HAWRR Chapter 161

Chapter 161 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (16)

“Young Master Ryan, I heard that you got a new sword instructor. I specially came to ask for guidance.” A blond robust man said to Lancelot.

After speaking, he looked at Gu Shengyin, whose seductive figure was still concealed with her black cloak. The contempt in his tone was not concealed at all.

“I heard that your new instructor is actually a woman.” He sized Gu Shengyin up. “A delicate woman like this should nevertheless stay at home and properly be protected by a man. A sword is not suitable for a woman to hold!”

“Moreover…” He looked at the long sword in Lancelot’s hand. The disdain in his words were overwhelming. “Sure enough, it’s a woman’s sword. So tiny like that, can he cut his enemy’s throat?”

Lancelot felt indignant in his heart. This blond robust man was his former sword instructor, Hart. His swordsmanship was indeed good, but he was arrogant and haughty. Moreover, he looked down on women.

At that time, when Lancelot returned, he explained to his parents that he was learning a new sword technique, and he did not require a sword instructor. Apparently, this move let him feel unreconciled in his heart.

However, how dare he humiliate her!

Just as Lancelot opened his mouth to speak, he was stopped by Gu Shengyin.

She looked at Hart with a smile yet not a smile: “You want to have a compare with me?”

Hart’s expression was proud: “Of course.”

Gu Shengyin nodded: “Very well, looking at your appearance, it seems that you look down on my sword technique.”

She extended her right hand, and a long sword appeared out of thin air.

Hart was startled by her hand. He coldly snorted: “Dress up as God, play the devil1.”

Gu Shengyin paid no heed to him. Rather, she turned towards Lancelot and said: “Watch carefully. This is the formidable power of the sword.”

Lancelot was very curious. He had always known Ekaterina’s power, but he had never seen her use a sword.

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Afterwards, his eyes widened.

The resplendent sword shined.

The giant sword that Hart claimed to be forged from the strongest material was directly cut into two, like it was as light as a feather.

The sword in Gu Shengyin’s hand was pressed against his neck.

A chill spread from Hart’s neck to his whole body. Without the slightest doubt, this sword could easily cut off his whole head, like his sword cut in half on the ground.

“You say, such a thin sword stopping at your neck, can he cut your throat?” Gu Shengyin gently moved the sword in her hand forward. Hart immediately felt a sting.

Hart’s expression did not change and determinedly looked at Gu Shengyin: “I apologize for my previous behavior. Your swordsmanship is extraordinarily powerful. I am far from being skilled. Being defeated by your hand, I, Hart, am convinced in heart and by word2. Losing to you, I shall allow you to punish me!”

After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and appeared to extend his neck in preparation for execution.

Gu Shengyin put away the long sword in her hand and did not look at him.

“Since you already know what you want to know, let’s go.”

As she spoke, she gave a meaningful glance, light as a feather, towards a certain direction.

Hidden in the small attic secretly observing, Mrs. Ryan felt cold in her heart. She felt as if her whereabouts were discovered by someone.

Impossible! She comforted herself. This location was special. No matter how powerful that person was, that person couldn’t find her.

Lancelot, who had always been paying attention to Gu Shengyin, discovered this action and promptly asked: “What happened?”

“Nothing.” Gu Shengyin noncommittally replied.

After Mrs. Ryan went downstairs, she thought for a moment and informed her husband about today’s matter.

“What did you say?” Brott was shocked and angry.

Translator’s Corner:

Mama Ryan can’t hide from our MC!

1. Dress up as God, play the devil – to mystify, deceive, scam
2. convinced in heart and by word – sincerely convinced

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