HAWRR Chapter 140

Chapter 140 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (25)

《Divinity》celebration feast.

In fact, even Director Li Fengyun did not think that《Divinity》would unexpectedly be like a volcanic rock.

Xing Yu’s top level had come. Xing Yu was the largest investor for this film, and was, without a doubt, the biggest winner.

Gu Shengyin was also not lacking. Temporarily leaving aside on how much she got paid, in the original agreement, she had 5% of the office box’s shares. Visually estimating it, 9 digits was already an iron nail.

Furthermore, as the number one female lead of《Divinity》, she was the soul of the entire film. The her today practically seized everyone’s limelight.

Ming Shujia also appeared at this banquet.

However, she was the female companion of Yu Siyang – according to her position, this sort of occasion was not above her (以她的咖位,这种场合原本轮不上她).

Gu Shengyin was in the midst of traveling back and forth between every major investors, with a flowery smile and toasting with them.

Ming Shujia saw the investor who introduced her into the《Divinity》 crew.

He was smiling with endless benevolence, using both of his hands to toast with Gu Shengyin: “Miss Ruan is almost the same age as my daughter. She is still a little girl eying all kinds famous brands. Miss Ruan has already tempered yourself with a career like this, really young and promising (她现在还是个眼里只有各种名牌的小女孩,阮小姐就已经闯出了这么大一番事业,果真是年轻有为).

Gu Shengyin politely touched her glass against his: “Miss Yuan is naturally innocent and romantic. Mr. Yuan is blessed.”

This sentence made them laugh to their heart’s content.

That Yuan businessman turned his head and saw Ming Shujia, seemingly surprised for a moment. Looking at Yu Siyang next to her, he exposed a meaningful and profound smile.

Ming Shujia pretended not to see that.

She looked at the graceful Gu Shengyin amongst the crowd.

Obviously the same age, but she was already deeply stuck in the mud, mixing among men in order to give herself a chance to play in a film.

But what about her, Ruan Keyi?

There were plenty of unimaginable big film productions personally going to her door to invite her (RKY). Whether she participated in it still had to depend on her mood. Ming Shujia herself had to accompany men who she did not like at all, feigning civility. Whereas, she (RKY) could openly display her own romance.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Why? She finally had another chance to come back again. Arriving in Ming Shujia’s body, was it to compare the scenery to see my own misery?

Yu Siyang saw that she constantly looked at Ruan Keyi and pulled her to the side.

“What are you thinking about? Don’t think that you are hiding it very well. The jealousy in your eyes are coming out.” He scoffed and laughed. Then, he warned her, “I tell you, there are numerous people in this entertainment circle who are envious of Ruan Keyi, but so far, no one has ever surpassed her.”

“It goes without saying that you guys are not people of the same world. It’s best that you put away those small thoughts.”

He finished speaking, no longer paid attention to her, and walked towards an investor.


Gu Shengyin felt a little dizzy – She drank a little too much tonight.

Upon hearing this voice, she remained calm and collected. Her brows were puckered.

Zhou Chuansheng was the slag man who colluded together with Ming Shujia in the original story and framed Ruan Keyi into marrying him, but did not cherish her.

Of course, at this time, he was still the rich second generation who pursued Gu Shengyin.

“Mr. Zhou, we are not familiar with each other.” Gu Shengyin corrected him. “Please call me Miss Ruan.”

Zhou Chuansheng felt very frustrated. He regarded himself as very handsome and rich. He was never disadvantageous in the affairs of love. When he first saw Ruan Keyi, he was attracted by this woman’s special profound temperament.

However, it was already almost a year, yet no matter how polite he was, this woman did not have the appearance of falsely declining him.

Translator’s Corner:

This chapter got me confused about this Ming Shujia. Is she the Ming Shujia from the furture or someone from the future occupying Ming Shujia’s body? ;o

Scum male has appeared! And MC is a bit drunk…? O.0

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  1. Hm… according to the books of cliches this event is probably heading towards the part where the hero saves the damsel in distress who is drunk. Like that other arc where MC’s drink was spike and hubby found her being harassed in the bathroom? Is this where this is going translator sama?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. So either she reincarnated to her own body or that she is a soul from the future who reincarted to Ming Shujia’s body?

    The line ‘Arriving to Ming Shujia’ give me an inpression that she is from the future, but isn’t Ming Shujia

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    1. After rereading it, I’m more inclined to think that she was someone from the future and not Ming Shujia from the future, but you’re welcomed to take it either way 🙂


  3. Hurry ML! Hurry! You gotta save our MC and declare to the world your endless love and bury us in dog food!!!

    Thanks for the chappie can’t wait for the next one 😁😁

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  4. 都会有大把别人想都想不到的大制作自己上门邀请她,参不参演还要看她的心情,自己陪着一个个不喜欢的男人虚与委蛇,她却可以那么大方的秀出自己的爱情
    There were plenty of unimaginable big (movie) productions personally going to her door to invite her (RKY). Whether she participated/acted in it still had to depend on her mood. Ming Shujia herself had to accompany men who she did not like at all, feigning civility. Whereas, she (RKY) could openly show/display her own romance/love.


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