HAWRR Chapter 141

Chapter 141 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (26)

Due to the incompatibility of the two, they had nothing much to say to each other.

Gu Shengyin turned, intending to leave; however, because she felt dizzy and her step was unsteady, she was not careful and stepped on the hem of her dress.

“Be careful!” Zhou Chuansheng certainly wouldn’t let go of this opportunity and held her in his arms with care.

Gu Shengyin struggled free from his arms and stood up at the same time: “Thank you, Mr. Zhou.”

After speaking, she nodded, turned around, and left.

Zhou Chuansheng stayed in the original place, as if he could breathe in the remaining fragrance.

This matter, Gu Shengyin did not place it in her heart.

However, when she saw the news the next day, she knew right away that she was blackened by people.

There was a set of photographs of her and Zhou Chuansheng on the internet. The first one was the scene where she almost fell and was embraced by him yesterday.

The angle of this photo was chosen very cleverly. When people who did not know the truth looked at it, they would think that these two people embraced each other with deep feelings.

There were more than a dozen photos after it, which were all photos of Ruan Keyi and Zhou Chuansheng.

Gu Shengyin looked at these photos on one side, while admiring this person’s photography skills.

Obviously those photos did not have any ambiguous places; however, when they assembled it this way, coupled with a trace of hidden meaning, it made it seem like Gu Shengyin had been intimate with Zhou Chuansheng for a very long time.

【The man behind Film Queen Ruan Keyi】

【The truth! Ruan Keyi and Young Master Zhou have been in love for many years!】

【Digging up Ruan Keyi’s emotional history one at a time】

Gu Shengyin was somewhat puzzled. What was this person’s purpose? Just to spread her scandal?

Chen Rong evidently also did not guess the other person’s objective. Of course, she knew that Gu Shengyin and Zhou Chuansheng had no relationship. As for what there was, it was only that man’s unrequited love.

She still called to comfort Gu Shengyin: “Don’t worry. This sort of chasing the wind and clutching at shadows1 report can’t rock wind and waves2.

However, just a moment ago, Star Entertainment’s public relations issued a statement saying that this was simply a false, blackening matter. On the internet, there was breaking news on the media.

【The Ruan Keyi that you don’t know! There are huge materials!】

Without needing to say anything else, this post’s title was enough to attract people.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

That landlord3 used the news of Ruan Keyi and Zhou Chuansheng to cut deeply into the topic and link it to the V-blog that Gu Shengyin sent out not long ago. (那个楼主以阮珂仪和周传晟的这个新闻为切入点)

[From that report, we can see that Ruan Keyi and Zhou Groups’ Young Master maintained a close relationship for at least a year. Certainly, there are numerous netizens who had made conjectures about the photo that Film Queen Ruan had sent out on V-blog not long ago. Is this the same person or not? The landlord will give everyone an analysis.]

After that, the landlord, who claimed to have breaking news, opened in an extremely professional tone. He even put out Zhou Chuansheng’s itinerary and sprinkled a ton of things on top of it. Finally, the landlord concluded that the man who had clasped hands with Ruan Keyi in the photo was definitely not Zhou Chuansheng!

Then, was Ruan Keyi standing with each foot in a different boat?4

This was not in line with her image from the rumors.

[He he, the landlord just recently saw that Star Entertainment’s public relations had already issued a statement saying that Film Queen Ruan had no close relationship with Young Master Zhou; however, up until now, I have not seen Zhou Group issue any statement. In that case, is it permissible for the landlord to comprehend it as Young Master’s default for this matter?]

This landlord’s breaking news was not only limited to this. He also wrote a lot more after that, talking about how chaotic Ruan Keyi’s private life was before she became famous, how she paid several boyfriends when she was in the fashion circle, and so on. The landlord was simply itching to burst out Ruan Keyi’s ancestors to the 18th generation.

Once posted, it caused thousands of waves of surprise.

Translator’s Corner:

I don’t think we need to guess who is behind this…

1. chasing the wind and clutching at shadows – groundless accusations
2. wind and waves – stormy sea
3. landlord – original poster
4. [idiom] standing with each foot in a different boat – to have two lovers at the same time

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