HAWRR Chapter 144

Chapter 144 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (29)

As Ludwig said, their wedding was held soon.

Although they somewhat complained that their daughter had kept them in the dark, Ruan Keyi’s parents were quite satisfied with Ludwig, this son-in-law. The elders were very accurate in seeing people. They could see how this man cherished Keyi with every move he made.

Youngsters, as long as they are happy, it’s fine. 

The wedding that they held was very high-profile.

Originally, they meant to hold their wedding in a low-key manner, but Ruan Keyi encountered such a thing. Ludwig did not want anyone to make a fuss again about their wedding.

Thus, netizens, who watched the live broadcast from beginning to end, distended their knowledge.

[Oh my God, that is the supermodel Lilith Bit!]

[Ball King Beyonce!]

[The two people upstairs, what are you looking at? Don’t you see D Country’s Foreign Secretary sitting on the VIP seat on the left side?]

[Country folk are unable to understand what they are seeing. Where is this?]

[The Holy Son Cathedral. The Archbishop, who was personally appointed by the Pope, came to be their witness at the wedding!]

[Ah ah ah ah ah, there is a wedding called someone else’s wedding]

[There is a wedding called someone else’s wedding + 1. A few days before, wasn’t there a first-line artist who also did a live broadcast video on a so-called luxurious wedding? Hehe, compared to this, it was simply slag]

[The appearance of Her Majesty Queen wearing this wedding dress is so beautiful!]

[Very beautiful!]

[Very beautiful!]

[Very beautiful!]

[Mama asked why my face was so close to the screen!]

“Miss Ruan Keyi, are you willing…” The amiable-faced bishop solemnly read the wedding vows.

“I am willing.” Ruan Keyi said in a clear voice.

She looked profoundly at the man in front of her. It was not the first time she held a wedding with this man; however, every time, it was able to bring her a completely new feeling.

“I love you.” Those murmured words disappeared between their lips.

All the guests applauded at the same time to bless the new loving couple.

[囧1 Obviously, this is a happy scene. I unexpectedly cried]

[Upstairs, me too. I think that it wasn’t really easy for Her Majesty Queen]

[I also cried. I hope they will be happy for a lifetime]

Just when everyone guessed whether Ruan Keyi, who was married and became super rich and powerful, would withdraw from Show Business, Gu Shengyin’s honeymoon photo was exposed.

The two people in the photo appeared in different places each time. The only thing that remained unchanged was the happy smile on their faces.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Gu Shengyin issued a statement claiming that she loved acting and would not withdraw from Show Business. However, she would place more energy on family in the future.

In this way, she maintained a rhythm of ‘one year, one film’.

Many people were maliciously conjecturing when the two would divorce and waited for their scandal. After all, it was not rare for a star to become a member of the rich and powerful during a bleak situation.

However, Gu Shengyin and Ludwig made them disappointed.

Regardless of the first year, second year, or the tenth year, people would always see them embracing each other happily. Until the end, everyone no longer doubted their feelings.

Everyone silently blessed that this couple would always have loving affection, accompany each other, and never abandon.

When Gu Shengyin left, she was smiling very happily.

Her married life was loving and affectionate. When she became old, her children ran around their parent’s knees2. As a woman, she was undoubtedly the object of envy.

She did not feel a speck of sadness. She even said towards Ludwig, who was also white-haired: “Don’t hate to part with me. God will let us meet again.”

Yes, that was right. They would meet again.

Their fate would never stop.

Translator’s Corner:

Ming Shujia just disappeared from the surface of the Earth; otherwise, why had she not shown up? But I guess that’s all right since MC’s mission is to prevent antagonists from changing the fate of the protagonist (body MC occupies).

Also, the author finally mentioned their children! O_Q

1. [马丹] mǎ dān was used here, means spit. 囧 was the emoji that was used for it
2. (children) run around parent’s knees – to stay to look after one’s elderly parents

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  1. Wow. There was like no conflict this whole arc. It’s pure fluff. Author was probably just trying to crank out something during this time to get think of future plot points. That or just writing filler/fluff to get more words.

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  2. Thank you for another one!

    I guess she can have children unless she adopted or that was just a poetic phrase.

    This arc is so sweet. I like how there’s differences in their degree of love for each other each time.

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