HAWRR Chapter 154

Chapter 154 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (9)

Gu Shengyin had a very strange feeling.

She hated blood. Previously, no matter how fresh the blood that Nightingale Castle’s butler brought, she smelled a fishy odor and never had the feeling of being enticed.

However, today was different. She looked at the gentle pulsating veins under Lancelot’s white skin. That was where the world’s most delicious blood flowed. An irresistible thirst spread from the bottom of her heart. She wanted to suck his blood, and even transform him.

This impulse came out too intensely. By the time the system warned her after discovering something was wrong with Gu Shengyin, she found that her fangs had already been revealed and was pressed against the man’s neck.

She closed her eyes, received her fangs, and used her tongue to lightly lick once.

The man’s body beneath her shook, and his breathing suddenly became heavy and rough.

Seeing the woman get up, Lancelot was somewhat puzzled: “Why didn’t you bite?” He clearly felt a solid, hard object press against his neck, but stopped at the last moment.

Gu Shengyin did not speak.

She took Lancelot to a room and told him to attack her with all his strength.

Lancelot was confused. Gu Shengyin only gave him a sentence: “I merely want to know if my personal servant has the ability to protect himself when encountering my attack.” She did not say to protect her, but said whether he could protect himself.

Lancelot had heard rumors about vampires. Being in contact with Gu Shengyin these days, he was also able to perceive the formidable power contained within her body.

He no longer spoke. He pulled out his sword from his waist and rushed towards Gu Shengyin.

However, even after he started gasping for breath, he couldn’t even touch the corner of Gu Shengyin’s clothes.

Lancelot felt defeated. He had always been proud of his military strength, but he did not expect that he, who was regarded as the strongest person among mankind, was unexpectedly so powerless against vampires.

The blow from Gu Shengyin made it even more difficult for him to bear: “With your strength, you can only deal with some low-leveled vampires. Even if it was just a small count, you would not be their opponent.”

He was certainly aware of who the woman that he liked was – the highest-leveled existence of the entire vampire race.

He was not worthy of her.

“Do you want me to transform you?” Gu Shengyin slowly walked over. She whispered softly into his ear enticingly: “As long as you are transformed by me, you will be able to obtain formidable power right away.”

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Lancelot’s heartbeat quickened for a moment.

No! His eyes quickly became firm.

He looked at Gu Shengyin: “If I was transformed by you and became your blood descendant, then I would never be able to surpass you in my entire lifetime.”

Gu Shengyin was somewhat surprised. Soon after, she laughed in defeat: Yes, this man had been lowering himself these days, and she almost forgot that he was essentially a proud man. How could he endure this?

“In that case, you may be aware of it. If you do not want to be transformed by me, a human’s life span is merely hundred years, and I have eternal life.” Gu Shengyin looked at him coldly.

She saw the man’s bewildered eyes and decided not to tease him any more.

An object was thrown in front of Lancelot.

It was that very strange-looking long sword.

“Since you do not want to be transformed by me, then use this sword to prove yourself.”

Gu Shengyin looked at Lancelot: “I will teach you how to become a swordsman. If you are talented enough, you will be able to surpass me some day.” Because he was her lover, she did not hold back in informing him, and she did not need to be worried about him being disloyal.

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  1. Ahhhhhh! Male Lead isn’t some stupid puppy after all…. don’t know how to feel about this…


  2. Now ML becomes a Disciple~
    I love the role changes,hahaha
    Immortal cultivator @ Vampire world…

    Oh, I wanna ask. Did the system said that MC would be able to retain a certain ability of her host after each worlds? If so, I am guessing she’ll be retaining her high spec sense of smell XDp

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