HAWRR Chapter 160

Chapter 160 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (15)

“You don’t need to sleep?” Lancelot looked at Gu Shengyin with a clean and honest face.

Gu Shengyin coldly stood at the side: “No, didn’t you want me to watch you sleep? You can sleep now.”

Lancelot did not say much. He obediently started…undressing.

Coat, mid layer clothing, inner layer clothing…until his sturdy upper body and smooth muscles were exposed.

Afterwards, Lancelot dismayingly discovered that this woman unexpectedly did not even give him a little of her eyes.

The man was unwilling to give up, and he started swaying in the room again. He stooped down to pick something up. As he passed by Gu Shengyin, he “carelessly” exposed the muscles on his arm.

However, it was very obvious that this did not have any effect.

Waiting until he had performed enough, Gu Shengyin, who was also done enjoying it, directly gave him a blow: “Why don’t you go to sleep?”

Lancelot: …

He helplessly, without any better option, went back and laid on the bed.

He originally thought that with his beloved by his side, he would be too emotional to sleep. He did not expect that his thoughts were particularly tranquil. In less than a second, his breathing became steady.

Until Gu Shengyin was sure that he fell asleep, the indifference on her face faded like a tide.

She slowly walked over to Lancelot’s side. Her eyes drooped quietly looking at him, as if she did not see him enough.

Lancelot woke up with a smile and habitually glanced in a certain direction. No one!

Within a second, Lancelot became wide awake. He got up and looked all over the room but did not see anyone.

What happened? Could it be that everything last night just a wonderful dream?

Lancelot felt a sense of loss but suddenly heard a familiar voice: “What are you looking for?”

He was surprised and happy. Sure enough, he saw Gu Shengyin appear in the room.

“Just a moment ago, I did not see you, so I thought last night was just a dream.”

Gu Shengyin was speechless for a moment. Then, she said: “Don’t think too much. Since I promised you, I will naturally supervise you in sword practice.”

Lancelot blinked: “What about day time?”

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He knew that vampires could not appear in sunlight.

Who would have imagined that Gu Shengyin would shake her head: “No harm. Sunlight does not affect me too much now. Putting on this cloak is good enough.”

As a result, the people of Ryan Family saw a mysterious person wearing a black cloak next to their Young Master.

When the two of them showed up in front of the dining table, Lancelot recalled that Gu Shengyin seemed to be unable to accept human food.

“This is…” Lancelot’s father, the patriarch of the Ryan Family, Brott, asked with surprise.

“Father, she is my sword instructor.” Lancelot said with a smile.

Brott’s instantly became cordial. He was aware that his son had recently been practicing a strange sword technique. Originally he did not approve of it until he experienced the power of that sword technique.

It was simply too mysterious and cannot be explained with common sense!

Regarding his son’s instructor, he was quite curious and extremely respectful.

Gu Shengyin’s bearing was courteous but indifferent. Brott did not care. A majority of the strong more or less have their own quirks.

For Gu Shengyin being a woman, he was only surprised for a moment.

He invited Gu Shengyin to have breakfast together.

Vampire’s taste buds actually can’t taste the flavor of human food. Gu Shengyin carelessly ate two things and stopped.

Mrs. Ryan was attracted to her hand that reached out from the cloak.

White and slender, a perfect hand. A woman possessing hands like this, could she really be the powerful sword instructor who taught her son?

Mrs Ryan thought that her son might have been deceived. When she heard that the two were going to the training field, she had an idea in her heart.

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10 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 160”

  1. Uh-oh… Getting an “idea” against an immortal vampire and the lover she’s been with for reincarnation after reincarnation? This cannot go well.


  2. ML flexing just for his wifey. Is that suppose to be a mating ritual or something? 😂

    Also Mama Ryan going to scheme?

    Thank you for the chapter! Maybe in the future worlds ML will just straight up go to his wifey and put a big sticker on her forehead that says “Only for Hubby” and then kiss her in front of everybody lol

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