Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 6

When Chrome and Yilan had entered the antique shop, Chrome immediately started touching all the antiques in front of him. Yilan walked towards the back room of the shop to see if the owner had hidden any antiques in the back of the store. Sometimes, antique owners would store their most precious antiques in the back and would only take them out when they met the right customers.

Fortunately for Chrome, this antique shop had more antiques that contained world essence compared to the previous stores. The other stores that he went to had at most 6 antiques that contained world essence. In contrast, this store had at least 12 antiques that contained world essence.

One by one, Chrome brought the antiques with world essence to Altyria. The stronger Altyria got, the faster she could absorb and refine the world essence. By now, after absorbing so much world essence from all those antiques, she could absorb all the world essence from these antiques within 10 seconds.

Chrome picked up the last two antiques to give to Altyria. Just as he was about to put down the antique in his hand and pick up another one, Chrome heard a voice.

[Hmmm, so much world essence…Comfortable…]

Chrome’s hand paused, and his eyes immediately looked down at her. He saw her flick her ears and squint at the antique in his hand.

[Hurry, Chrome. I want more world essence.]

“Ah, there’s only two more left. Are you feeling better now?” Chrome asked softly as he gazed intently at her. He brought the antique in his hand closer to Altyria.

Altyria used her front paws and held onto the antique.

[En, with this amount of world essence, my body has recovered for the most part. I may need to sleep often to refine all the world essence that I absorbed though.]

Altyria held the antique in her paws and turned over, so her belly was facing upwards. Chrome helped Altyria roll over and kissed her little head.

“I don’t want this to happen again, got it Alti?” Chrome said sternly. Although he couldn’t bear to use a harsh tone when speaking to her, he really did not want Altyria to get hurt again.

[I know. During that time, my emotions just got out of control for a while. Luckily, I managed to stabilize my emotions to cast the illusion on that wolf spirit.]

[Hmph! That guy dared to bite you and make you bleed. It did even not let go after taking a bite…Even I did not take a bite yet…Thousand words emitted.]

Chrome just smiled and replaced the antique in her paws with the last one that contained world essence. Her adorable appearance as she complained made his heart turn soft. He continued touching other antiques at the back of the store as he listened to her complain

[…In fact, I have been drifting in and out of sleep, so I am aware of some of the things going on. For instance, how this place stinks because of the rotting flesh of zombies or how Dylan is setting up the RV outside. I never expected that our next world would be an apocalyptic world that I had read about in the previous world!]

“Wait, what did you just say?” Chrome stopped walking and stared at her.

[Ah? How this place stinks because of the zombies?]

“No, before that.”

[I was awake every once in a while?]

“What you mean by that is your consciousness, right?”

[Yeah, it’s kind of like those people who are in a coma, yet they can hear people talking to them. Um, I read in a novel that mentioned something about character in a coma, but still had brain activity or something.]

Altyria wrinkled her little face as she tried to recall the exact words. Chrome looked funnily at her scrunched up face and poked her tiny pink nose.

Chrome chuckled, “Okay, you don’t need to remember it. Since you have been drifting in and out of sleep, were you awake when I put the Necklace of Gold on you?”

[Necklace of Gold?] Altyria looked down at herself to see if she was wearing a necklace.

Chrome saw her action and guessed that she was not awake at that time. He smiled and said, “That’s the necklace I told you about that would allow you to turn into human form. I bought it when I was searching for an RV in the system mall. After we are done here, you can change into human form in the RV.”

[Really?!] Altyria was overwhelmed with excitement.

She was finally able to turn into human form. She could set arrays more easily, eat more neatly, and try on those pretty clothes that Chrome bought for her from the previous world. However, the next second, her ears drooped.

Chrome just touched the last antique that was left in the store and was about to go find Yilan when he felt Altyria’s mood change.

“What happened?” He gently touched her head.

[I probably shouldn’t change to human form yet.] Altyria said in a sulking manner.

Chrome raised an eyebrow, “Why?”

Altyria puffed up her little cheeks, [I mentioned it earlier. Although I can wake up now, I still need to sleep often to refine the world essence in my body, and it would be inconvenient to be in human form right now. And why is it called gold anyway?]

“With your speed, I’m sure you can finish refining it all within 2 days. That necklace has another effect besides turning you into human form. I’ll let you see it later.” Chrome comforted his sulking wife. “Let’s go find Yilan. She went to the back room of the store to see if there are any hidden antiques.”

