HAWRR Chapter 150

Chapter 150 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (5)

It was heard that Dark Night Castle’s Prince McKathway had a new lover. Not only did he prepare a grand banquet for her, he also announced that she would be transformed in public at the banquet.

This type of event seldom happened!

As everyone knew, Prince McKathway had always been windy and passionate with his feelings. The number of lovers he had were too many to count. However, the number of people that could obtain this honor could be counted on one hand.

His Highness would personally take charge of this matter. As long as that human’s luck was not too bad, at the very least, she would become a count.

Many vampires were envious and jealous of this. Who let them not obtain His Highness’ favor?

This evening, Dark Night Castle was unusually bustling with noise and excitement.

Everyone wanted to see how that human, who was able to enter Prince McKathway’s eyes, looked like.

Rita felt nervous, yet excited in her heart.

She had stayed in Dark Night Castle for a long time, so she was already aware of what kind of race the vampires were.

There was no trace of fear. She only felt excitement and anticipation for what would be happening soon.

There were many pros about becoming an undead vampire. Although she would lose the sun, apart from that, she could obtain everything else: beauty, power, wealth, influence, and eternal life.

She felt her blood boiling.

Olwen seemed to sense something and turned his head. He leaned over and looked at her: “Can’t wait for it?”

Rita’s face slightly turned red. Her pair of eyes were bright. She was just about to say something when the hall became quiet.

Except for Olwen, all the vampires inside the hall lowered their noble head at the same time.

Rita, who was human, did not feel much. (丽塔反而因为是人类而没有太大的感觉)

She opened her eyes wide and looked at the woman who came in slowly. In her heart, she felt shocked and was unable to speak.

She knew that a vampire’s appearance was exceptionally remarkable; however, in front of this woman, all those vampires were completely reduced to the background.

“Ekaterina, how did you have time to come to my place?” She heard the man at her side call out that name in a tone different than the serious tone in the past.

“I heard that you are going to transform a blood descendant. I was idle and had nothing to do, so I came to take a look.” That woman’s voice seemed to possess a peculiar rhythm. It was slightly deep and low, but it could evoke a person’s deepest desire from the depths of one’s heart. Rita’s body subconsciously trembled. This was not fear, but rather excitement.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

The man beside her seemed to laugh briefly: “Over the past 3 thousand years, this was the first time you came to my Dark Night Castle. I am truly honored ah…my fiancée.”

Rita’s heart shook, fiancée? Did this man really have a marriage contract?

She bewilderedly looked at Gu Shengyin; however, the next second, she did not dare to look straight and lowered her gaze.

He unexpectedly had such a beautiful and noble fiancée, so why did he come find me?

Gu Shengyin took a look at Rita: long curly red hair, light brown eyes, and very white skin. This should be regarded as a rare beauty among humans but not very eye-catching for vampires.

However, she seemed a little familiar. Gu Shengyin thought for a moment, but did not come up with anything.

She naturally came here today with a purpose.

Her long red dress swayed on the ground as the aloof Princess walked towards Rita one step at a time.

Rita felt her own breath stop. This type of flirtatious and enticing, dazzling yet overbearing countenance appeared in front of her.

Then, a white, leisurely finger gently lifted her chin.

“This human girl looks in line with my appetite. Olwen, how about giving her to me?”

Translator’s Corner:

Who does this female antagonist look like? There was a similar description in one of the previous chapters. 😀

Unless the author was talking about something entirely different than what I am thinking….

This arc was meh for me 030

Ai, can’t wait for the next world already QAQ


Surprise! 5 extra chapters this week because a semester is beginning! Until I settle down and get an idea of how much schoolwork I get, the number of chapters posted will vary. I will try a minimum of 3 HAWRR chapters/ week. If I have time I will do more.

For my TTTW readers, I will try 2 chapters/ week. No guarantees though~

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    1. Right on. Before something seemed suspicious in the previous life’s scene where Olven went mad seeing Ekaterina in eternal slumber. But seeing this merely proves on to further strengthen my claim… He- Olwen actually likes her lol.

      Poor him, they would’ve been cute but as we know… Mc already has a lover 囧

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  1. Olwen is not a complete scum! I alert, Olwen is not a complete scum! He brought Rita because he resembled our beautiful vampire queen! …. Too bad he’s not our ML…


  2. The ever si dashing vampire prince- Olwem(something’s) secret loved revealed to be none other than…. Elaterina!


    I mean think about it, that red hair, that white skin, who else do you think it is. Well, unless he liked her mother or father or something. Talk about plot twists lol. Anyways, remember the previous life where he grieved for her death and massacred those who tried to drain her blood? Don’t you think it rings any bells?


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