Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 7

Altyria felt like she needed to vent her emotions and continuously jabbed Chrome on the chest with her paws. Of course, with Chrome’s physical trait rank, he did not feel any pain. He only felt something soft lightly poking him.

“Wife, forgive your husband. I’ll take you to see the RV, okay?” Chrome tried to appease her.

She reluctantly agreed. Seeing that there was nothing good left in this store, they headed out the door.

Altyria spotted Dylan standing next to the RV. Dylan had just turned around and saw them exiting the store, his eyes widened.

[Oh! Dylan did you finish setting up the RV?] Altyria’s eyes turned to look at the RV.

The RV appeared to be over 20 meters long. Its exterior looked plain and was not eye-catching. She opened the stats of the RV and nodded to herself.

This RV is worth its price. I should take a look at the other items in the system mall when enough solstice coins are saved.

“Oh…Ah…Yeah, I just finished.” Dylan pinched his leg and felt pain. He was not dreaming. He laughed brightly, “Morning, Sister!”

[Well, it is late in the morning. Let’s go inside the RV to see how it looks it] Altyria urged Chrome to walk faster. She had unconsciously started treating Chrome as a method of transportation.

Chrome, as a professional wife slave, walked faster and entered the RV. Dylan and Yilan followed behind.

There were doors for the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. The third door was on the right side of the RV, next to the door of the passenger seat. Entering inside, the steering wheel was on their right side. They noticed that they would not have to enter the two side doors to get to the seats, because there was a small walkway that was big enough for a person to walk through to the front area of the RV.

Above the seating area was an open space that had soft futons spread out, indicating that it was one of the places to sleep. On the left side of the walkway was a small ladder to get to the sleeping area above. On the right side of the walkway, there was a large vertical storage basket.

Upon entering the RV, the left side was the small living room and kitchen. The small kitchen was on their left side when walking in. There was a French door refrigerator, large sink, oven stove with a fume hood, microwave, and some empty cabinets.

On their right side was the small living room. It had a Japanese low dining table and a pull out sofa bed. This was another place where they could sleep. Above the sofa bed was a wide cabinet where the pillows and blankets that came with the RV were stored.

If the RV was not being driven, the space between the living room and kitchen could be expanded. On the ceiling, between the kitchen and living room, was the space where the large-screened plasma TV was tucked away.

Walking two steps past the sofa bed was a squared-shaped storage basket. This storage basket was the 1 cubic meter space storage of the RV. It could also be accessed from the outside. On the left side, there was a small RV storage door near the back of the RV that could be opened. This would make it more convenient if they were storing something large and would not fit through the door. Above this basket was a small empty closet. There was a tall slim closet right next to the square-shaped basket.

The shower and restroom was located all the way in the back. This was also the place where the water tank and electricity generator was located, but it could only be accessed from outside. The shower and restroom were in separate small rooms with a folding door. They both had a small window. The restroom was really small, but it was able to fit a toilet and sink. The shower room had a curtain to prevent water from splashing out. It also had a vertical storage basket to store clothes and towels when showering. There were several small baskets hung on the wall where toiletries and a hairdryer could be placed.

[Wow! This RV is not bad! Even though the RV seems narrow when looking at it from the outside, the inside is actually very spacious!]

“You’re right. I wasn’t expecting it to be this spacious.” Yilan said as she checked out the kitchen area. “Too bad the RV did not come with any kitchenware.”

“You guys can share the pull out sofa bed. Alti and I will take the futons.” Chrome said as he looked at the small space above the driver’s area, and then turned to Altyria, “There is enough space to roll around, but we would have to be crawling since the ceiling is not high enough to stand.”

[En, that’s fine with me.] Altyria jumped out of Chrome’s arms and explored the whole RV.

Chrome smiled happily in his heart. He had a reason for choosing the futons. First, although it appeared spacious, it was actually small when two people lay down on the futons. He would have the excuse to snuggle with his little wife, not that he hadn’t already done so. Second, he could add a curtain at the opening of the space to have some privacy. There was also a small window on the ceiling where they could look at the stars at night.

Yilan busied herself with placing the items from the backpacks and team storage into the appropriate storage baskets in the RV. None of them had thought to buy kitchenware, so they needed to find some at the department store. She placed some toiletries in the shower room and some clothes the empty slim closet.

