HAWRR Chapter 139

Chapter 139 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (24)

“The rings of our Gardner Family’s heir are divided into pairs.”

Ludwig looked at Gu Shengyin: “Keyi, are you willing to become our Gardner Family’s mistress?”

Gu Shengyin’s answer was to smile and extend her hand.

Ludwig excitedly put the ring on her finger. After that, he stood up and ferociously kissed her.

Until the two of them were somewhat panting, Ludwig pressed his forehead on Gu Shengyin’s forehead: “I know that proposing to you like this had wronged you. Keyi, wait for me. I will give you one of the most magnificent wedding.”

Gu Shengyin looked at him and smiled: “You should know that I don’t care about this.”

“But I care.” Ludwig looked at her seriously. “In my heart, you deserve the best.”

Gu Shengyin took a picture of the food using her cell phone and sent it on her V-blog. In the picture, there was a pair of clasping hands. Accompanying it was a sentence:

“Love dinner, please bless us. [Smile]”

Of course, she did not take a picture of the ring. It was not that she was afraid of making their romance public, but because Ludwig prevented her.

“Wait first. This time, I will go back and start making preparations for our wedding. Give me one month’s time. After one month, I will come back to Z Country and announce our marriage.”

“I don’t wish for anyone to question our feelings.”

Gu Shengyin accepted his decision and also felt moved.

This man was truly striving hard to give her the best care.

Keyi’s V-blog was directly blown up.

[Oh my God, it’s suddenly too late to defend against being pasted on the face with dog food.]

[Today is not April Fool’s Day, right?]

[Your Majesty Queen, who is that man?]

[Although the goddess is in love, and the boyfriend is not me, I give my blessings]

[Although the goddess is in love, and the boyfriend is not me, I give my blessings +1]

[Although the goddess is in love, and the boyfriend is not me, I give my blessings +2]

[I just want to know who that lucky man is, ah ah ah]

Upstairs, I also want to know, ah ah ah ah]

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Gu Shengyin immediately received a call from Chen Rong.

“You are together.” Chen Rong sounded very certain. Ludwig pursuing Gu Shengyin, this thing, she was well aware of.

Gu Shengyin gave her a positive answer.

Chen Rong took in a deep breath. Fortunately she prepared herself for this matter long ago and was not caught unprepared1.

In less than an hour, the news of 【Film Queen Ruan Keyi declares romance!】was on the headlines.

Practically everyone was guessing who the owner, whose hand had intertwined with Ruan Keyi’s fingers, was.

The fans had guessed that it was Fang Ming, Zhang Qiao, or the others who had previously had a CP with her. Ludwig had also been guess by the netizens, but everyone was not thinking the matter through, just simply guessing.

After being ruthlessly “punished” by a certain jealous man, Gu Shengyin had no choice but to send out another V-blog:

“Everyone, don’t guess casually. He is not a person in Show Business (entertainment industry). When the time is ripe, I will tell everyone.”

It could be said that her sentence somewhat stealthily changed the concept. She said a person “not in Show Business”. When everyone read this, they will subconsciously replace it with “entertainment circle”. In this way, they were more and more unable to guess who that man was.

After accompanying her to eat dinner, he left. In order to take care of some matters, he must leave the next day and return to his country .

The 22nd day after Ludwig left Z Country.

《Divinity》was released.

Like an unstoppable hurricane.

《Divinity》quickly occupied everyone’s line of sight in a dried up and devastating way.

Translator’s Corner:

Things are moving too smoothly for MC…

1. [idiom used in this sentence] no time to deal with it; caught off guard – caught unprepared

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