HAWRR Chapter 151

Chapter 151 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (6)

 Changed McWeiz -> McKathway

Each and every one of the vampires present all had their head lowered, but their ears were pointed up high.

It turned out that the reason why Princess Bruch was not close to to any male for so many years was unexpectedly because of this!

Vampires were usually not jealous of meat and vegetables. Men and women were even less of a big deal. There were even some female vampires who calculated how to go to Nightingale Castle to offer themselves as a pillow mate.

Olwen’s expression turned unsightly immediately.

He looked at Gu Shengyin and coldly said: “Ekaterina, I took a fancy to her first.”

Gu Shengyin looked at him ineffably. Olwen got angry?

It should not ah. According to what was said, Olwen only treated her as a relatively delicious prey. Her asking for Rita, Olwen had no reason to get angry.

Could it be that her evaluation was wrong, and this time, Olwen placed her in his heart?

However, she would not give up.

“You should still consider this lovely young lady’s own wishes, isn’t that so?” Gu Shengyin leaned down, her body close to Rita.

“So, this lovely young lady, are you willing to accept my initial possession(你愿意接受我的初拥), become my, Ekaterina Bruch’s, blood descendant, and become a noble Bruch member?”

All vampires exhaled cool air, but this cool air made Rita’s ears burn hot.

She gathered her courage to raise her head and look at Gu Shengyin, but got caught by two dark golden eyes whose bottom could not be seen.

That pair of eyes seemed to deeply conceal a bewitching power, and Rita felt her soul surrender to it.

“I…I am willing” This sentence had yet to finish when Rita felt herself falling into a familiar embrace.

It was Olwen.

She heard that woman with unparalleled beauty softly sigh.

Because of this sigh, Rita nearly broke away from Olwen’s arms and run to her side to cover her mouth. Listening to this sigh made her heart break.

“Enough, Ekaterina!” Olwen appeared somewhat jittery.

“Using your enticement towards an ordinary human, don’t you think you are lowering your status?”

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Gu Shengyin inwardly sighed. She originally wanted to come over today and try to transform Rita first. This way, as her blood descendant, it would be impossible for Rita to have the opportunity to deal with her. It could also be considered to be done once and for all. (也算是一劳永逸)

She anticipated that it would be very smooth; however, she did not expect that Olwen would not cooperate.

She straightened her body and looked at Olwen: “This stingy style isn’t like you, Olwen.”

During this time, Olwen also resumed his elegant and graceful appearance. He released Rita and smiled: “This is not stingy. In the face of so many vampires, if my blood descendant was embraced by you, where would the face of my McKathway Clan be?”

Gu Shengyin said in her mind: You swindling demon! And these people present here, even if they were nosy to death in their hearts, they would absolutely not have the courage to go spread the Prince’s deeds that he did not want to let others know.

Gu Shengyin glanced at him and turned around, knowing that transforming Rita was hopeless.

She could force him, but this was not Ekaterina’s style. It would make Olwen more suspicious and would regard Rita as more and more important.

“So, how would you compensate me? Olwen, my mood is not very good right now.” Gu Shengyin sat on a chair at the side without asking and said lazily.

Olwen looked at this woman. He never seemed to discover that this woman, who only knew how to fight, would unexpectedly have this kind of lethargic, lazy temperament.

“All the people inside my Dark Night Castle, except Rita, whoever you take a fancy to, you can take them as you please. How about it?”

Translator’s Corner:

This world is similar to the cultivation world….No fluffiness, or at least not much in my opinion.

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13 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 151”

  1. I’ve figured out why in vampire’s world theme, the author would use European style in most of asian novel. The European vampire was told to have unparalleled appearance, powerful and unfathomable wealth. Instead of using asian vampire, especially chinese’s style dracula/vampire which were bouncing and jumping around, unable to speak properly, scary appearance and the most importantly they were not live in a huge castle like european vampire. 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Yup, after all when it comes to vampires, romanticism is important. What kind of vampires would they be if they’re not attractive?! ┻━┻︵╰(‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

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  2. Second time reading this; for new readers be ready to have a broken heart. The second ml syndrome on thia arc is strong >•<

    Don't kill me; you'll get it in the end. And the love square / pentagon is simply confusing so watch out for that too.


    1. Hey, hey, manners please! You need to mark your spoilers! While some people want hints or to know what happens in advance, it just kills the story for others (like me); I feel like, what’s the point of even reading it if sll the suspense is gone.

      I realize that you probably won’t be reading my comment, but for anyone else who reads this, please think before you post and be considerate.

      Thank you all, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story, just as I am.


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