HAWRR Chapter 155

Chapter 155 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (10)

As Gu Shengyin had expected, Lancelot’s talent was simply astonishing.

Olwen came to Nightingale Castle from time to time, which made Gu Shengyin a little annoyed.

“Olwen, are the McKathways recently idle?” Gu Shengyin said in a cold voice.

A certain someone sitting in a chair did not understand the fact that the owner did not welcome him at all. He leisurely said: “I came to see my fiancée. What? Is there a problem?”

Gu Shengyin scoffed and smiled. She also found a chair and sat down gracefully: “Olwen, you and I know what is going on with our marriage contract. Just like the past several thousand years, you play with your beloved, and I live my life. Everyone lives together in harmony. Otherwise, I will unilaterally announce the cancellation of the marriage contract between us.”

“Ekaterina, good or bad, we have known each other for so many years. How could you be so heartless like this?” Olwen toyed with the sparkling and translucent crystal glass in his hand and smiled in a cultured and refined way. As he ignored Gu Shengyin’s words, a cold light flashed in his eyes. (如果忽略他因为顾盛因的话语眸中一闪而逝的冷光)

“A Qin Wang ranked vampire appearing in my castle has already seriously affected the normal life of Nightingale Castle.”

“Okay, okay. Regard it as me being wrong. Afterwards, if I miss you, I will inform you in advanced. How about it?” Olwen said helplessly.

“Put away your affectionate appearance, Olwen. I am not one of those little lovers of yours. I won’t eat this. Speak, what happened recently?”

Olwen seemed quite surprised and looked at her.

Gu Shengyin glanced at him: “If you, Olwen, was really that type of man who only had beauty in his mind, I would be very skeptical about whether it was still necessary for  the Bruch Clan to cooperate with the McKathway Clan.”

Olwen smiled: “Still not one bit polite when speaking. It really is your, Ekaterina’s, style.”

His expression suddenly became serious: “I received news that the Vampire Hunter Association seemed to have a big movement recently. Tell your Bruch clansmen to be more careful. Those damned blood suckers; who created those inelegant names?” 

Gu Shengyin’s expression also turned cold: “The Vampire Hunter Association, we have been too lazy to deal with these kittens for several years. I did not expect their courage to grow bigger and bigger.”

After Olwen left, Lancelot walked in.

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Seeing that Gu Shengyin’s brows were slightly wrinkled, he instantly raised his hand to rub it.

“For what matter do you feel troubled in your heart?” He asked softly.

Gu Shengyin closed her eyes and answered: “Ah, blame you humans. We vampires once signed a treaty with the human kingdom. Humans regularly provide us with fresh blood, while vampires are responsible for clearing out the threatening werewolves and ferocious beasts in the northern mountains. I have always restricted my clansmen to abide by the contract, yet the Vampire Hunter Association of the human race had always regarded us as a target that must be killed ah.”

Lancelot somewhat could not keep up with her words. Vampire Hunter Association? He had heard of it.

Not only had he heard of it, he even knew that the association was very respected in his own country.

He opened his mouth, seemingly wanting to say something, but he was interrupted by Gu Shengyin.

She opened her eyes and smiled coldly: “Don’t look for excuses. The thoughts of you humans, I understand very well. It is nothing more than guarding against vampires. I’m afraid that if we tear up the contract, with our formidable power, humans fear that they would not be an opponent.”

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8 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 155”

  1. This is how humans have always been. Always afraid of the unknown and things that are stronger. A destructive race. You can’t live with them and also can’t live without them. I believe in the former though

    Liked by 6 people

  2. 该死的,吸血鬼,这种一点都不优雅的称呼究竟是被谁给创造出来的
    The damned*, blood suckers, who created these inelegant names/appellations?
    *literally “those that should die/deserves death”, but I thought “the damned” fit better
    (he’s asking who is the one that actually came up with all these unflattering names to call the vampires)

    Thank you for your translations! 🙂


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