight at her.

These two words, ‘marriage contract’, successfully made Lancelot grasp his sword in his hand firmly. Right, ah. She still had a right and proper fiancée here.

“Olwen.” Gu Shengyin appeared resolute. “We have a marriage contract between us. All vampires know what the situation was. I have never interfered one bit with those things you have done in the past. Now, I have found my partner. Let’s end our marriage contract.”

Olwen calmly listened to her words. When everyone thought he would get angry, he slowly smiled.

“I don’t agree unless—-” He shot a look at the man, who had not spoken a word, at Gu Shengyin’s side.

“Let him fight uprightly with me.”

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16 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 166”

  1. I partially wish Rita didn’t give up just with that rejection. My inner pervert still wants some yuri development. 😛
    Rita constantly clashing with Lancelot as she fights for Gu Shengyin’s affection, then it forms into a three way lover relationship. XD

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  2. The fact that she meets with the same guy every single time and he automatically loves her and all that ish and she wins every single arc…..this is very well translated but meh! It doesnt have any surprises so far so gonna stack em chapters and check back after a couple weeks. Thanks for translating 🙂


  3. What human? Don’t you see he’s from the ML Ice Block species? They’re rumored to drink vinegar daily when they find their partner! So it’s not really surprising to see him drink vinegar every chapter lol

    Poor Rita, don’t worry dearie! Your partner is probably waiting for you somewhere.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  4. MC, you’re too sinful, ah! Two vampires fought for your affection, involved in a cold war with factions, and many other chaotic mess. And then there’s you who suddenly appear after hundreds of years, dropping the “I like another person, this is him,” Bomb.

    Aiya, this is a mess, ah!

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