HAWRR Chapter 158

Chapter 158 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (13)

“What are you guys doing?”

Gu Shengyin recollected her thoughts and saw Olwen’s expression looking somewhat unhappy.

She glanced at Rita, who was very close to her, and suddenly reacted: Could it be because she was too close to his lover so that Olwen became jealous?

The very conscious Gu Shengyin took a step back, looked at him, and said: “I came here as a guest. You were not here, so I could only enjoy the white rose garden with lovely Rita.”

Rita looked at the distance increase between them. Unaware of why, there was a bit of regret in her heart.

Olwen looked at Ekaterina’s expression determining that she had no improper thoughts towards Rita and put down his heart.

His tone relaxed: “You can tell me in advanced if you’re going to come to Dark Night Castle. I will make time for it.”

Gu Shengyin glanced at him with dislike: “It’s a topic between us women. What good conversation is there with a man like you?”

Olwen: …

Rita: I suddenly really want to laugh. It turned out that Her Highness Ekaterina was such an amusing person.

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After that day, Gu Shengyin often visited Dark Night Castle and chatted very happily with Rita every time.

It wasn’t that she had not seen Olwen’s expression. Rather, she did not understand. She was only looking for Rita to chat. They were both women. What was Olwen worried about?

The system silently ridiculed: The simple host did not know that vampires always had no integrity. Even Olwen, himself, also eats men and women.

Olwen looked at Ekaterina who had a very pleasant time with Rita. His eyes gradually sank.

This day, after Gu Shengyin left, Olwen went to Rita’s room.

“Your Highness? Ah!” Rita cried out, and in the next second, her neck was being strangled by Olwen.

“Keep a distance away from her, Rita.” Olwen looked at her. His eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty light.

The expression in Rita’s eyes flickered: “Your Highness, I don’t understand your meaning…”

Olwen tightened his hand on her neck: “Don’t understand? Ekaterina does not understand, you still don’t understand?”

He slowly pressed close to the side of her ear: “Put away those unspeakable thoughts of yours. She is not someone you can touch.”

After speaking, he released his hand and threw the person to the ground.

“Cough cough” Rita slowly recovered. She looked at this aloof man. Suddenly, not knowing where her courage came from, she blurted out the words in her heart without thinking:

“Your Highness, since you like Her Highness Ekaterina so much, why don’t you tell her? Why do you change one lover after another incessantly?”

Her words just left her mouth, and Olwen’s breath abruptly became tyrannical from head to toe.

Rita was directly suppressed by this power and spit out blood.

Olwen rigidly stared at her with a bloodthirsty look: “If you weren’t my blood descendant, just based on this sole sentence, I would have already sent you to see Cain.”

He appeared to not want to see her again, and his figure disappeared into the darkness.

Rita remained sitting on the ground.

After a long time, she laughed in a low voice.

Since you like her, don’t do anything that would hurt your lover;

Since the people at your side are unceasingly changing, it proves that you are not worthy of her!

She slowly stood up and walked into the darkness.

Her shadow was drawn long under the dusky light, appearing to grow twisted and strange, and slowly disappeared into the darkness.

Translator’s Corner:

Has Rita become twisted?!

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22 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 158”

  1. “Has Rita become twisted?!”

    I hope not, although it does look like she is putting her friendship for our MC before her wavering feelings to Olwen. Lets hope she now goes to seek shelter from Ekaterina. I dislike overly jealous/yandere characters that would go as far as hurting for someone where neither of the two have ever loved each other (he just wants her because she is strong and beautiful, and is annoyed that his new lover is closer to his fiance than he will ever be). Well RIP all the ones wanting Olwen to awaken to Yuri (including me). Now that would’ve made this a lot more interesting. Thanks for the new chapter :D.

    Liked by 6 people

  2. I know it was implied that Olwen was interested, but I thought he was in the middle of crushing on Rita too. Turns out he was so fierce at the ceremony was because he was possessive of Ekaterina! That’s why he slaughtered everyone in their past life. What’s he gonna do when he finds out about Lancelot? His clan is this hotblooded afterall… O.O
    Also I like how vampires don’t care about genders…. Heh heh


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