Chrome opened the door to the back of the store and almost ran into Yilan, who was rushing to find him.

“Boss, I found a bunch of antiques in the back! I was going to go find you. Did you find a lot of antiques with world esse—” Yilan abruptly stopped talking as she noticed a moving white bundle in Chrome’s arms.

“Aaahhh! OMG! Altyria, you’re finally awake!” Yilan screamed loudly with happiness.

Chrome immediately covered Altyria’s ears, frowned at the loud noise, and said coldly, “Shut up. Don’t hurt Alti’s ears with your disgusting loud scream.”

Yilan: …Boss, I know that you really love Altyria, but how could you say such a mean thing to a woman.

[Lan Lan, where are the antiques that you found?]

“Oh, right! This way!” Yilan instantly recovered from the damage dealt by her Boss and lead them towards a chest on the ground. There were several boxes on the large table in the room. “They are all here.”

Altyria felt that one of these antiques contained a huge amount of world essence and immediately became excited. [Chrome, there is one in that chest on the ground. That one has a lot of world essence! It’s enough to last me several days!]

Yilan immediately opened the chest. Inside the chest was a large, glowing night pearl.

Yilan gasped in admiration and said, “This is so pretty! Altyria, can I have this after you are done absorbing the world essence?”

[You can, but it won’t glow like this anymore after I absorb the world essence though. It would turn into an ordinary rock.]

“Oh, that’s a bummer.” Yilan said in a disappointed voice. After a couple seconds, she said, “Wait until we go to an ancient world. I will definitely get the largest night pearl!”

Chrome glanced at her before using his sword qi to cut the night pearl in half. “The largest one would be given to Alti. You can get the second largest one.”

Although this night pearl was not too large, it was too heavy to place on Altyria’s belly, so Chrome cut it in half. He place one half into the space storage that was shared between them and held the other half in his hands. He brought it close to Altyria. Altyria stretched out her two paws. Just as it was about to touch her paws, Chrome’s hand stopped moving, the half night pearl held just before her paws.

Altyria: ???

She looked up at Chrome with confusion in her eyes.

Chrome smiled and said, “Call me husband.”

Altyria turned stiff.

“Come, call me husband and this will be yours.”

Altyria looked at him in disbelief, [Y-You are bullying me?]

Yilan stood at the side watching this scene and secretly applauded Chrome for his tactics of chasing his wife shamelessly. In the previous world, she happened to see Chrome reading a book that taught people how to chase a wife. If she remembered correctly, the book was called, Manual of How to Chase a Wife. Yilan secretly shed a tear in her heart for the pitiful Altyria. Altyria was like a little child being bullied by a shameless person who took her candy away.

Chrome felt a little uncomfortable when he saw the tears in her crystal blues eyes, but in order to achieve his goal, he hardened his heart and waited.

Seeing that Chrome was not budging, Altyria gave in. She blinked her eyes, causing her tears to fall, and said, [H-Husband…]

Chrome became flustered when he saw her tears fall. He immediately placed the half night pearl in her paws and gently wiped her tears. “Okay, okay. Don’t cry. It’s all my fault…but who told you not to call me husband.”

Altyria felt better hearing Chrome comfort her; however, after hearing the last part of the sentence, she felt anger surging in her heart and used all her strength to slap Chrome in the face.

Altyria: …

Yilan, who was standing at the side, finally couldn’t hold it back any longer and burst out laughing. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and fell to the ground. “Hahaha! I…This is…too funny… Hahaha…My stomach hurts…”

Chrome, on the other hand, simply held her little paw in his hand and gently rubbed it. “Alti, does your paw hurt? If you want to hit me, let me know and I’ll do it for you.”

Unfortunately for Altyria, to Chrome, this ‘slap’ from his little wife was equivalent to a poke on the cheek.

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9 thoughts on “TTTW 31”

  1. Lolol. Btw if she turns into human, will she be naked? Does she have clothes that change with her, or are they magical? And I kind of want some rivals somewhere down the line xD to spice it up with dramaaaaaa


    1. She would be naked every time she transforms. Chrome had helped her wear her clothes… 😉

      There will be women flinging themselves at Chrome in the future.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi I’m a new reader and I just want to say this is an amazing story .YOU are an even more amazing writer. I am a picky reader who finds flaws in a lot of stories but despite your story not being flawless, it is still a very lovable one.


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