Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 9

Why was the kitchenware store so important to Chrome? Without a doubt, the reason was related to Altyria. There wasn’t any kitchenware in the RV’s kitchen, not to mention any tableware, so how could he cook delicious food for his little wife. He wanted to make sure he got all the utensils he needed before Altyria woke up, so he could immediately make something for her when she wanted to eat.

Fortunately, this store had both kitchenware and tableware.

“Dylan, Yilan, you guys grab the tableware. I’ll be at the kitchenware products section.” Chrome threw those words at them and walked off.

“Let’s go.” Yilan pulled her brother towards the tableware section.

They first looked at the different types of plates.

“Wow, there are so many beautiful plates!” Yilan said in surprise. “Let’s get the pretty ones, like these flower or leaf-shaped plates. There are also animal-shaped plates!”

She started throwing the unique-shaped plates into the team storage. Dylan followed his younger sister’s instructions and chose the decorated plates. He also grabbed some plain looking ones and threw them into the team storage.

“Why did you grab those?” Yilan felt a bit unhappy.

“Do you want to be using those beautiful plates when ‘guests’ come dine with us?” Dylan saw her expression change and started whistling happily.

“I almost forgot about that…” Yilan wrinkled her brows at unpleasant memories. After a couple seconds, she said, “I think we got enough plates now. Let’s grab some bowls.”

They proceeded down the aisles grabbing multiple bowls, cups, mugs, spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, chopstick holders, napkins, etc.

“Brother, do you think we should get these kitchen towels?” Yilan held a kitchen towel in each hand. There were plain towels and nicely decorated towels.

“Let’s just take some just in case Boss needs them.” Dylan chose a couple plain towels and let Yilan choose the rest.

On the other side of the store, Chrome inspected the different types of pots and pans. He grabbed measuring cups and spoons, several mixing bowls, and then looked at the rice cookers. He chose a large rice cooker after taking into consideration of the large stomachs of his teammates. He also grabbed a grill pan, food steamer, kitchen knives, cutting boards, can opener, a colander, and other kitchen utensils.

Feeling satisfied with the quality of these kitchenware items, he lowered his head to kiss Altyria. He then walked towards his teammates.

“Did you guys get everything?” Chrome saw them standing at the side.

“We grabbed everything. Boss, you need these towels, right?” Yilan held out several towels in her hand.

Chrome nodded and then said, “Let’s go to the next store.”

The group went to the clothing store on this floor, but did not take much since they had already grabbed some clothes on the first floor. They only took clothes that seemed trendy. Next, they went to the jewelry stores and grabbed all the jewelry in the stores.

“With this many jewelry, we’ll be able to get a lot of solstice coins!” Yilan giggled after she looked at the number of jewelry in the team storage.

“It’s about time. We spent so much on stuff in the system mall these past worlds that we’re poor now.” Dylan shook his head and sighed.

Suddenly, Chrome stopped walking and raised a hand. Dylan and Yilan immediately stopped talking and alertly looked at their surroundings.

After a couple seconds, Chrome whispered, “People are coming up.”

Yilan was about to ask Chrome a question, but she heard footsteps coming up the escalator. Chrome signaled them to hide behind the counter of the jewelry store they just came out of. Within seconds, the team hid in the shadows behind the counter and slowed their breath to hide their presence.

“Yuan Ge, it seems like that group had already gone up the second floor for some time.” Li Guanting when he saw the beheaded zombie on the escalator.

Zhou Zhi’s heartbeat quickened at the sight of the headless zombie, but she did not scream out loud. Instead, she held Li Guanting’s hand tightly to comfort herself.

Li Guanting squeezed her hand slightly and gave her a comforting smile before turning towards Yuan Jin.

Yuan Jin was slightly crouching down near the headless zombie. He inspected the neck area for a while before standing up. “The zombie’s head was cut off very cleanly. Whoever beheaded this zombie is very skilled. It’s impossible to make this kind of cut with a knife, so the person must have some type of sword or a machete.”

“Would they be hostile towards us? We only have metal bats and a metal pole. Against a very skilled person, we would not win.” Li Guanting slightly frowned, feeling worried about their safety.

“We’ll look at the situation first. If they seem hostile, then we’ll leave immediately.” Yuan Jin said as he continued walking up the escalator.

Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi followed behind. They kept their weapons in their hand and slowly reached the second floor.

“It’s really quiet. Maybe they already went to the third floor.” Zhou Zhi whispered. “The fourth floor is where the restaurants and food shops are.”

They stood in an open area and quietly discussed whether they should continue to go up to the next floor.


Chain Task Available

  • Assist Yuan Jin and his friends get food on the fourth floor. (200 solstice coins)


<Accept>     <Decline>

The system sounded the instant Yuan Jin and his group stepped onto the second floor. Once this popped up, Yilan instantly clicked her tongue. She hated these types of tasks, especially if the people they had to escort were snobbish or self-righteous people. Chrome glanced at the three people that just arrived. He weighed their options. This task gave the same amount of solstice coins as the task of killing all 34 zombies in the department stores.

At this time, Altyria drowsily said, [Those guys are not bad….]

Chrome looked down at her, wanting to ask her about those guys, but he saw that she fell back asleep.

Well, since she said that they are not bad, then I guess it is okay to help them out. After all, we’re going in the same direction anyway. Chrome thought to himself as he pressed the ‘accept’ button.


Chain Task

  • Assist Yuan Jin and his friends get food on the fourth floor. (Incomplete)


Seeing that Chrome had accepted the task, Yilan quietly pouted and punched Dylan’s arm to vent her unhappiness.

“Ow! Hey, what are you doing? Stopping venting your frustrations on me, Lan Lan. If you don’t change this behavior of yours, you’ll never be able to get married.” Dylan sighed with exaggerated disappointment as he swiftly blocked Yilan’s fists.

Yuan Jin, Li Guanting, and Zhou Zhi heard the commotion and turned to look over at their direction. Chrome gave Dylan and Yilan a look before Dylan stood up and walked over to them.

“You guys here for food?” Dylan stopped 4 meters away from them.

Yuan Jin and the group saw a young handsome man walk up to them. He appeared to be in his early twenties. He stood before them with a slight roguish smile on his face.

Yuan Jin coughed and then took a step forward. “Yes. We saw you guys enter the department store, so we gathered our courage to come as well since we were almost out of food.”

Dylan nodded. When they came to the department store, he had felt several eyes staring at them. Apparently, this group was one of them.

Yuan Jin hesitated before continuing, “If you don’t like us following you, we can wait until you guys leave before we go look for food.”

Dylan said, “No, you can come with us.”

Dylan and Yilan had already walked towards the escalator. During the short few seconds of Dylan talking with Yuan Jin, Chrome and Yilan had gone to kill the 7 zombies wandering around the last store that they had yet to check. Chrome and Yilan slowly walked towards the escalator.

Yuan Jin, Li Guanting, and Zhou Zhi saw a tall, handsome cold-looking man with a cat strapped on him. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties. Zhou Zhi tried not to smile at this strange image but failed to do so, thus she could only bury her face in Li Guanting’s chest. Yuan Jin saw the sword on his waist and immediately knew that this was the man who made that clean cut on that zombie. The woman next to that man also appeared to be in her early twenties and looked similar to the man that was talking to them.

Dylan motioned for them to follow behind and caught up with his Boss.

Yuan Jin and Li Guanting glanced at each other and then followed behind them. Zhou Zhi kept close to her boyfriend as she looked around.

*Thump thump thump*

All that was heard were their footsteps as they climbed the escalator to the third floor.

JMin: A dose of TTTW chapter but no HAWRR chapter today.

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