HAWRR Chapter 153

Chapter 153 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (8)

“Later on, you will be my personal manservant.” When Ekaterina finished this sentence, she left Lancelot with Nightingale Castle’s head butler.

A serious and old-fashioned butler properly taught him how to become a qualified manservant.

“You should get out of bed, my Master.” A gentle and soft voice awakened Gu Shengyin, who was fast asleep.

She opened her eyes, and as expected, she saw Lancelot’s face.

“Young Master of the Ryan Family, do you feel unwilling to be a little manservant in my castle?”

Lancelot honestly shook his head. How could he be unwilling? As long as he could stay by her side and be able to see her every day, for him, it was already the most beautiful thing in the world.

Young Master Ryan was not a reserved individual. He looked at his Master with deep affection: “I feel very honored to be your personal servant.”

Where did he know that Gu Shengyin’s expression turned cold, and her oppressive gaze pressed on Lancelot: “Why? Don’t tell me it’s because of my face that you fell in love with me.”

Lancelot said: “I certainly fell in love with you at first sight.” Before Gu Shengyin became displeased, he continued:

“However, it was not the day before yesterday, but rather in a dream. There were many different shadows in the dream, but I am definitely sure that they are all the same person. From the moment I saw you, I knew that the person I had been looking for was you.”

Gu Shengyin was certain that this man was not lying. Could it be that he actually possessed memories from the previous worlds?

She felt somewhat happy. She hoped that one day her lover would also be like her, capable of recognizing her at a glance.

After thinking for a while, Gu Shengyin stretched out her hand and a long sword1 (一柄长剑) appeared in her hand.

Different than the knights’ sword in this world, this long sword’s appearance was clearly decorated with an immortal world’s 3-footed (Chinese foot) green mountain peak.

“It was exactly this one!” Lancelot tightly stared at Gu Shengyin’s hand. “In my dream, I saw this long sword. It exactly had this strange appearance.” 

Gu Shengyin’s heart moved. She said towards Lancelot: “Come here.”

She placed her hand on Lancelot’s pulse and touched around. (她的手搭在了兰斯洛特的脉搏上一寸一寸的摸了过去)

Lancelot’s face turned very red: This…Wasn’t this too fast? He was not ready yet, but if she really wanted to…..

“What are you thinking?” A cold voice interrupted his numerous and disorderly thoughts.

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Lancelot snapped out of his thoughts and discovered that Gu Shengyin had already released his hand. 

He suppressed the regret that rose in his heart and smiled embarrassingly.

Just a moment ago, Gu Shengyin was merely feeling Lancelot’s bones. Because she did not have any tools in this world, she was unable to test what level his sword heart was. She had no choice but to use the method of feeling the shape of his bones to determine whether he was suitable or not to become a sword cultivator.

A high-leveled sword cultivator had a very long life span. She did not want to transform him, but hoped that they could stay together.

Gu Shengyin sat in front of the long table, but did not see the fresh blood that usually appeared on her table.

She felt relieved. Nowadays, she was practicing the sword and already reached the realm where she did not need to eat food to maintain her body’s function. Therefore, even if she did not drink blood, her daily actions as a vampire would not weaken and would not affect her at all.

Lancelot walked to her side and crouched down.

“I said it before, I do not wish for you to drink other people’s blood, even if you do not personally suck blood. I am willing to provide you with the freshest blood.” He raised his head and exposed an unguarded frail neck.

1. I put long sword (describing the sword as very long) instead of longsword (two-handed sword) since she was holding it with one hand. Perhaps, it might look like this.

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