“The futons, pillows, and blankets came with the RV. How come it did not come with kitchenware or toiletries?” Yilan complained.

“Don’t complain. With all these stuff in the RV, it is already worth the price.” Dylan had walked to the front of the RV and was checking out the steering wheel.

“Dylan, let’s head to the large department store on the other side of this street. It’s almost 12 in the afternoon.” Chrome closed the door, checked his watch, and gave Dylan orders.

“Roger, Boss.” Dylan started the engine and drove the RV towards the department store. Although he could set it on auto-drive, he wanted to try driving an RV for fun.

Altyria finished inspecting the RV and dove into Chrome’s arms. [I am going to start refining the world essence now. I may be asleep for a couple days.] Not waiting for him to reply, she closed her eyes.

Chrome helplessly smiled. He adjusted her in his arms to make her more comfortable and sat at the passenger seat to look outside.

After a while, Yilan walked up to them and asked, “Boss, what are we going to get at the department store besides clothes?”

Chrome took out a piece of paper and handed it to Yilan. “I don’t think we need much besides clothes, kitchenware, and jewelry. We already have the rest of the items in our space storage. The other day, I visited the department store and looked around. I wrote down some items to find on that paper. If you guys want to add stuff to that list, go ahead.”

Yilan read the list out loud since Dylan was driving. There were several clothing stores, a kitchenware store, an electronics store, multiple jewelry stores, and pet store on the list. Pet store?

Yilan glanced at Chrome. “Boss, why did you write down a pet store?”

Chrome said indifferently, “I saw some cute outfits that Alti could wear in her Lylin form.”

Dylan: …

In contrast to Dylan, Yilan’s eyes twinkled.

“That’s right! Boss, I can help you pick some cute outfits for Altyria. Oh, I’ll also find some cute clothes for her human form too!”

The more Yilan thought about it, the more excited Yilan got. Dylan rolled his eyes at his younger sister: You think Boss will let you choose clothes for his wife?

After driving for 8 minutes, they parked a block away from the department store. Along the way, they saw several zombies but paid no heed to them. They also saw some people carefully making their way to some stores. Those people had shouted at them to stop, but Dylan just stepped on the gas and sped away.

After they got off the RV, they put it away into their team storage. As they walked closer towards the department store, they could feel some people eyeing them.

“I bet those people would gather their courage and head into the department store after seeing us walk in.” Dylan smirked.

“Aaahh, I don’t want to deal with those people.” Yilan sighed while thinking about their previous experiences in the other apocalyptic worlds.

Chrome petted Altyria’s back as he ignored those people’s eyes. As long as they did not hinder him, he would not care about them.

“There are 13 zombies in the parking lot.” Chrome said.

Dylan and Yilan ran towards the zombies and started killing those zombies. Within 30 seconds, the zombies were all killed.

“These zombies aren’t enough to even warm me up.” Dylan sighed.

“Hehehe, I wonder if you can still say this after the zombies evolves.” Yilan snickered.

Chrome and his team stepped inside the department store.


Branch Task Available

  • Kill all 34 zombies in the department store (200 solstice coins)

<Accept>     <Decline>

34 zombies? That was not difficult. Chrome pressed the ‘accept’ button.


Branch Task

  • Kill all zombies in the department store (0/34)

Chrome led Dylan and Yilan to the clothing stores on the first floor. Chrome sensed 14 zombies on the first floor, but they were spread out.

“Dylan, you kill the zombies in those 4 stores on the right side.” Chrome pointed to 4 stores on the system map.

“Yilan, you go to these 3 stores and get rid of the zombies there.” Chrome pointed to the 3 stores on the left side. “After killing the zombies, you guys can take the stuff you want. If anything happens, remember to press the SOS signal button. We meet back here after 30 minutes to go to the next floor.”

Yilan felt disappointed when she heard Boss’ order. The stores she was assigned to did not include the pet store, which meant that she would not be able to pick out cute outfits for Altyria.

After he finished giving orders, Chrome went straight to the only pet shop in the department store. There were no zombies in this store, so Chrome leisurely chose different outfits for Altyria to wear. However, the one thing that he did not consider was whether Altyria would be willing to wear these clothes when she was in Lylin form.

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