HAWRR Chapter 146

Chapter 146 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (1)

“System…” Gu Shengyin called out to the system once, and then again. She sat up and looked at her surroundings.

She was undoubtedly in a very large room. The room was awfully dark.

Gu Shengyin looked around. According to the decorations in her surroundings, this should be a bedroom.

Who would put a coffin in the bedroom?!

The system finally appeared: “Host, this time, your body is the vampire race’s Princess, Ekaterina Bruch, from the Bruch Clan.


Not waiting for Gu Shengyin to react, a huge amount of information was drawn into her mind in a flash.

When Princess Bruch’s lifelong memory of over thousands of years was recalled, even if Gu Shengyin was born with a soul that was valiant and matchless, she still suffered a wave of attack.

She sat in the luxurious coffin staring blankly and feeling distressed for a long time.

Vampires were called the undead race. They did not age and die. They practically have an eternal life and also possess power that people of the human race could not hope to have.

The vampire family was very strict. Ever since after the vampire’s primogenitor, Cain, and the second generation of vampires had perished, they now honored the third generation’s Vampire Princess, who was the strongest among the vampire family. The body that Gu Shengyin now occupied was one of the two Vampire Qin Wangs1 – The leader of Bruch, known as the strongest fighter amongst the vampires.

The other Qin Wang, from another vampire community, was the McKathway. Unlike the Bruch’s innate love of fighting, the McKathways were known as the “lunatics” of the vampires. When they were calm, they are more gentle and graceful to the human Imperial Family. However, once the madness from the depths of their bones was triggered, they were more dreadful than the most ruthless devil.

The Prince of the McKathway, Olwen McKathway, was also the fiance of the Princess of Bruch. 

Gu Shengyin combed through2 her memory. Fortunately the marriage between Ekaterina and Olwen was just an agreement between the two communities. The two people did not interfere with each other. In regards to the marriage contract of the two people agreed several thousand years ago, the news of Olwen having a relationship with who knows how many people was circulated.

Fortunately, Ekaterina had the kind of temper that adored fighting and did not like strangers being close to her. Nevertheless, after living over ten thousand years, Princess Bruch was the target of all vampires.

Olwen McKathway once even laughed and said that if someone was capable of passing the spring wind3 with Her Royal Highness Princess Ekaterina, he would personally transform that person and bestow them a formidable power.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

This kind of discourse was words that could only be spoken by vampires that were known as unruly.

Unfortunately, no one could achieve this condition so far.

Gu Shengyin got up from the coffin and walked barefoot on the scarlet white goose velvet carpet.

Her skin was extremely white and was astonishingly beautiful against the scarlet carpet.

Gu Shengyin looked around as she walked. She had to say that the vampires were truly a race that knew how to enjoy. Everything she saw was luxurious, yet did not make a person feel a trace of vulgarity. They would only feel the unmatched luxury and not dare to look at it.

The endless life span of vampires gave them unlimited advantages. They were rich, romantic, had inclinations and interests, born beautiful, and even had an aesthetic sense of taste. They also had time to make perfume or do pottery.

Gu Shengyin walked up to the huge carved ivory mirror, which was said to be the work of the human race’s great master hundreds of years ago. It used to be collected in a monarch’s treasury for several decades. No one knew that the one in the king’s treasury was nothing but a defective product. The genuine perfect work had long ago reached the palm of the Vampire Princess’s hand.

Inside the mirror, a person’s reflection appeared in Gu Shengyin’s eyes.

1. Qin Wang was used = Prince, but MC is not a guy, so I used princess. However, whenever both the MC and Olwen are mentioned together, I used Qin Wang.

2. Combed through – to sort out

3. passing the spring wind – making her fall in love?

Translator’s Corner:

Anybody have a better way of saying Mài kǎ wéizú?

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  1. Is the person the mirror her reflection?
    I donno if I remember it correctly, but vampired shouldn’t have a reflection and/or shadow. Welp, I really donno if my brain archive recorded that informatio correctly

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    1. Also just realized that since she is nearly immortal she is definitely screwed. She is going to be killed by the end of this without fail.


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