HAWRR Chapter 145

Chapter 145 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (Extra)

“Begin work, begin work!”

Inside a simple and crude studio, a person, with chaotic hair and a cigarette in their mouth, was yelling.

“Hurry up! Ming Shujia, what are you dawdling for?” Ming Shujia’s movement was only a bit slower and was scolded by that man.

She stood up apathetically.

Her face was covered with heavy makeup and wore a vulgar red dress. If they called for someone to come see, no one would be able to recognize that this was the former fresh and pure Ming Shujia.

She was now a very hot star in the otaku circle.1

In simpler terms, she was that sort of very low-leveled artist who relied on selling meat to win a person’s eye.2

“What about your expression? You are not being beaten. Ming Shujia, do you want to shoot or not?” The man, who was smoking, stood up and scolded her.

“You think you are still a woman of Star Entertainment’s Crown Prince? I nicely let you play in this drama. If it weren’t for that popular face of yours, Laozi3 would have already replaced you.

Ming Shujia went through a day of filming, like a corpse walking, and returned to her temporarily rented small apartment with exhaustion.

Turning on the TV, Ruan Keyi’s new movie trailer was being broadcast.

Ever since she married, not only did her popularity not drop, she became even more hot instead.

She and her husband’s love was reported frequently online everyday. Every time Ruan Keyi was filming, as long as Ludwig had free time, he would personally go to the scene and pick up his wife. Even their children followed their mother’s surname, Ruan.

Did Ming Shujia hate Ruan Keyi? Hate, without a doubt.

She becoming like this today was all thanks to Ruan Keyi.

During the time of the noisy large-scale scandal, she tried to find a person to burst out material.

She just could not bear to see Ruan Keyi’s appearance at that one scene. She wanted to black her, nothing more.

As a result, she did not expect the Gardner Family to be so powerful and directly pressure Star Entertainment. Yu Siyang also abandoned her immediately and sealed her death. (余斯阳也在第一时间舍弃了她,并且将她封.杀)

Her past communications with those investors that she had relations with all burst out. Time, place, and who were clear without leaving a bit of leeway to refute.

No domestic entertainment company wanted to sign her.

Helpless, she had no other choice but to pick this type of small production studio.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Because her reputation was thoroughly broken, the images of the roles that she received were also those malicious, fickle types. The pay was also barely enough to buy food to eat.

Standing in the bathroom, as she let the ice-cold water run down from the top of her head, Ming Shujia absentmindedly thought of when she came to this body.

At that time, she was self-confident, arrogant, and ambitious. She felt that with the golden finger of foreseeing the future, she would definitely be able to break through and have status in Z Country’s entertainment circle.

However, why did everything unexpectedly become like this?

She did not want to understand.

After taking a shower, there was no time to dry her wet hair and collapsed onto her bed.

Now, there was no time to be thinking about those things. She had to hurry and sleep. Tomorrow, she had to get up early to go to the studio.

Ming Shujia exhaustedly closed her eyes.


After Gu Shengyin returned to the white space, she did not stay for long and hurried to the next world.

However, as soon as she opened her eyes, her whole body was měng bī.4

Anyone who opened their eyes and found themselves lying in a coffin – even if this coffin was exceptionally spacious and luxurious, it could not conceal the fact that it was a coffin. A face of mengbility.

1. [otaku circle: zhái nán was used here –  male addicted to computers, computer games, adult cartoons etc (2000s Taiwan slang, derived from Japanese otaku 御宅男 house male)/fan of computer games/by extension, nerd]

2. [relied on selling meat to win a person’s eye – I assume it’s selling their body to get into someone’s eyes to get what they want]

3. [Laozi – father, daddy, or I, your father]

4. [mengbility – I used number 6 from the link on měng bī]

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    1. No way they do Zombie, it has to be a Vampire. I am really looking forward to this and seeing how different this Vampire arc is compared to the one in “Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack”.

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    1. I agree that footnotes are better. Unfortunately, for WordPress, I’d need to upgrade to Business Plan just to use the footnote Plugin. This is probably one of the many reasons why translators don’t use WordPress. XD

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  1. Thanks for the updates translator-sama! Also, I am so moved with your effort for explaining some terms that will confuse some of the readers. I like the links that explains the word as well as the footnote.
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  2. I really like your translation and your notes but I noticed that you don’t use footnotes but instead using notes whenever you explain something. Does translator sama need help with footnotes? If so then this girl could help you happily >_<

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    By the way, 第一时间 does not mean for the first time. It’s closer to “immediately” or “the first thing he/she did”

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  5. Is it just me or she doesn’t seem much eager with Ludwig in this arc until maybe at the ending.? Don’t mind me just re-reading since I’m stuck home


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